ThankYou Potion
Item Description N/A
Description coming soon!
Untradable Not Loopable
Not Sellable Non-Permanent
ThankYou Potion
+50 Stamina.

Used For/Bonus Provided

  • This is a Consumable.
  • +50 Stamina.
  • Appetite Used: None

How Is It Obtained?

checkbox.png You voted for the President - AgentBrand! Here's your 2 ThankYou Potions!
  • Receive 11 as a bonus for one of the days of having Over 11000
  • By having a bugged character and then your character get fixed.
  • By correctly Bug Reporting an error in the game.
checkbox.png MESSAGE FROM THE MODS: Thanks for your input. Here's a ThankYou Potion for the help. :)
  • From Portcon Charity event.


  • This item does not loop.
  • This item cannot be sold at the store.
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