Reaper's Game Guide
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To begin the Reaper's Game, first clear Hero's Quest, specifically Pierce The Heavens. This requires that you have completed most of the game's other content, so if you're just starting out, this is probably not the page you're looking for.

Once that is done, The Lowdown will unlock. Do it, then do 100 Reaper's Game Day One missions. (MegaMissions and setting your Crank to 0 are recommended.) This will unlock Day One Prologue.

Now you get a new form of content: Reaper's Game days, available from your mission pages.

Day 1 (MC Stripeypants) is an easy to follow tutorial.

Day 2 (Terri) is a pain. You have to witness a fight, then rewind time, then witness a difference in that fight during the same run. Complicating this is that Terri fights in multiple locations (town center, desert, forest, and mountaintop) simultaneously, and only one of them changes. You also have to be at the ramen shop just before the world ends in order to rewind time.

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