Ranking Guide

How to get Sannin or Top 3 Daily Player:


This guide is to collect all information needed to achieve Sannin or top 3 daily player into one nice little page for use in Billy vs Snakeman. There may be certain things left out of this guide. Most are intentionally left out because they are extremely hard to get. To get Sannin one must get at least 1 million ranking xp. This part of the The Big Three special mission has to be done the day of your sannin run, unlike in the past.

Note: The following section has not been updated for the current version of Billy Vs Snakeman.
As for a Top 3 run, on average a 3 million ranking xp at the end of the day usually will slate you in for a 3rd place finish. Some basic facts about Top 3 Runs that I have tabulated over the last 6 months. The worst days to do a top 3 is on the Weekend. This is because a lot of the big names in BvS do their Top 3 runs on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Given a little more research from myself I have tabulated a rounded percentage chance to get Top 3 daily player based around a 3million ranking xp earned. It is as follows: 3rd place is a 85% chance, 2nd place is a 60% chance, 1st place is a 10% chance. This math only holds true for Monday through Thursday.


In S1, best team would be Stalkergirl Lvl. 2, Pinky Lvl. 2, Emosuke Lvl. 3.
In S2, best team would be Mister Tea/Mister Tea Lvl.3 or Strawberry Lvl. 3, Annie Lvl. 2, Pinky Lvl. 23 or Stalkergirl Lvl. 2/Stalkergirl Lvl. 3.

Need to Get:


Recommended things to get:

For Ranking XP Bonus:
For Stamina:
For Appetite:

Village Upgrades:

Monster Upgrades:

Total Stamina:

Base: 150-250 (depending on Trade level and ninja rank)
Permanent Items: 361 at max
Village: 210 at max
Anime Cubed Bonus: 50/80/150/180
BvS Video Challenge: 30/60
Potions: Depending on the types of potions and appetite
'Juice': 5-60
Ramen: 30/100
Darts: 100-200
Awesome: 30/50/80
Jutsu: 100 (Ninja Art: Hottie Regeneration)
Sparring: 95/195 (depends on spar total)2
Legacy: 15-60 (Special Jonin and Jonin)
Overnight party bonus: 20-3601
Note Rush: -30 to -10 (depending on Trade level and whether Venus is in Party)
Themes: 20-70
Arena Warrior's High bonus: 50
Storm Favor: 300
Hangout bonus: 30/100/130
Nonja Party (Z-Reward) 200
Bonus Mission Stamina 1000
TACO: Depends on the Appetite you currently have and can save to use more by having TACOS in your team
Recommended stamina is ~1000 on the attempt day. Also does not include stamina back for doing missions from allies or village upgrades. This is only roughly configured and just here to give an idea of what the bonuses add up to.


1. Get Anime Cubed bonus. (This includes 7/14/21 day bonus) (50-80 Stamina +100 for 7/14/21 day) and do BvS Video Challenge
2. Bingo someone with Note Lvl.2 or Tote for Note rush (Best with Venus to lose less stamina)
3. Run the highest rank missions (only the regular ones where every allies can help) with a team that is listed above
4. Smoke Bomb Taijutsu A/AA Rank missions for bonus stamina
5. Use Jutsu to win High Range missions
6. Chug potions (Super Potions, Ultra Elixirs, Golden Potions, Thankyou Potions or Silver Elixirs) (+100, +60, +250, +50 stamina or +100,000 Daily XP each)
7. (optional) When out of stamina on last mission use Ninja Art: Hottie Regeneration (+100 stamina)

Cited/Compiled Information From:
Zhor, Prinny Bomber Extraordinar, rmlurker, cc-chan, Universum, Celeste, Strider Hiryu, Kaede, geff, McMasters all from the Power AP/XP Guide on the Imaginary Village forums
Uzuki, Brightmorn, Fax, naito, Cyanide, Chidon, Jadian, Moare, Litewarior4

1. Why use a Silver Elixir? If you are unable to achieve 300k ranking off one 60 stamina run (Ultra Elixir equivalent) or 100 stamina run (Super Potion. Also, a slight change a Legacy-nin can use more potions/elixirs due to the 30 more appetite they get.
2. Spar total changed due to the fact you must spar for 5 stamina to get bonus
3. I Recommend Stalkergirl Lvl. 2 if you plan to Run A Rank Nin missions or General AA Ranks, If you plan to Run Tai AA Rank Missions I'd recommend Pinky Lvl. 2
4. Its better to just use a Silver Elixir. Using greass monkey team bonus they will cost 40 appetite. It is impossible for a person to get 300k ranking experience from 100 stam unless you use a Crane Cougar each time.
5. If you run for Top1, never think your RXP should enough. Always try as hard as you could, because there can always be someone, who is doing that the same day as you.

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