Getting Started

Notice: To proceed with PizzaWitch, it is essential to have obtained all the BurgerNinja allies (Cici, Lulu and Su-chan) in your current season, and being in possession of the Knightmare Frame. Without these items, you can't even start PizzaWitch.
You may find the related page PizzaWitch Garage useful with regards to PizzaWitch.

Unlocking PizzaWitch Missions

The first requirement for unlocking PizzaWitch missions is to be in a Village that has the PizzaWitch upgrade, requiring 2,000,000 Village Ryo, 1 of each Basic Resource, 1 of each Advanced Resource and at least 20 upgrades. In addition to unlocking PizzaWitch, it increases Max Greass intake by 1.

Recommendations to be able to get through Pizzawitch

Levels: 55+
Strength: 10+
Range: 36+

Levels: 25+
Strength: 0
Range: 18 (prefer 20+)




Steps to Pass Pizzawitch the Unlock Quest:

Quest Checks:
Doujutsu 20 difficulty, 10 successes
Doujutsu 10 difficulty, 500 rolling successes
Need to get to 20 range first.
Use Team of Lulu + Su-chan for a total of:

  • +2 Doujutsu Levels
  • +4 Doujutsu Range
  • +1 Doujutsu Strength

Eat 2-4 Greassy Fries for 2-4 more range
Eat 1-2 Greassy Nuggets for 1-2 more strength
Use rest of appetite to eat Tasty Pizza
All the above can be skipped and replaced with a Greassy Royale.

Once you are into PW missions and have completed a few, using all Yummy Pizza is recommended, as is using a team of Lulu lvl 2 and Su-chan lvl 2. However, you will not be able to obtain many Yummy Pizzas until significantly far into PizzaWitch, so you may be forced to stick with regular Greassy food. To minimize cost, try and stock up on smokebombs so you can do PizzaWitch in as few days as possible.

Lulu levels in the Mission: Be in an Advertisement
Dou 15 diff, 25 Suc
Nin 30 diff, 27 suc
Tai 34 diff, 25 suc

Su-chan levels in the Mission: Tell Everyone about PizzaWitch
Dou 20 diff, 15 suc
Nin 25 diff, 30 suc
Tai 35 diff, 20 suc

It should be noted that bloodline techniques like the Flying Thunder God Technique works on these missions.

Unlocking Rides

To unlock rides, you must complete the quest Behind the Wheel.
This quest becomes available once you’ve obtained the Pizzawitch Uniform and completed 50 PizzaWitch missions.
To complete the quest, you must have obtained:

Once you complete the quest, you will receive the item License to Speed and unlock PizzaWitch deliveries in the Village menu.


At the start, you are limited to 4 deliveries a day with no booster or awesome in rides (three from your License to Speed and one from the Tacky Keychain). Go ahead and do the introduction to deliveries quest until you pass it, which will hopefully take one try.

Once you do that, Do Easy Deliveries until you have upgraded your stats to your rides max (drive 3/ drift 3/ destruction 3). Note that you start at 2/2/2, so it should only take 6,000 tips.

Obtain Karen from the Quest SuperSpy

Requirements: License to Speed, Access to Easy Rides
You will need to be hanging out with Lulu (or Lulu lvl 2) and have over 100 awesome.
It has a check of:

  • Dou 10 Diff, 10 Succ
  • Nin 10 Diff, 10 Succ

After you have upgraded your stats, go ahead and complete Dogfight to unlock normal deliveries. Once you have beat Dogfight, go ahead and farm up 30,000 tips to get the Ninja Wagon ride. (The Magic bus will become useful after you have more than 2 passengers.) Completing Dogfight will also get you the Summon Mr. Orange.

Level up Karen lvl 2 ( Quest: Shower Scene )

Requirements: Lulu in team or hanging out with Karen
First thing you should know, this lasts only till dayroll like the Wasteland Allies. This is a simple quest, it requires no further explanation.

Quest Grind1

Requirements: Karen, Cici, Access to Normal Rides

You also need:

'Reward': The Grind Core, which gives -1 successes.

Completing this quest levels CiCi up to Cici Lvl 2 and unlocks higher level PW missions.

Note: It's recommended not to complete this far into Pizzawitch unless you're either ready for the consequences (ie; appropriately geared up through R00t) or have the prerequisite items to make a Digital Keychain and consume your Grind Core.

Level up Robogirl Lvl. 3

Robogirl Lvl. 2 levels up in the post-Cici lvl 2 PW mission Robotic Frat Boys.

Obtain Blondie

Blondie is hidden in the post-Cici lvl 2 PW Mission Pizza Party.

Rescue the White Witch

Complete the Special Delivery Forever Young. The reward is the ally Nana, The White Witch Passenger Card, and the trophy The White Witch. This also unlocks Hard Deliveries.

Knock Knock

Robogirl Lvl. 3, Blondie, and Nana unlock a new quest, Knock Knock. This quest requires that you have at least 1 use of The Power of Greass left (if you've used all yours up, you can buy the Greass Enhancer consumable from the Shop for 500,000 Ryo [400,000 with the Upgrade] which will give you an additional use) and you'll need 100 Can of Sauce from appraising Frost-Covered Packages/Boxes/Bundles. Completing this Quest gets you the ally Euthanasia.

Ready to Ride

Having Robogirl Lvl. 3 and Euthanasia unlock the quest Ready to Ride. You'll need Haro, Larry, and a Digital Keychain (or better) to complete this quest.

The items required for the Digital Keychain are:
100 Kunai, 20 Metal Scraps, 50 ShinyShiny, 20 Poison Needles, 10 Copper Coin, 3 Ruby Ryo Coin, 5 Dark Draft, 50 Hot Picture of Robogirl, 10 Silver Coin, 4 Sapphire Ryo Coin, 20 Essence of Lightning, Soundless Jade, 10 Gold Coin, and Grind Core.

Searching the Fields

Once you complete this Quest, you gain the ability to 'Ping' the Fields for 5 Stamina to search for your next objective. There's a 30% chance that you'll be told if you have one of the Keys right. Once you find the right field, you'll need at least 250 (Total) Awesome. Your 'reward' is the The Shadow Mark Trophy and the The Mark of the RNG. If you have done this before, you still need to 'Ping' and complete the RNG encounter.
also see: Grind Source (bottom of the page)

Prove your Fire

Once you have the The Mark of the RNG, a new Delivery becomes available, Made of Fire. You also need at least 10 D-Speed to take it on, so you'll need at least 1 of the +D-Speed Super-Rare Equips from either the Easy Street or Midnight Run card sets. Speed of at least 10 is required, although 12+ is recommended. Even though there are only four Obstacles, each one of them is an Autokill if you fail, so it can be quite difficult. Once you complete this Delivery, you'll automatically receive (and equip) the Ride 'Pizza Assassin', and Extra Hard deliveries become available.

The Antidote

Having the The Mark of the RNG unlocks the quest The Antidote. To complete this, you need a Lab Coat, to complete a Doujutsu 11d1111 Rolling Challenge, a Polar Star (which you have to give up the first time you do this Quest), and 5 Million Jutsu XP (which you have to spend). The reward is the H.A.R.O.. At this point, Cici will tell you that there are 2 ways to advance: Easy, and Crazy Hard.

Choose your own Adventure

With The Antidote completed and the Made of Fire Delivery completed, two new quests will open up, Minimum Safe Distance and Infiltration. Minimum Safe Distance is the 'Easy' route, while Infiltration is 'Crazy Hard'. Be warned: Crazy Hard is Crazy Hard, and you're required to have the Eleven Tails to even get anywhere, let alone the stat check you have to complete.

The path to the Easy ending is through the quest Minimum Safe Distance. This quest consists of 3 Challenges: Dou 30d5s, Dou 5d30s, and 5d5s in D/G/N/T. Passing this rewards you with the H.A.R.O. trophy, and opens up the quest PizzaWitch Epilogue.

PizzaWitch Epilogue is straightforward exposition. At the end, you'll lose Lulu as an Ally, Su-chan will transform into Cipher, and you'll receive the PizzaWitch Cape Congratulations! You've beaten PizzaWitch!

But wait! There's more!

At this point, whether you did the Easy or the Crazy Hard path, you'll see a new Delivery is available. Its name is 'The Race' and requires that you have 60 or more Cards in your collection, and to have completed PizzaWitch Epilogue quests. This is another exceptionally hard Delivery, so you'll want to take full advantage of the Mach Eleven's stats. Completing this Delivery opens up Crazy Hard deliveries.

The hour of the Witch

At this point, a new Quest, The Witching Hour will open up. Completing this quest requires that you have 5 or more activations from The Mark of the RNG and to either be in a Village with the Upgrade Spire or to be Spying on one, both of which you have probably already achieved if you are this far into PizzaWitch. Completing this Quest gives you one of two Bloodlines depending on which way you went through PizzaWitch.

Easy mode, a.k.a. Minimum Safe Distance, gets you Racer's Edge. This Bloodline gives you +10 Edge on Normal Missions.

Crazy Hard mode, a.k.a. Infiltration, gets you Shift to Drift. This Bloodline allows you to take a -2 Range penalty in a regular Mission, in order to bank it to be used in a later Mission. Up to +88 Range can be banked this way. (Mega Missions bank 20 Range each, while still only costing -2 for the mission)

You'll also be able to buy a new Ride, the Crimson Lotus, and open up a new Quest, The Mark 86. This quest, however, is impossible to complete until at least the second time through PizzaWitch. At this point, the Crimson Lotus is obsolete, as it has been replaced by the Mach Eleven in its original use, completing Face to Face.

Hunting for Parts

Completing The Witching Hour unlocks Witching Hour missions. There are 3 Items to be collected in these missions although, again, which ones you can get are determined by which method you completed Pizza Witch:

Mark 86 Drivetrain is hidden in the mission Code Corruption (Crazy Hard only)
Mark 86 Engine is hidden in the mission The Darkness of the Soul (Crazy Hard only)
Mark 86 Turbo is hidden in the mission The World Above (Easy only)

This means you need to complete PW at least twice to obtain all of the Mark 86 items.

Head to Head

Once you've collected the one, or both, Piece(s) available to you, a new Special Delivery will open up, Face to Face. Face to Face is deceptive in its simplicity, with the hardest check being Drive 9d3s. However, the delivery has a super-high D-speed requirement, so you can't use much equipment, and don't expect to be able to have much Durability or Drivetrain (unless you have a high level jacket). You need either the Mach 11 or the Crimson Lotus to complete this delivery.

"Successful" completion of this Delivery gets you the Theme Hikari. The rest is…


The Second Time through

The second time you advance through PizzaWitch, very little changes, except that the quest Grind will be replaced with the quest Grind (Remix), no longer requiring the Sharpening Stones and Metal Scraps or giving you the Grind Core, and you no longer have to destroy a Polar Star to obtain the H.A.R.O.

If you went the Easy way last time, you'll want to go the Crazy Hard route this time, and vice versa. After you complete the quest The Witching Hour, you'll have both the Shift to Drift and Racer's Edge Bloodline, and automatically switch to the one you just gained. At this point, you can switch between the two on your Main Menu, however this costs 300 Stamina, and you'll need to stay in the new one for a while longer anyway.

Instead of being dependent on which way you went through PW, which Mark 86 pieces you can find depends on your current Bloodline. Mark 86 Turbo can only be found while you have the Racer's Edge Bloodline, and the Mark 86 Engine and Drivetrain can only be found while you have the Shift to Drift Bloodline (though that is irrelevant, as the missions where they are found can only be completed if you have the Shift to Drift Bloodline active). They're still found in the missions listed above, though, so go get the one or ones you don't have.

The Mark 86 and the Destined Delivery

Next, you need to get your hands on a Flux Capacitor, either from Robo Fighto or from the Shop for 20 Million (16 Million w/ Upgrade) Ryo. Fighto requires some luck, but you can usually get it for much cheaper than 16 Million that way.

Once you have the Flux, in addition to the Mark 86 Engine, Drivetrain, and Turbo, you can finally complete the quest The Mark 86. The reward is the Knightmare Mark 86, an add-on to the existing Knightmare Frame. Mark 86 adds another 5 Levels to your Seasonal Cap, and counts as 6 items for Perm Count.

Finally, it's time for the last hurdle of PizzaWitch, an alternative Face to Face, known as Face to Face 2. It is almost identical to the first, and you should be able to beat it with the same setup ideas (see the page for the original).

Should you somehow overcome this, your reward is the Calling theme, the Lunatic Drifter Trophy and a preview of the (currently VERY far off) Reaper's Game…

Note that the Calling theme unlocks the ability to get the Player Pin.

Ryo Coins

Obtaining Sapphire Ryo Coins and higher can be difficult, so it is recommended to farm Tips to buy the Evil Taxi and purchase Midnight Run packs until you get at least the Lulu passenger card. Once you get Lulu, coins become much easier to obtain.

Pizza Witch Items

Name Bonus / Effect Loops
PizzaWitch Uniform +2 Dou Levels/Range, +2 Max Greass No
License to Speed May use a Ride in PizzaWitch No
Grind Core Unlocks upper level Delivery / Missions in PizzaWitch No
Flux Capacitor Part of an Ancient Machine.. Yes
Sorted by type:


Text Speed D-Ability Difficulty Successes Penalty for Failure
A barrier of wet paper bags blocks your way! 3 or Faster Drift 4 2 -15 Drivetrain!
A guy with a ladder on his shoulder turns around quickly! 2 or Faster Drift 6 2 -15 Durability!
Logs roll down a hill at you! 2 or Slower Drive 5 2 -10 Deliciousness!
Text Effect
You hit the tiniest bump.. -1 Deliciousness!
You accidentally throw trash on your Pizza! -5 Deliciousness!
Somewhere, a monkey sneezes.. -1 Drivetrain!
You spill your soda while taking a turn. -5 Durability!
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