Once your village has the Natural Research Facility, your village can be attacked by a Kaiju. Your villagers have seven days to kill it. Defeating the Kaiju will grant your village an upgrade (specific to the Kaiju you defeated) and two items (Kaiju drops). One Kaiju drop is received by the Village Leader, while the other is decided by the RNG. Villagers who already have the Kaiju drop for that Kaiju have a lower chance of getting it by RNG.

A third drop, or 'Trophy Item', is generated and given to the villager who did the most damage to the Kaiju while having the ally Terri Lvl 3 in their party if they don't have the drop already. If no one attacks the Kaiju with Terri Lvl 3 (or those that do already have the drop), that drop is not generated.

Kaiju must be at 0 HP or in a crippled state at dayroll to be killed; at this time, you can view the defeated message by clicking Show All on your village's message board, then scrolling down to the dayroll messages. For every day the Kaiju is not killed, it causes sabotage damage to a random upgrade the village has; at this time, you can view the message describing the damage and partially describing the attacks made by ninjas so far by clicking Show All on your village's message board, then scrolling down to the dayroll messages. If a Kaiju is not defeated after 7 days, it leaves causing minor damage to an upgrade.

Kaiju Attack <date> (<day of week> - 5:12): The Kaiju thrashes around the Village, causing <damage dealt> Damage to your <upgrade damaged>! <Any dayroll Kaiju effect> Days remaining: <Days remaining>. Yesterday's attacks - <ninja 1> - <ninja 1's attacks, ignoring Tsuki>, <ninja 2> - <ninja 2's attacks, ignoring Tsuki>, <ninja 3> - <ninja 3's attacks, ignoring Tsuki>. HP remaining - <Kaiju HP remaining>

The Nine-Tailed Fox and the Demon of the Sand both only drop one item for the Kage. These items are tradeable. This is not a bug. Do not bug report it.

Allies, permanent items, team bonuses, and summons all help during Kaiju battles. The only jutsu that can be used during all Kaiju battles is Bring Down the House Jutsu, which can be learned from J-Diddy. Any Kaijus that are connected with players (most of minor Kaijus) can also be attacked by Tempest Kitsune's jutsu, Kitsune Bakudan.

How to Receive a Kaiju Drop

-Each successful attack entered counts as a number of tickets equal to the number of attacks you've made so far on this Kaiju. EXAMPLE: the first attack you do is worth 1 ticket. The second, 2. The third, 3. This spans over days, so if you have, say, 6 swings total, you have 1+2+3+4+5+6=21 chances to win the item. You cannot get more than 10 tickets normally per swing (see exceptions below). If you did 12 hits, they'd be 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+10+10.
-If you have the item already, your tickets count half as much.
-The ninja who did the most damage to the monster while having the ally Terri Lvl 3 in their party if they don't have the drop already
-All attacks, including those made against a crippled Kaiju, count for the RNG and Terri drops.
-The Village leader cannot get either the Random drop or the Terri drop. They get a drop for the village leader.
-The Village leader is the only one to get the drop for the Nine-Tailed Fox and the Demon of the Sand; there is no Terri drop nor any RNG drop for these Kaiju.
-If the Kaiju was summoned with Triple H Lvl. 2, each ninja receiving a Kaiju drop also gets 20 RP.

How to get a Kaiju

-Once your village has the Natural Research Facility, your village has a chance of getting a wandering Kaiju each day. This check is done at dayroll. Note that it is possible to disable wandering Kaiju.
-Once your village has the Enticement Altar, anyone with the Vice permission in your village can deliberately summon a Kaiju if there isn't already one in your village. If the Kaiju was summoned with Triple H Lvl. 2, each ninja receiving a Kaiju drop also gets 20 RP.

Known Kaiju

Name HP Stat Difficulty Misc. What Player Drop does
AgentBrand 15,000 Gen 10 - Doubles the Ranking XP of Parties!
Alchemists 6,000 Nin 10 - -10 Hours to Bingo Timer when Bingo'd by an Attacking Ninja
Amalga 15,000 Gen 10 - +20% Base pizza creation chance.
Astaroth 50,000 Tai 1 - +1% AP per every 2 Seasons completed on Missions, if you have Looped in the past 36 hours
AzoJason 15,000 Gen 10 - +2% Marketplace Ryo pull
Bishounen 5,000 Tai 9 - +1 Mojo (unimplemented?)
bjorntfh 13,000 Tai 13 - +1 Ride per day
Cardcatchers 7,000 Gen 10 - +1 Nin Success
Celeste 15,000 Nin 10 - +5 Successes against Monsters
Console Elitists 9,000 Nin 13 +1 Difficulty each day +25% Ryo on Missions
Crazed Mimiga 12,000 Nin 9 - +2 Range
Crisistron 14,445 Tai 8 Randomly reduces Chakra to 0 each attack +110 HP to the Drain Limit of a Phase, once per day
Dakralai 15,000 Gen 10 - +5 Range during Bingos and Tracking
Dave 4,000 Dou 5 - +1 Drift, +1 Drive
Demon of the Sand 35,000 Tai 9 Regenerates HP at Dayroll No Player Drop
Div-R-EON 6,000 Tai 10 - B Aggressive! (+50 Stamina when doing 100 WorldKai Swings)
Dorcas 15,000 Nin 11 - +20% Ally / Item Find
Drazhar 15,000 Tai 10 - +20 Stamina upon successfully Invading a Village
Drift Racers 3,000 Gen 9 - +100,000 ranking XP per day
Evanjellyons 7,000 Tai 9 - +1 Gen Success
Evil Taxi 15,000 Tai 10 - (+10 Stamina per Monster Attack)!
Fanboys 6,000 Nin 10 - +10% Gen AP on regular missions
Fayt 11,000 Gen 11 - 1 Glowslinging Ability Steal Reroll per day
Forum Trolls 9,000 Gen 13 - +5 Range when Attacking other villages
FrostMist 13,013 Nin 13 - +1 RP for every 9 RP you are given by a Village.
Giant Cockroach 1,400 Tai 9 - +10% Tai AP
Go Players 8,000 Gen 11 - +10% AP/XP on regular missions
Gothjon 6,000 Dou 6 - +1 Dou Level, 11% chance to double Greassy Food Bonus
Ham 18,000 Tai 10 - Double Rhythm Determination Bonus
Hungry 15,000 Tai 10 - +40 Appetite
J-Rock Bands 7,000 Nin 9 - +2 Str against Monsters
Jadian 10,000 Nin 10 - +10 Appetite per day, may consume for +60 Appetite (1/day)
Jasticus 11,000 Dou 11 - +1 Dou Level
Jkeezer 15,000 Nin 10 - +2 Arena fights per day
Kukaichi 12,121 Tai 13 - +21% damage to WorldKaiju when doing 100 swings
Mad Scientists 20,000 Gen 10 - +5 Stamina when fighting Monsters, +5% Chance when Unleashing Science, bonuses on successful Science! usage
MageOhki 15,000 Gen 10 - -20 Stamina Cost when Focusing
Magical Girls 6,000 Gen 9 - +1 Gen Strength
Makenshi 11,000 Gen 11 - +1 Drain Level, consume to remove Corruption
McSmashy 15,000 Gen 10 - +3 Perm Count, +3 Successes vs. Kaiju
Millennium 15,000 Nin 10 - Storm Points over 7500 are saved at dayroll
Nine-Tailed Fox 30,000 Nin 9 Regenerates HP at Dayroll No Player Drop
Nine Thousands 5,000 Tai 7 - +1 Tai Success
Ninja Bears 5,000 Nin 10 - +1 Tai strength
Persocomps 7,000 Nin 8 - +10 Stamina per day
PlayerKai 10,000 Varied 9 Generic Kaiju +30 Daily Stamina
Pokermans 8,000 Tai 8 - +25% Ally Find Chance
Pro Wrestlers 6,000 Nin 8 - +2 Levels
PsnsDrgn 11,000 Nin 11 - Free This Fist of Mine vs. Worldkai once per day
Psycho Hikers 9,000 Nin 13 +1 Difficulty each day +5 Range when Spying on other villages
Robot Monkeys 7,000 Tai 10 - +2 Tai levels
Robert the Sage 5,000 Dou 5 - +1 Level, +20 Stamina per day. Item can be consumed for +500 Stamina
Shanks 18,000 Gen 10 - Mahjong opponents get no draw bonus during All Last
Shin Goji 10,000 Tai 11 Gets an extra 5,000 HP when crippled (once per day). +3 Stamina per Kaiju Attack, +10% Kaiju Damage
Storm Riders 20,000 Nin 8 +1 Difficulty each day +1 Strength, +1 Range, may Attack Villages twice a day
Super Robots 20,000 Tai 10 - +1 Fight Per Arena Entry
Tesseract 15000 Gen/Nin/Tai/Dou 11 Stat changes every 15 minutes +10% Spiral Energy Generation
The Pestilence 11,000 Gen 11 +1 Difficulty for each village fighting The Pestilence Doubles positive bonuses and gives reroll at the Dice Pedestal
Vampires 8,000 Gen 10 - +1 Nin Strength
Velidra 18,000 Tai 13 - +1 glowslinging duel/day
Vysaga 15,000 Nin 10 - +1 to All Levels
Xochitl 15,000 Nin 10 - +3 MPH per WorldKaiju Swing
Zenovia 11,000 Tai 11 - get 11% of Kaiju Damage as Storm MPH if you have Eye of the Storm
Zodiac GirlyBoys 9,000 Tai 13 - +3 pulls on Ingredient Hunt

The order appears to be affected if you DG summon other Kaiju in the middle of it. More info on this is required.

Major Kaiju

In order to summon the Major Kaiju, your village must have the village upgrade Elemental Beacon. These Kaiju are MUCH stronger with higher difficulties and much more HP. It is not recommended to summon these Kaiju unless you are sure that your village can deafeat Kaiju with around 100-150k HP. To summon a major Kaiju instead of a normal Kaiju, the Kage, or vice-Kage must type MONSTER (All Caps) into the enticement altar instead of the usual Monster (Not All Caps). The same rules apply for the monster drops as they did for normal Kaiju.

Name HP Stat Difficulty Misc. Player Drop bonus
Arms Dealers 135,000 Nin 15 - +1 Common card per PizzaWitch Pack
Bartenders 135,000 Nin 16 - +2 Max Juice per day
Bootleggers 135,000 Nin 15 - +10 Marketplace Item Slots
Celebrity Chefs 130,000 Nin 17 - May eat a second Ramen at 10x cost
Drama Llama 150,000 Gen 12 - Flaming Spit Technique instead of Fists vs. Zombjas
Game Show Hosts 135,000 Gen 15 - +5000 Party House Ryo
Ghosts in the Machine 137,000 Tai 17 - 11% to dodge death by phase
Metal Idol 135,000 Gen 15 - +50% Friend Points
Model Builders 140,000 Tai 15 - +3 Pizza Witch Discern
Personal Trainers 145,000 Tai 15 - +2 Max Crank
Psycho Zombja Girl 130,000 Gen 16 - 20% chance to dodge infection
Sexy Lady Cops 150,000 Tai 18 - +2 Attacks per Focus on Phases
Street Mimes 135,000 Tai 15 - +5% PH Discount
The Spanish Imposition 135,000 Gen 16 - 11% chance to do +100% damage to Kaiju


Monsters summoned by quests:

Name Quest HP Stat Difficulty Misc.
The Portal of Awesome The Impossible Mission 20,000 Tai 10 Fought by the Kage Only
The RNG R00t Access ~10,000 Dou 7 Immortal Realm Only

Known Bonuses (per attack)

Bring Down the House Jutsu +5 Successes, +2 Tai Strength
Groupies +2 Strength
Huggly Teddybear +3 Successes
Kitsune Bakudan +3 Nin Range, +10 Successes (only against Player Kaijus)
Podcast +1 Strength
Poisoned Daggers +5 Successes
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