The Thrill of Victory


Rank Required

  • Special Jonin

Base Training Cost

  • 150,000 XP

Chakra Cost

  • 600 C


  • -100 Stamina
  • Automatically level allies that have a chance to level in your current regular mission


  • This jutsu has to be used on the particular mission that would level up an ally. Thus, if you were trying to get Billy Lvl. 2, you'd go to Defeat an Evil Pirate!, use this jutsu, with Billy in your party, and you get Billy Lvl. 2. This jutsu is available at Season 2+ (look through The Trade guide for more details) and can be usefull if you are NOT RedEye ninja at village with Infinite Awareness (else you have the same effect even without jutsu).
  • Also you can use this jutsu for better chances of allies level-upping. Easier to get, though do not give 100% success chance. Combine with this ending theme to rise chances even higher.
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