Tastes like supreme victory!
(+11,000 Stamina (1/day),
gives Trophy)
Tradable Is Loopable
Is Sellable Non-Permanent
+11,000 Stamina (1/day), gives Trophy

Used For/Bonus Provided

  • This is a Consumable.
  • Consume it for 10 appetite to acquire the 11 awesome trophy In One Piece and 11,000 stamina (which will in turn grant the 1 awesome trophy Long Day Ahead if you do not already have it).

How Is It Obtained?

Market Value

  • This item can be sold for 100 Ryo at the store.


Text when you drink rum at the Juice Bar:

Terri looks at the note you place onto the bar. She raises an eyebrow, then gets up and walks away for a brief moment, returning with an ancient, dusty casket and a small glass.

"We were working on this before anyone even knew who you were." THUNK. "It'll be decades before we have this ready for its true purpose - its creator's missing, and even he couldn't figure out how to unlock it completely - but until we get back on track, it's a good trump card for a rainy day." She pops the heavy stopper off the top, and you hear waves crash on a far shore. Pouring you a tiny glass, the casket disappears with a swish of kimono. You down it in a single gulp-
*and you remember how this all turns out-*
and like that, it's gone. Hm.
You wonder if it there are any lasting effects..

You've received The Pirate King Bloodline!

Terri gives you a bit for the road!
You receive Syntherum! Go win another Tier 11 Tourney to get it again!

In addition, you may say something that all the players
entering Number One will see.
100 Characters max, it must be approved by 11. Being a bit sassy is okay. :)
For example: "Try your hardest, you'll never be as good as me!"

Submit your Rum-Speak >

Despite being a juice drinking action, this will not actually use any Limit. You then have to go to the Consumables menu to use the Syntherum to actually get the trophy (or trophies) and Stamina.

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