Dramatic Monologue

Used For/Bonus Provided

How Is It Obtained?

Market Value

  • This item can be sold for 250 Ryo at the store.


  • This item loops
  • This item is tradeable


  • Without this item, MPH is set to 0 the day after achieving a storm favor.
  • For example, if you have 8000 MPH and 0 storm favors before dayroll, you will have 0 MPH and 1 storm favor the next day. With this item, only 7500 MPH is subtracted to grant you the storm favor, with excess MPH being saved. So in the above example, 8000MPH and 0 favors before dayroll will become 500MPH + 1 Favor after dayroll.
  • However, even if more than 15000 MPH has been saved up, only 7500 will be consumed per day, granting a single Storm Favor (Two with Limitless Focus level 3) per day.
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