Ninpo Mask

Description coming soon!.

Used For/Bonus Provided

  • This is a permanent item.
  • Prevents your opponent from seeing your items when you're being Bingo'd.
  • 20% chance of a Dodging a Bingo on Defense.

How Is It Obtained?

  • Remove 111 hours of bingos via cumulative Storm Favors (counter resets on loop)

The Flash must've left behind his mask - whether it was an accident, or a gift for your selfless act of unBingoing over 111 hours' worth of Bingos, you may never know..
You got the Ninpo Mask!
(it seems to be ethereal in some way - this won't stick around if you Loop!)

Market Value

  • This item can be sold for 1250 Ryo at the store.

Additional Info

  • Item Loops: No
  • Item Tradeable: Yes


  • When you are Bingo'd by a person this bit of info is added to your Bingo message:

However, what they thought was you was just a decoy! Bingo dodged!

Trivia Tidbits:

  • Originally, you got this item by doing a certain thing at a certain minute of the day. That was removed as it was determined that server load would be too high once it was commonly known.

(PRO TIP: THERE ARE NO UNLOCKS IN THE GAME THAT REVOLVE AROUND A CERTAIN MINUTE OF THE GAME. An hour, maybe. A minute, no) It was placed in the Storm during the Randromeda War, as I thought there would be more bloodshed and sacrifice.

(this is no longer true)

  • The method was changed to simply using an Unbingo favor, but it was later changed again to require Unbingo'ing at least 50% of the village.
  • This item originally provided a 50% chance of dodging a Bingo (in addition to hiding your items).
  • As the Loop Cap is removed in the recode (and replaced with a 'max level based on Season' cap), the item becomes more powerful, as many high-level Leaders will not want to Loop.
  • As of Wednesday 10/13 (18:17), McMasters has changed the method on acquiring the Ninpo Mask due to the new changes and revamped content of the Sabotage Facility. So now the players need to use multiple Favor Points to remove a total of 111 hours of Bingo from your village in one season in order to get the Ninpo Mask.
  • While it was hoped that it would function like Masteries count over time for Pinky Lvl. 3, in the end it does not; When you reach the 111 hour mark, it resets the clock and gives you a Ninpo Mask. Thus, every time you want to earn another mask, you must earn a full 111 hours removed via bingo favour.
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