Soul Reaper Style: Imperishable Night


Rank Required

  • Jonin

Base Training Cost

  • 500,000 XP

Chakra Cost

  • 250


  • +8 Levels, +2 Strength


  • If you have sufficient range already, this is an amazing jutsu. This jutsu is probably the most powerful in the game for its chakra cost. Consider using it for bingo'ing if you've got Risky Badge, though Archer Style: Fire and Flames is even better for that purpose.
  • This jutsu can only be learned via (Advanced) RedEye (including Inherent Perception.)


  • The name of this jutsu is a reference to the game Imperishable Night, an entry in the vertical shooter series Touhou.
  • Because of this, a nickname for this jutsu is Touhou Jutsu.
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