Fire Release: Ash Product Burning


Rank Required

  • Chunin or higher

Base Training Cost

  • 27,000 XP

Chakra Cost

  • 60


  • +3 Levels
  • -2 Stamina


This is a really dirty way to get some quick levels, if you need them. The training cost is low, the chakra cost is low, but the real kicker is that you have to sacrifice 2 stamina, which many are loathe to do, especially when you can just use Multiple Shadow Clone Jutsu for the same effect. The formula to figure out if this jutsu is worth it goes like this.

$if (2 x Cg / S > 60)$ then use Fire Release: Ash Product Burning. Otherwise use Multiple Shadow Clone Jutsu. Cg is the amount of chakra you gain when charging. S is the stamina cost to charge (10 for most, 8 if you have Blue Flower Hairpin or are a Legacy Jonin, or 6 if you have the Hairpin and are a Legacy Jonin).

For pretty much all Jonin, this jutsu is more efficient on your stamina than Multiple Shadow Clone Jutsu. Whether that makes it worth the 27,000 XP is a different story entirely.

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