Eight Trigrams Eleventy Billion Palms


Rank Required

Base Training Cost

  • 50,000 XP

Chakra Cost

  • 100 C


  • +2 Successes
  • +2 Range


  • Funnily enough, this jutsu is named after the creator of Billy vs. SNAKEMAN: 11DBHK or The Eleventy Billionth Hokage.


For the chakra cost, this Jutsu's actually really good. Range bonuses become essential for A-Rank missions, so a jutsu that provides both +2 range and +2 successes for only 100 chakra is nothing to complain about. You can effectively learn this jutsu after you take the Jonin exam as a WhiteEye and gain Ol' Whitey or before with +50% Trainer-only penalty.

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