Tiger Blood

Used For/Bonus Provided

How Is It Obtained?

  • Have 11 winning numbers from winning tickets in a day.

Used For/Bonus Provided

  • 0 Appetite
  • Drink 111 of them to get Adonis DNA
  • Provides an additional 1% bonus to Party Ranking XP for each consumed that day.


Tiger Blood Used! Pigeons powers reset Your body explodes! Children weep.

  • 11: You feel like you are not from this particular terrestrial realm! Keep going!
  • 30: You are bi-winning!
  • 50: You blink, and you cure your brain!
  • 70: You harness absolute focus!
  • 100: You have more Tiger Blood than anyone could survive!
  • 111: You've got Adonis DNA! Whoa. Okay. Enough of this. Your head hurts.

Market Value

  • This item can be sold for 500 Ryo at the store.



  • This item loops.
  • This item is tradeable.
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