In addition to the game development history, Billy vs. SNAKEMAN has a player-political history that has strongly influenced the development of the game.

Early History

In the early days of the game, there were very little politics as the number of villagers and players were small.

The Random/Bear Alliance

This is considered to be the first alliance formed in the game. Bear and Random had a pact allowing the two to protect each other and from each other.

The Hiro Gama Feud

Hiro Gama Feud emerged over a disagreement of what is considered a Non-Aggression Pact. Hiro Gama, then led by RPMiller, contended that Spying was considered an aggressive act as it permitted Bingo Attacks from other villages and setup a village so that it could be raided. Random was of the position that Spying was a necessary part of the game and that Bingo's can be addressed by returning the favor to the offending party.

Tsubasa NRF

Tsubasa, after gaining its Natural Resources Facility, went fully offensive striking every NRF capable village. In response to these repeated strikes, Random and other villages banded together to Bingo every member of Tsubasa Village becoming the first-ever Bingo Lock.

Ninja World War 1

Ninja World War 1 was the first major scale war in Billy vs. SNAKEMAN. Often called the Randromeda War, it enveloped over 15 villages and is the biggest event in the history of Billy vs. SNAKEMAN.

Andromeda/Random/Bear Alliance

Prior to the war, Andromeda joined the Random/Bear Alliance.

The Andromeda Alliance

Andromeda broke off from the war to form an alliance they felt would better protect them. This alliance was with Andromeda, Seraphim, Tardis, Star5 HQ, and Rasta village.

Formation of the Random Alliance

After repeated aggressive strikes on smaller villages by the Andromeda Alliance, Random contacted multiple villages to find who would be interested in forming an Alliance to push back. The war was attempted to be defused on the Kage Council but quickly fell apart.

Declaration of War

On January 31, 2008 the Random Alliance formally declared war. Acting on intel that revealed they were planning a strike on Hiro Gama Village following the resignation of RPMiller as Kage, the first raids began.

Sabotage System Introduced

The Sabotage System was introduced into the game as a direct response to the war. The system's intent was to be a player enforcement tool to deal with problem villages. The system was later modified so that it is only cost effective if multiple villages banded together.

Andromeda Enters Peacetime

Five days after the Sabotage System was improved to make multiple sabotage attempts stack, Andromeda and all members of its Alliance went into peacetime only to come out weeks later and immediately go back in.

The War Comes to an End

After spending a significant portion of time in Peacetime, Andromeda finally stepped out of peacetime but under the leadership of a new Kage. The war, though never officially declared over, quietly came to an end.

The Rainbow Conflict

A conflict that may develop into wide-scale war is the second major conflict to involve the sabotage system.

Escalations Rise

Recently, Rainbow Village, under the leadership of Aldin, has used Sabotage on villages in response to any attacks against them. This has led to heated escalations in the Kage Council and an official Declaration of War from the TFF Alliance.

End of Rainbow

Currently Rainbow has had a severe loss of villagers and all violent action by them have stopped.

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