11DBHK's Gold Necklace
11DBHK's Gold Necklace
Description coming soon!
Untradable Is Loopable
Not Sellable Permanent
11DBHK's Gold Necklace
+1 Range

Bonus Provided

How Is It Obtained?

Market Value

  • This item can be sold for 25,000 Ryo at the store.

Additional Info

  • Item Loops: Yes
  • Item Trade able: No


  • '11DBHK' stands for "Eleventy Billion Hokage" which is a nickname for McMasters.


  • This item has been given out on several occasions. Perhaps the most famous was during the proof reading and editing of the new game manual in the Random Village forums. Most individuals who put a lot of effort into helping out with the manual seem to have been given one of these necklaces.
  • As of the Perm Count Change on October 6th 2010, this item now counts towards a character's Perm Count.
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