Note Page
Note Page
A Bingotastic way to put someone in their place.
Untradable Not Loopable
Is Sellable Non-Permanent

Used For/Bonus Provided

  • Automatically Bingo a Ninja if you use it.
You write down their name, and they clutch their chest and collapse!

How Is It Obtained?

Market Value

  • This item can be sold for 1 Ryo at the store.


  • There are several ways that people can protect themselves from a Note Page, and it will not work on people under such protection. These ways are
You write down their name, but it has no effect!
  • Originally gave 41 Style Points, later it was changed to be giving half style
  • Does zero damage if unsuccessful. You can only use a Note Page during the first Round - after that, you won't have time!
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