Monochrome Guide

Notice: This is a work in progress. Please feel free to edit any information that is incorrect.
You will need to complete all of the Reaper content before you can get through monochrome. If you're looking for a guide for this, please see the BvSWiki Reaper Guide.

Gaining Access to the Monochrome Missions

Acquire Mister Tea


Obtaining Mister Tea is the first step to unlocking the monochrome missions. Technically, you can start this before you've completed the Reaper missions, as this quest unlocks once you've completed The Reaper Council in Season 2+. However, realistically, you need to learn some Jutsu if you're going to have a chance of beating it at all, and you cannot start Monochrome missions until you have obtained Shorty Lvl. 2. The following Jutsu will let you auto-pass the necessary missions:

In addition, you will need to have some way to make yourself immune to the Note. The most common way is to be in a village with Tools of the Trade, however in order to use this you must currently have the Trade bloodline (which does not loop), although having the theme My Name Is active also works.

Once you're reasonably prepared, you should take the quest: Mister Tea. You will face a series of 20 difficulty and 20 success missions which is near impossible to brute force. Just use Robogirl Style:Leek Spin on the first challenge, Archer Style:Dragonforce on the second, and Kido:Nightfall on the third. Finally, make yourself immune to the Note when appropriate, and you'll acquire Mister Tea! Congratulations!

Have True Blood of the Reaper

You need to finish step 6 in the Reaper Guide in order to the next step of monochrome. It is actually possible to unlock Mr Tea before finishing Reaper, but you won't be able to get a Hall Pass.

Obtaining a Hall Pass

After you've acquired Mister Tea, you need to find the Monochrome Academy. More specifically, you need to complete the quest: Monochrome Academy. This will let you gain a Hall Pass, which will allow you to do Monochrome Missions. This may be your first major 'rolling challenge'; your successes from previous attempts will be applied on all future attempts until you finish or abandon the quest. This is a good thing, since the quest requires Taijutsu with 12 difficulty and 500 successes. You can just throw lots of stamina at this, but a good way to approach this would be to try and minimize the number of attempts you need to make in order to preserve stamina. The following setup is suggested:



Reaper Blood

Using this team, you will have -5 stamina to quests, +11 tai levels (Strawberry and Bankai), +7 tai strength (Hermano and Dragonforce). However you approach it, just make your way through this grind until you've made your way through all 500 successes and collect your Hall Pass. Congratulations! You've now gained access to the Monochrome Missions!

Getting Started / Acquiring Robogirl Lvl. 2

Your first goal is to get some Monochrome allies, as they provide some large range bonuses that will make the Monochrome missions much easier. It is recommended to set your Crank to 0 so they will be easier. The first allies available are Sporty and Scary, and they will be the easiest to get. You can get either of these two first. They also unlock a quest to get Robogirl Lvl. 2.

Get Sporty


Sporty is available in the Nin (not rare) mission Hide in a Locker. This is a Nin 16d/18s + Tai 15d/19s mission, so you won't have the option to hold back too much here! Your best bet is probably to go with a team of Robogirl, Shorty Lvl. 2 and Fletch, assuming you don't have any Monochrome allies yet. Alternatively, if you already have Scary, you can swap her in for Fletch. It might not be a bad idea to use Bone Daddy for an extra boost on the Taijutsu end. Acquire Sporty, and many other Monochrome missions will become easier.

  • Note: If you are attempting R00t, you may be able to level up Sporty. While doing so will not lock you out of any content, it breaks both Robogirl teams, and may therefore make Monochrome significantly harder. It is suggested that you level up Sporty after you complete Monochrome, unless you can reliably pass most of the Monochrome missions on your own.

Get Scary


Scary is available on the Tai (not rare) mission Peep. This is a Tai 19d/20s + Gen 16d/18s mission. Having Sporty here would help a lot, but that may not be an option. However, to help cover the Tai range, use of Bone Daddy is suggested (although Kido:Nightfall may also be useful or experiment with Soul Reaper Style: Cry of the Brave). Other suggested allies include Shorty Lvl. 2 and Tats. Acquire Scary and the Monochrome missions will become easier.

Get Robogirl Lvl. 2

Once you have Sporty and Scary, you can begin to work on the quest for Robogirl Lvl. 2: Robogirl's Secret. To prepare, you should accomplish the following:

A team of Sporty, Scary and The HoClaus would be best, as the Hot Picture of Robogirl is a rare ally drop. If you do not have access to The HoClaus, it would probably be best to use Olmek, to need fewer Poorly-Drawn Alien drops.

The last thing to prepare? Hang out with both Sporty and Scary on the same day. At your discretion use some combination of Stuffed Walrus, Floating On Air, Friend Points, Make Out Mood Enhancers and the Mysterious Power Bloodline. It doesn't matter how you hang out with them, just that you do, and on the same day.

Once you've done all these things, you can complete Robogirl's Secret and get Robogirl Lvl. 2!

Obtaining Awesome Pants

By this point, you should have your first full Monochrome team: Super Robo Girls. This team will give you a solid +4 range when approaching Monochrome missions, which helps quite a lot. From here on out, the chance of finding allies is extremely low, so you will want to consider collecting Monochrome Pheromone potions to make things easier. This is done by combining two Monochrome Flowers, which are found either as rare ingredients during hunting in Forest or from the Monochrome missions Dodge Detention or Sit Through Class. Now you can also get them at the arena. You won't need any of these potions at this point, but start saving them anyway.

Get MC Stripey Lvl. 2

Your next goal is to get MC Stripeypants Lvl. 2. This is on the Gen (not rare) monochrome mission Get a Date (23d/17s). You need to have MC Stripeypants in your party when you do this, so you'll have to be creative. Tats and Shorty Lvl. 2 would likely work here, since you pretty much need to use Kido:Harder Better (learned from Scary). This makes the range easy, you just need to worry about strength and levels at this point. Acquire MC Stripeypants Lvl. 2 and you're ready to move on!

Get Miss Kitty


Miss Kitty becomes available once you have MC Stripeypants Lvl. 2 and have learned Mister Tea's jutsu (Lucha Libre Style: Pity the Fool). This unlocks the quest Karate Yes, which is a rather straight forward rolling challenge. As the rolling challenge is of difficulty one, focus on maximizing Nin levels, and don't worry about strength. Plow through it and get Miss Kitty.

Obtain Awesome Pants

Warning: Progressing from this point will cause you to lose Mister Tea. At a later portion of the question you will get a choice on whether to get him back or not. No matter what you chose a +50% to daily ranking option will be available after that part of the quest, but only Mister Tea gives you the stamina reduction in quests. You will also lose your team set up no matter what it is.

Once you have Miss Kitty, you can come to the end of this stretch of the Monochrome missions. Go to the Quest menu and start The Secret. There's nothing you really have to do here, but once you've completed the mission, you obtain Awesome Pants (+1 Range).

Gaining Access to Dark Hours

Once you have your Awesome Pants you can now do some more missions. This is probably a good point to get your Dark Band which will allow you to participate in the Dark Hours. First thing you need to do is to get Miss Kitty Lvl. 2.

Hunt for rare missions

While this step requires Miss Kitty Lvl. 2, her levelup is easily located on a non rare mission. The step after that requires you to levelup strawberry (even easier) and find 3 different allies that are only found on rare monochrome missions, and to find some items that are also only found on rare monochrome missions. By the time you find all 3 you would naturally level up both miss kittey and strawberry, but if you do specific missions to level those two up then you cannot encounter the rare missions for those 3 allies. It is thus recommended that starting from this step you run general missions with the team of

  • Strawberry - to level him up for the next part
  • Miss Kitty - to level her up for this part, also because she drops invisible sandwiches that are consumed by her jutsu for +500% ally find chance
  • MC Stripeypants - for the bonus to finding reaper allies

Get Miss Kitty Lvl. 2


Miss Kitty Lvl. 2 levels up on the Nin (not rare) monochrome mission Puppy of Doom. This is a Nin 20d, 18s mission. This isn't too bad, just use Lucha Libre Style: Faster Stronger. Combine with some strength allies (Robogirl Lvl. 2, Tats, MC Stripeypants Lvl. 2, etc.), and you should be fine.

Obtain the Dark Band

Once you have Miss Kitty Lvl. 2, another quest unlocks. You need to roll through three 20 Diff 20 Success missions, one for each stat and finally you obtain the Dark Band. A team such as MC Stripeypants Lvl. 2, Tats and Shorty Lvl. 2 for the Strength with Jutsus like Lucha Libre Style: Faster Stronger, Kido:Harder Better and Kido:Nightfall for the Range would do it easy. This items loops, so if you obtained it in a previous Season, you will not need to do this part again.

Get Cobrakai

The following allies can be attained in any order. However, unlike up until now, everything you need from this point (except Strawberry 2) are in rare missions. This means that if you pick say Accept Nin Monochrome mission, they will never show up. You have to pick Accept General Mission, and hope. If you have enough smoke bombs, you can hasten this part by smoke bombing missions while looking for the ones you want.

Get Smiley


Smiley is available in the rare Tai 35d/7s mission Deadly Locker. Again, missions of this difficulty level require some creativity. However, this is relatively easy. Make sure you have a Letter of Marque and Timmy Lvl. 2 in your party. Then use Soul Reaper Style: Fury of the Storm (taught by Mister Six), witch will give you additional 5 tai successes. This will get you Smiley easily. If you lack Timmy Lvl. 2, the Family Ties Bonus will also provide the 2 successes.

Get Blind Fury


Blind Fury is available on Pencil Attack. This is a rare Nin 19d/17s, Tai 20d/14s mission. At this point of Monochrome missions, you should be somewhat used to seeing high difficulty, high success missions. Do what you need to to increase your range as high as necessary, then focus heavily on strength. If you are still hurting for range, Super Robo Girls may be a good option. If your range is okay, then a team such as Shorty Lvl. 2, Tats and MC Stripeypants Lvl. 2 would be good (+6 strength, double chances to find allies). Using a Monochrome Pheromone is not out of the question either.

Obtain Strawberry Lvl. 2


Strawberry levels up on the Tai (not rare) 25d/25s mission Math Problem, which is only available if you to have Awesome Pants. Your best bet is probably to go with a party of Strawberry, Hermano, and one of the following: Shorty Lvl. 2, Tats, MC Stripeypants Lvl. 2. In addition, you should summon Bone Daddy and use Kido:Nightfall. It would probably also be a good idea to use a Powerful Potion. Even with all this, you'll need to get lucky. But it'll be worth it. You will obtain Strawberry Lvl. 2.

Obtain the Hollow Leg

The Hollow Leg was available in Season 1, and hopefully you've got it by this point. It's a great item on it's own, and well worth having. But you also need it for the current content, so you may as well get it now. After you complete Bankai, go get 50 (yes fifty) Tasty Burgers. These drop from Lil' Bo. Once you have 50, give them to Lil' Bo through the All You Can Eat 2 quest. Then you need to collect 3 Hollow Jaws which are only available at this part of the quest. They are on the A-Level! Destroy a Hollow Stronghold. The drop rate is low, so bring MC Stripeypants along! Once you have the Jaws, you'll get your Hollow Leg.

Obtain Doughman


Doughman technically isn't a monochrome ally, but you need him to get Cobra Kai anyway. To get Doughman you must win 10 arena matches in one day. Hopefully you have an arena power from previous seasons, as it will make things easier. Your best bet is to get as many matches as you possibly can in a single day. Strawberry Lvl. 2 helps a lot here, so you may wish to wait until this point.

Win a Monster Drop from a defeated Kaiju

Any monster drop will do. The best way to do this is just to attack the monsters that attack your village as much as you possibly can or get Trophy Points with Terri Lvl. 3. Eventually, you'll get lucky and get one. You can no longer pass the monster drop check by winning one from lottery or getting one from trade, nor can you pass the check if you get one from defeating a phase. Alternatively you can pass this check after attacking a Kaiju a total of 100 times.

Unlock Cobrakai

Once you have Strawberry Lvl. 2, Dark Band, Smiley, Blind Fury, a Hollow Leg, a Monster Drop won from a defeated kaiju and Doughman (you have to hang out with him or learn This Hand of Mine, depends on your bloodline), two missions will be unlocked. At this point, you have to make a decision of Pants, or Pantsless, Strawberry Lvl. 3 or Mister Tea Lvl. 3. (Strawberry Lvl. 3 is better for most players while Mister Tea Lvl. 3 is definitely better for an invader.)

First choice is The Pants, wherein you side with Strawberry against Mister Tea. You'll gain the powerful Strawberry Lvl 3, but Mister Tea will continue to be gone for the rest of the season.

Or, you can choose to undertake The Pantsless to side instead with Mister Tea. You get him back, and he gets a boost straight to Level 3, but you'll be stuck with only Strawberry Lvl 2.

Half of the quests consist of Strawberry holding you back annoyingly. You'd think he's be grateful for some help…

Either way you go, success will net you Cobra Kai and advance to the final Monochrome challenge.


Get Hotsumoto


Hotsumoto is available on the rare mission Dance Demon. This is a Nin 26d/19s mission. Using Lucha Libre Style: Faster Stronger is likely a good idea. Combine this with a team such as Shorty Lvl. 2, Tats and MC Stripeypants Lvl. 2 for maximum strength (you may swap out Shorty Lvl. 2 or Tats for Robogirl Lvl. 2 for even more strength). Using a Monochrome Pheromone is not out of the question either.

Get Vanilla


Once you have Hotsumoto, the quest Ice Ice unlocks, allowing you to acquire Vanilla. This mission isn't difficult, but it requires a lot of preparation. You're going to need one of each of the following: Emergency Rations, Powerful Potion, Monochrome Pheromone, Make-Out Mood Enhancer, and Dark Draft. For the Dark Draft, you will require two Dark Water from the Monochrome mission(rare) Pool Party. There are multiple ways to obtain each of the other items, and as such, I will leave it to the reader to figure out how to obtain them. There is a diagram for Emergency Rations here. Trade all these items in the quest, and you will obtain Vanilla.

Dark Hours

After you get the Dark Band, you'll receive a New Moon. To advance further requires that you battle other holders of Moons in the Arena during Dark Hours.

(information on moons here)


The home stretch. Once you get Vanilla and Cobra Kai, the final Monochrome Quest opens, Tsukuyomi Ascendant. The majority of the mission is a relatively simple Rolling Success challenge (Nin 12d/800s). The final step requires you to have a Full Moon or Full Moon Waning. Completing the mission grants you the Ascension theme, and one of 3 permanent looping items: Loyal Sacrifice, Ancestor Spirit, or Sight Beyond Sight based on Bloodline; if you have all 3 from previous seasons you instead get Eclipsed

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