Epic Dog Urination Technique


Base Training Cost

  • 100,000 XP.

Required Items

Chakra Cost

  • 400


  • -2 Levels
  • -2 Strength
  • +500% chance of finding Items / Ninja if you win
  • +40 Style Points if used in the last round during Bingo (unless Bingo'ing a Season 1 Genin)



  • Previously, this jutsu was taught by Red Rover and required possessing a Ninja Dog instead of consuming Dog Treats.
  • Bingoing an unbingo'ed ninja with this jutsu gets you +40 style points.
  • This technique is extremely important for getting rare items and rare allies from missions. In many cases, the chance of getting a permanent item from a mission is lower than 10%, meaning you will have to do that mission many, many times in order to get that item. However, with this technique, your chances will be increased significantly. However, this comes at a price. The -2 level, -2 strength penalty that comes with using this technique makes it very difficult to successfully complete the mission. You should probably only use this technique when you are significantly stronger than the mission requires. It is probably best to use this technique while using the ally Spot.
  • This jutsu is commonly referred to as EDUT
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