Attack on the Nervous System


Rank Required

  • Sp. Jonin

Base Training Cost

  • 50000 XP

Chakra Cost

  • 150


  • +3 Success


By converting chakra into electricity, the user can temporarily re-write the opponent's brain, flipping the movement signals to the arms and legs. For example, if the target attempts to move his left arm, his right leg would move. If he tried to move his left leg, his right arm would move, and so on.


  • This jutsu is based off of Tsunade's Ranshinshō (literally translated as Important Body Points Disturbance).


  • Players that have the RedEye Bloodline can learn this technique (at a 75% discount) by using the RedEye jutsu on the C-Rank Mission Fix a Water Supply!.
  • This is very useful jutsu for passing high difficulty, low success missions, and is most useful early in the game, when you have fewer levels.
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