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(+1 Hotness (what? that won't work here!) and +20 Stamina per day)
Untradable Is Loopable
Not Sellable Permanent
+1 Hotness (what? that won't work here!) and +20 Stamina per day

Used For/Bonus Provided

How Is It Obtained?

  • Can be bought for 50000 Tips in the PizzaWitch Garage.
  • Can be imported from the AnimeVersus game:
    • You have to transmutate with your Character in AnimeVersus first (reach level 100 and then beat the Boss)
    • Then you enter your BvS Name in a Box near the End of the Screen
    • You will get a code
    • Enter the code you just got in the daily Stamina Box

Market Value

  • This item can't be sold at the store.

Additional Info

  • Item Loops: Yes
  • Item Trade able: No


  • This will only work once per each AV and/or BvS character!
  • It used to be +1 Hotness Hyper, but that was changed shortly after.
  • You can use the AnimeVersus Wiki to help you get this.


  • This item is most likely based on the elusive item on Anime Versus of the same name, which has not been confirmed to exist.
  • This item could also be a loose reference to something dealing with the anime Pokémon or the Pokémon Pikachu specifically.
  • The item might look like this image.
  • When recieved from AnimeVersus, the following notification appears:

You have created the most elusive item in AV - the Pika-Bike!

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