The Mark of The RNG
The Mark of The RNG
Description coming soon!
(1% chance to autofail a mission)
Untradable Is Loopable
Not Sellable Permanent
The Mark of The RNG
1% chance to autofail a mission

Used For/Bonus Provided

How Is It Obtained?

  • Find it in the Fields by pinging, after you have completed Ready To Ride.
  • The Field is one of the following (the remainder of dividing your PlayerID by 8, ex: 11/8 = 1 remainder 3):
    • 0 - Simple - Hairy - Core
    • 1 - Dimly Lit - Worst - Parking Lot
    • 2 - Blaring - Training - Dealer's Room
    • 3 - Pulsating - Crumbling - Aqua Field
    • 4 - Hidden - Filthy - Nothingness
    • 5 - Raging - Hopeless - Noodle Shop
    • 6 - Cursed - Forbidden - Melody
    • 7 - Chosen - Passionate - Holy Ground
  • You can get your PlayerID from the name of your avatar image (try to save it, the name is your PlayerID).
  • You can input your PlayerID below to find out the Field.

Provided by NorthNorth.

Market Value

  • This item can not be sold at the store.


  • This item loops.
  • This item is not tradeable.
  • You'll need 5 activation of this item for The Witching Hour. Activations count even with Special Attack Uniform.
  • Activation on a MegaMission counts as 10.
  • Billy's auto mission success ability overrides The Mark of the RNG auto fail if both activate.
  • The Mark of the RNG overrides the auto success of Flying Thunder God Technique
  • There is no known way to get rid of the The Mark of The RNG, but the Special Attack Uniform negates its negative effect.
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