Your RedEye whirls..

  • Can only be used on certain missions, when this message appers


Chakra Cost

  • 100


  • Copy Jutsus used on you during missions to learn later

Jutsu Learned by RedEye (as Trainer)

Jutsu Mission Mission Type Jutsu XP Cost
Archer Style: Fire and Flames A-Level! Fight an Arrancar Reaper Mission 75,000 XP
Attack on the Nervous System Fix a Water Supply! C-Rank 12,500 XP
Demonic Illusion: Tree Bind Death Ninja Leaping Practice / Prune Treetops D-Rank 8,750 XP
Earth Style: Groundhog Technique Decapitation Mudslide Rescue! D-Rank 6,750 XP
Fire Style: Dragon Flame Jutsu Fire! D-Rank 6,500 XP
Get In My Belly Eat Your Fill! D-Rank 8,750 XP
Great Expansion Block a Crumbling Dam! A-Rank 12,500 XP
Mind Body Switch Technique Shake off a Genjutsu! D-Rank 4,500 XP
Ninja Art: Poison Fog Clear an Area of Deadly Insects! C-Rank 8,750 XP
Second Face Jutsu Catch a Legendary Spy A-Rank 12,500 XP
Soul Reaper Style: Imperishable Night Time to Kill Monochrome Missions 125,000 XP
Striking Snake Technique Pull a Jonin Up From a Cliff! B-Rank 12500 XP
Super Heel Drop Split a Fortress Wall B-Rank 12500 XP
The Shocker Report a Spy! D-Rank 50,000 XP
Value Meal Study the Menu BurgerNinja Missions 100,000 XP
Water Clone Technique Clean the Pool D-Rank 6,750 XP
Water Prison Technique Repel an Attack! C-Rank 5,750 XP
Water Style: Water Dragon missile Escort a Bridge Builder D-Rank 7,500 XP
Wind Scythe Jutsu Assassin Defense! C-Rank 12,500 XP


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