Escape Jutsu


Base Training Cost

  • 2,000 XP

Required Items

Chakra Cost

  • 0


  • Automatically lose a regular mission and regain stamina lost


  • This is supposed to be the standard ninja trick where you disappear in a cloud of smoke.


  • The Escape Jutsu can be quite useful for avoiding missions that you know you cannot beat, as well as the missions that you know have no reward that is worthwhile to you. This will return your stamina, but give you no AP, and take back any "General Mission" Ryo you may have received.

Smokebombs used today: X / 500

You throw a Smoke Bomb and hightail it out of there!

  • You are limited to 500 Escape Jutsus in one day. If you try to use more than that, you will fail the mission as if smoked, but your stamina will not be returned.

Smokebombs over 500! No Stam regained!

  • If you use Escape Jutsu to escape from a General Mission you must have enough Ryo to pay back the General Mission Bonus otherwise you do not receive your stamina back.
  • Using Escape Jutsu on an S-rank mission does not allow you to take another S-rank that day.
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