Apply directly to the Ninja!

Used For/Bonus Provided

  • This is a One-Use Item.
  • +5% AP for the day (can stack up to 50%)
  • +5% JXP for the day (can stack up to 50%)
  • +5% Arena rep for the day (can stack up to 50%)
  • Appetite Used: 0

How Is It Obtained?

  • Get NinjaOn in the first column in Ninja Jackpot
  • Get five by achieving F-Rank against the World Kaiju, ADAM

Market Value

  • This item can be sold for 100 Ryo at the store.


  • The item is a reference to the infamous annoying advertisement of a product Head-On, whose advertisement consisted of nothing but the words "Head-On - Apply Directly to the Forehead." repeated three times. It was sold as a homeopathic medicine, which means that, as homeopathy doesn't work, it has no effect at all. To avoid lawsuits, the marketing department decided not to include any factual claims about the product.
  • As of September 2008, there are two versions of HeadOn available in stores: "Extra Strength" and "Migraine". Chemical analysis of the Migraine formulation has shown that the product consists almost entirely of wax.


  • This item loops.
  • This item is not tradeable.
  • The bonus from this item does loop.
  • Works for Dou AP too.
  • Use up to 10 NinjaOn to receive the max amount of boost.(50% of AP,JXP,Rep)
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