Ninja Art: Hottie Regeneration


Rank Required

  • Special Jonin

Base Training Cost

  • 200,000 XP

Chakra Cost

  • 200


  • +1 Level
  • +100 Stamina
  • no Chakra Use for today and tomorrow

Due to Jutsu Use, you cannot regain Chakra today!


Recommended Use

  • The main use for this jutsu would be on the day you intend to hit #1 in your season (to go for the quest 2 B A Master to get a Golden Item, or in an attempt to get Out On Top). 100 more stamina is 10 more missions or an extra MegaMission, which is a good chunk of additional daily XP for ranking purposes. Otherwise, it has limited usage, such as when utilizing Good Boy's I Need This jutsu to farm ally drops during the chakra sealing, or doing content that otherwise doesn't require chakra use such as World Kaiju.


  • Using this jutsu paired with the Power of Greass will have the bonus stamina from this jutsu taken away, and will seal your chakra.
  • The Chakra Sealing from this jutsu DOES loop.
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