Coup de Grace


Rank Required

  • Special Jonin
  • The Trade Level 3

Base Training Cost

  • 250,000 XP

Required Items

Chakra Cost

  • 100


  • +1 Levels, Switches village contribution of opponent to your Village that day if used to finish Bingo and Declared against enemy Village


When used properly, it "coups" the affected player, causing them to give all of their village contribution for that day to the user. The player will be notified. The effect takes place at dayroll, meaning if a player earns contribution after being couped, they will still end the day with nothing. In the case of multiple coups in a day, the order for them to take effect is random.1

  • If a player has no contribution, either because they were already couped or because they didn't contribute anything that day, no effect is incurred.
  • Contribution gained through Coup de Grace can still be couped by other players, if their coup takes effect after the original coup.
  • If a player has been couped, they can still Coup another player.
  • This jutsu can only affect another character if the Bingo'ed villager's village is in All Out War with the Bingo'er's village.
  • Warstruck will block the effect of Coup de Grace.


This jutsu is used to get Good Boy Lvl. 2.

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