Substitute Soul Reaper Badge

Now you can haunt people beyond the grave!

How Is It Obtained?

Bonus Provided

Additional Info

  • Item Loops: No
  • Item Trade able: No


  • This item was thought to be a joke reference to Soul Reapers in Bleach. However, due to a concerned poster who wishes to remain known as "Anonymous," we now know that it is really from the T.V. show called Reaper and at the ending of the intro it says "Hello My Name is Reaper"
  • In our defense, it was impossible to tell until the picture for the item was added to the game. Thank you McMasters, for all you do for us.
  • Though now when you look at the item, it does look a lot like the actual Substitute Reaper Badge that Kurosaki uses, minus the ribboning.
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