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Parts One and Two: In the Jungle

Anything in italics can be skipped second time through; Gears of War is optional, but recommended.

  1. Complete the quest The Eleven-Pronged Seal
  2. Go to The Black Altar for an event (one [Bee] required, even second time through)
  3. Complete the eleven-pronged seal by completing the objectives shown at the Avatar Abilities menu
  4. Click on *Analyze coordinates* at the Avatar Abilities menu
  5. Complete Welcome
  6. Get the Crushed Pocketwatch from Crunch Time
  7. Get 100 Tarnished Wheels and complete Gears of War
  8. Upgrade your Crushed Pocketwatch to Cracked Pocketwatch
  9. There are 8 monuments with 8 compositions. They can be run doing the specific missions instead of doing general missions as they are not rare.
    1. 1-3: Gen Missions
      1. The First Monument
      2. The Second Monument
      3. The Third Monument
    2. 4-5: Nin Missions
      1. The Fourth Monument
      2. The Fifth Monument
    3. 6-7: Tai Missions
      1. The Sixth Monument
      2. The Seventh Monument
    4. 8: Gen Mission
      1. The Eighth Monument
  10. Complete the R:NG
  11. Red Filament
    1. Field of Skulls (Ninjutsu)
    2. Flower Field (Ninjutsu)
    3. Outcropping (Ninjutsu)
  12. Green Filament
    1. Flower Field (Genjutsu)
    2. Outcropping (Genjutsu)
    3. Field of Skulls (Genjutsu)
  13. Blue Filament
    1. Field of Skulls (Taijutsu)
    2. Flower Field (Taijutsu)
    3. Outcropping (Taijutsu)
  14. Get the Allies if you haven't already: Kagamin, Tsukasa, Yuki-chan, and Kona-chan
  15. Complete the The Look
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