Pinchy Claw
The claw game breaks with all the money you stuffed into it (over NINE THOUSAND, omg), and the claw drops through the hole! (They fix the game right away)

You got Pinchy Claw!

Used For/Bonus Provided

How Is It Obtained?

  • Play in the Crane Game in the Party House on any difficulty when the cost is set to 9001 Ryo or above
  • NOTE: Not a guaranteed drop
  • The drop chance of a Pinchy Claw is 5% if you don't have it already, 0,5% if you have it, and you cannot drop this and Kona-chan at the same time ( Kona-chan has priority)1

Market Value

  • This item can be sold for 5000 Ryo at the store.

Additional Info

  • Item Loops: Yes
  • Item Trade able: Yes
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