Sugary Candy
Sugary Candy
Mmmmmmmm, CANDY.
Untradable Not Loopable
Is Sellable Non-Permanent

Sugary Candy Used!
+X Stamina! (220 Max)

You can't help it, and gobble down all your candy at once!
You run around, out of your mind! You don't know what you did, but you are back, with a Book of Follet/Whip of Rosa/Bat of Casper/Bow of Windia/Hat of Sakyura in your hands!
Sugar Rush Level: Y
Rush Level Needed: Z

Used For/Bonus Provided

  • This is a One-Use Item.
  • You may use the "Number to consume" box to consume between 1 and 401 Sugary Candy at once, despite the normal "max 20 at once" limit. Consuming N Sugary Candy at once gives you:
    • +X Stamina. X is equal to 20+0.5*N. Where N is the number consumed.
    • Appetite cost is 100 regardless of how many candies you eat at once. Attempting to consume more than 401 will result in only 401 being consumed and the rest remaining in your inventory undisturbed.
    • Y is the Sugar Rush level you acquired. It is equal to N-1
  • There is a chance to get one of 5 different items when you get a Sugar Rush above the Rush Level Needed. Z (Rush Level Needed) has been reported to go as high as 950+. Since max Rush Level is 400, you cannot guarantee that you will get an item by eating max amount of candy each time. The items you may acquire are:

How Is It Obtained?

MC shakes a tasty-looking bag. "Want to buy some of
this candy I stol- er, traded other Ninja for?"

Market Value

  • Buy: 250 Ryo at the store
  • Sell: 6 Ryo at the store.


  • You get the max stamina and max sugar rush score for eating 401 pieces at once.
  • The cost of 401 pieces is 100250 Ryo (80200 Ryo with General Store upgrade).
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