Speedlooping Guide

This is a guide intended for completing a season in record time. This guide requires quite a few previously accomplished tasks and it is extremely difficult to complete unless you have most of the normal perms, and at least a few Kaiju drops.

Why Speedloop?

Most people speedloop to unlock season-locked content, increase Drain, and increase level cap. Season is also one of the ways player ranking is decided, so speedlooping can increase player rank.

Speedlooping is usually performed between S4 to S6 (after Wasteland/Monochrome) and S11 to S15 (R00t/PizzaWitch Easy), between there and S24 (PizzaWitch Crazy Hard/Wkai/HQ/everything else), or after S24. This guide mainly assumes you are speedlooping after S24, and is tailored such, though adjustments are being made to accomodate lower season speedloopers too. Adapt the guide to your needs.

Getting Started


In order of priority:
Awesome Ability Effect
Bottomless Appetite Gives you extra appetite every Loop. Very useful.
Unbelievable Aptitude An AP bonus. This can cut down the amount of stamina needed per Loop by a few hundred.
Dramatic Battler By using 3 duels at the beginning of each loop, get a 33% AP bonus - almost as much as Unbelievable Aptitude. Your maximum base duels without this or Big Ro Lvl 2 are 4, so if you're going to do more than one loop per day this is useful.
Shattered Limits +range, lets you Crank up more.
Overdrive +levels, also helps with Crank.
Limitless Focus Lets you use Storm Favours to help your Looping without possibly running out. It also gives you a nice amount of extra MPH for a stock of favours for after you finish Looping.
Breathtaking Popularity gives you a PH discount, for the various PH things you'll be doing per loop. It doesn't help much with Wheel and Party Room, though, since those areas require you to spend a fixed amount of Ryo, so mostly it's to save on buying TACOS.


  • Redeye. It gives an AP bonus and lets you utilize the village upgrade Infinite Awareness, giving you a 100% chance to level your allies.


When speedlooping, you'll sometimes always run out of stamina before you can Loop. You can, in this situation, use Stamina bonuses, or use Appetite bonuses and eat TACOs with them. When eating TACOs, it's recommended to have TACOS in your team; she gives a net 33% bonus to your stamina gained from app.
AP bonuses should be used similarly, but they should be used before you run out of stamina, preferably as soon as possible. Definitely before the end bit of looping when you're doing Megamissions and +AP bonuses matter the most.
Bonus Effect
Daily Bonus Stamina Box (the code thingy from the AnimeCubed home page) +80 usually, 180 every 7 days you use this in a row
Video Challenge +100
Hooray Food! +11
Storm Favors +300
Vacation +166 when maxed out. Try not to use it before it's maxed.
Doing any Village Action (collecting, patrolling, paperwork etc) +10
Z-Rewards +200
Fight EL DIABLO SUPREME Chance of +100
Warrior's High from Arena +50, x2 if you have Pompadour
Swing at a Kaiju a few times (one or two, if you have the right perms) About 30, depending on luck

Starting Out Every Day

  • Use up your Arena fights (they don't loop).
  • Follow the looping guide from your current rank till the end.
  • Loop to start of next season and then proceed to "Season Start" below.

Season Start: (1 or less day loops)

As Genin:

Use your AP bonuses. The effects of NinjaOn, 3 GS Duels, and any other +20% bonus should be enough if you're saving some bonuses for another loop today, but more is better.

Put Flipper in your team. Do the quest Stalkergirl for Stalkergirl.

Preparation for Chunin Exam:

Check Preparation
"I've obtained at least one Basic Bloodline" N/A.
"I know at least Eight Jutsu" Buy all of Flipper's jutsu. If you don't have enough JXP, you can use Mysterious Bloodline (if you have it) to hang out with Flipper and reduce the cost, or fight in the Arena with Thrill Of Battle.
"I've beaten 40 or more D-Rank missions" N/A.
"I have at least 6 Ninja Allies" You should have all three looping allies and Flipper. Get Stalkergirl and Tsukasa (both useful for later in the loop) for 6 total.
Level 12 Do D-rank missions with Flipper and Stalkergirl in your team. At max Crank, one or two will do.

As Chunin:

Preparation for Special Jonin exam:

The Special Jonin exam will require three level 2+ allies. There are plenty of choices, but Tsukasa is the most convenient if you've done R00t.
On the other hand, Spot is very difficult to get, requiring 6 Dog Treats, which don't loop. Your only way to get them is to either get lucky on the Wheel, get them from a specific mission, or get lucky with Red Rover's drops. It's not worth it to use a theme or juice to increase your ally drop chance for this; pick another ally instead.
Bruce Sr doesn't have to be in your team to level from a duel. As long as you win a duel in Ice Cream Line at the Buffet OR the Comic Book Store, he'll level. If you're aiming at levelling him, you may want to hold off on doing your GS fights until you get him.
Ally How to obtain How to level
Tsukasa Lvl 2 Playing Darts until you get a Triple Bullseye; Poison Needles bought at the shop are great for this Quest: Walking Alone.
A A Ron Lvl 2 Defeating him in Perfect Poker or visiting Perfect Poker if he was defeated in a previous season Visiting Retail.
Potatoes Lvl 2 Defeating her Perfect Poker or visiting Perfect Poker if she was defeated in a previous season Visiting Retail.
Yuri Lvl 2 Spinning the Prize Wheel until you've spent 50k ryo; spending 150k gets you the Rack, who's required for Sannin ascension anyway, so it's not an extra cost. Tai C-Rank mission: Undermine A Wall
Bruce Sr Lvl 2 C-Rank Tai mission: Challenge a Dojo Master! Win a Glowslinging duel in one of Bruce Sr's turfs.
Meatballs Lvl 2 Quest: Very Tragic Story C-Rank Gen mission: Overthrow A Captain
Red Rover Lvl 2 D-Rank Gen Mission: Clean The Ninja Dog Pen C-Rank Gen mission: Interrupt A Meeting
Spot Lvl 2 Quest: Walk The Dog, requires 6 Dog Treats C-Rank Gen mission: Strike Down A Sentry
Trapchan Lvl 2 C-Rank Gen mission: Angry Villagers Quest: Wild Child
Terri Lvl 2 C-rank Tai mission: Ride Your Ninja Kite C-Rank Gen Mission: Leap a Gorge!
  • Team: Stalkergirl, Flipper, Proof Reader.
  • Do Gen D-Ranks to get following (can also be done by sele:
    • Billy
    • Pinky
    • Emosuke (for overnight +20 stamina bonus and for jutsu required for Jounin Exam) OR use Redeye on the mission Fire! (D-Rank Tai) (just the jutsu for the jounin exam)
    • Lil’ Ro (for Stalkergirl Lvl 3 and for jutsu required for Jounin Exam) OR use Redeye on the mission Shake off a Genjutsu! (just for the jutsu for the jounin exam)
    • (optional) Red Rover
    • Smoke Bomb missions that do not give any of the above.
  • (optional) Do the quest Walk the Dog (Get: Spot) if you got lucky in wheel and have 6 Dog Treats.
  • Play Darts until receive Tsukasa.
  • Team: Billy
    • Play Party Wheel until 150k ryo spent, receive Rack, Yuri
  • Team: Stalkergirl, & 2 allies that level in C-Rank gen missions
  • Do Gen C-Ranks:
    • Do Only Gen/Tai Combo Missions except missions that lvl allies.
    • Get Gen to level 13
  • (optional) Do Mahjong, pick up Lil’ Rack, Taco.
  • Team: TACOS*, Tsukasa lvl 2
    • Consume Tacos as appetite allows.
  • Start Special Jonin Exam
    • Get Timmy.
    • Team: Stalker Girl, Yuri, Timmy
    • Tai C-Ranks until do 30 for quest
    • Finish Sp Jonin Exam, get Cato

As Special Jonin:

  • Learn Attack on the Nervous System (Redeye/Rack), lower cost, use on missions.
  • Team Billy, Stalker, Pinky:
    • B-Rank Tai Mission Confess their Emo Love! (smoke others) - Pinky 2
    • B-Rank Gen Mission Defeat an Evil Pirate! (smoke others) - Billy 2
  • Team Spot (optional), Stalker, Pinky:
    • B-Rank Nin Missions: Defend the WhiteEye Princess! (smoke others) - Stalker 2
    • Chase down Timmy! (smoke others) - Mr. Smith
  • Team Mr. Smith, Stalker, Pinky
  • B-Rank Tai missions until Level 41
  • Party Room: Spend 100k to receive J-Diddy
  • Learn Mind Body Switch Technique (Lil’ Ro/Redeye)
  • Learn Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu (Emosuke) or Fire Style: Dragon Flame Jutsu (Redeye)
  • Team J-Diddy, Rack, K-Dog
  • Do Jonin Exam

As Jonin:

  • Attempt to track a target of 70 or more difficulty, get bingoed (15 min)
  • Do quests: Wake the Snake (Get: Snakeman)
  • Team: Olmek, Lil’Ro, Rack
    • Visit Beautiful-Passed Over-Touchstone (Level: Stalker 3)
  • Turn on MegaMissions
  • Team: Mr. Smith, Pinky 2, Stalker 3
  • Do A-Rank Tai Missions until level 60 (may need stamina boost)
  • Team: Rack, J-Diddy, Snakeman
  • Sannin Quest

As Sannin:

  • Team TACOS*, Tsukasa 2
  • Team: Mr. Smith, Pinky 2, Stalker 3
  • Do AA-Rank Tai missions until Tai is 35 (or 32 with all bonuses). Use smokes to encourage stamina missions (but only if needed, calculate AP vs remaining stamina; otherwise conserve smokes).
  • Team Stalker3, Kitsune Tempest, Snakeman.
  • Do Quest: Peeping.
  • If you did not already or new day, use all Arena Fights.
  • Sell all non-loop items.

Repeat on next loop.

End of Day:

  • When you run out of stamina for the day, try to get as near as possible to next loop. You can then limit the amount of stamina items/limited use powers the next day for that loop and can use them on the next loop(s).
  • Dayroll Team: Your bromides, if you don't have any then Stalkergirl, Billy, Emosuke

Discretionary Notice:

  • Various single/limited use powers such as Arena, Daily Bonus, Video Challenge, Ramen Shop (use only appetite and eat tacos), Favors, Z-Rewards, Seasons Quest, etc will need to be used at user’s discretion. Use as little and as late as possible. You might need it for that second or possibly third season that day. Crank will need to be tested for your character and may take a loop or 2 to fully decide.
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