Used For/Bonus Provided

  • This is a permanent item.
  • +3 Levels during Bingos, +1 Base Number per Dart thrown

How Is It Obtained?

  • Have the High Score at the end of the day in the Darts Hall with 100 or more total plays.

Darts Winner! You had the high score in Darts yesterday! +X Stamina! The Party House Janitor (who looks suspiciously like the 11DBHK) walks up to you. "Also, so many people played yesterday, we needed to get a new dartboard. Here, you can have the old one, it'll improve your aim." You got a Dartboard!

Market Value

  • This item can be sold for 1,250 Ryo at the store.

Additional Info

  • Item Loops: Yes
  • Item Trade able: Yes
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