This is intended to be a guide to looping. Unlike The Trade or Soul Reaping, Looping really doesn't need a walkthrough. However, there are still many questions that people have about looping and there's really not one good centralized place for information. This guide is intended to answer all of those questions. In the process, I'm hoping this provides a good checklist of "things to do" on their path to looping. Nothing in this guide is necessary.

Looping FAQ

What is looping?

Looping is where you take a high level character (usually level 52+) and through special missions, you revert back to a level 6 character. You lose most of your Jutsu, your allies, and a large number of your items. Your rank is also reset to Genin. After you loop, you begin a new Season (such as Season 2, after the first time you loop).

When can I loop?

In Season 1, you can freely choose to loop any time after one of your abilities (Gen/Nin/Tai) reaches level 20. Once one of them has reached 20, it may no longer level up. This is your level cap. Each of Gen/Nin/Tai can get to 20, thus making your highest available total Level 60. If you get the Knightmare Frame, each of your stats cap 5 higher, with another 5 higher if, on top of that, you get the Knightmare Mark 86. Your level cap naturally increases by 2 each season, whereas the time you can loop increases by 1 each season.

From Season 1 to Season 15, the Level at which you can loop is determined by the formula $(19 + \mbox{Current Season})$. At Season 16+, it's a flat 35. This is reduced by 2 if you have Key Signature, by 1 if you have a max level Blazing Phoenix, and by 1 if you have a 100% [[billytv|Narrator autograph]].

Your Maximum Level in any given stat is determined by the formula $(18 + (2 \times \mbox{Current Season}) +5 (\mbox{with Knightmare frame}) + 5 (\mbox{with Mark 86}))$, up to a maximum of Level 75, first achievable at Season 29, or S26 (if KF), or S24 (if KM86).

This table makes it easy if you hate maths (like Strawberry).

Season Can loop Can loop w/KS Level Cap Cap w/ KF Cap w/ KM86
Season 1 20 - 20 25 -
Season 2 21 19 22 27 -
Season 3 22 20 24 29 -
Season 4 23 21 26 31 36
Season 5 24 22 28 33 38
Season 6 25 23 30 35 40
Season 7 26 24 32 37 42
Season 8 27 25 34 39 44
Season 9 28 26 36 41 46
Season 10 29 27 38 43 48
Season 11 30 28 40 45 50
Season 12 31 29 42 47 52
Season 13 32 30 44 49 54
Season 14 33 31 46 51 56
Season 15 34 32 48 53 58
Season 16 35 33 50 55 60
Season 17 35 33 52 57 62
Season 18 35 33 54 59 64
Season 19 35 33 56 61 66
Season 20 35 33 58 63 68
Season 21 35 33 60 65 70
Season 22 35 33 62 67 72
Season 23 35 33 64 69 74
Season 24 35 33 66 71 75
Season 25 35 33 68 73 75
Season 26 35 33 70 75 75
Season 27 35 33 72 75 75
Season 28 35 33 74 75 75
Season 29+ 35 33 75 75 75

When do I level?

In order to level an ability (Gen/Nin/Tai), you need to earn a certain amount of AP (Ability Points). All missions, Kaiju fighting, spying, and attacking gives you AP, but some give you more than others.

Level AP Needed for Next Level Total AP Needed to Reach Level
1 1,500 0
2 2,000 1,500
3 3,000 3,500
4 3,500 6,500
5 4,500 10,000
6 6,000 14,500
7 8,500 20,500
8 10,500 29,000
9 16,000 39,500
10 26,000 55,500
11 40,000 81,500
12 60,000 121,500
13 80,000 181,500
14 110,000 261,500
15 160,000 371,500
16 210,000 531,500
17 300,000 741,500
18 330,000 1,041,500
19 360,000 1,371,500
20 - 27 400,000 + (Level - 20) * 50,000 1,731,500 (for Level 20)
28 - 39 800,000 + (Level - 28) * 100,000 6,331,500 (for Level 28)
40 - 43 2,000,000 + (Level - 40) * 500,000 22,531,500 (for Level 40)
44 - 49 4,000,000 + (Level - 44) * 1,000,000 33,531,500 (for Level 44)
50+ 9,999,999 71,531,500 (Level 50)
75 - 321,531,475
In particular, after season 16:
Level Total AP Needed to Reach Level Requirements to Loop
31 9,031,500 KF, BP, and Narrator
32 10,131,500 KF, and either BP or Narrator
33 11,331,500 KF, or both BP and Narrator
34 12,631,500 one of BP or Narrator
35 14,031,500 none of the above

What if I don't want to loop?

There are no longer any penalties for not looping, but there are significant rewards for doing so.

What are the benefits of looping?

  • You gain access to themes
  • Certain partyhouse games have a minimum season requirement
  • Many allies have a Lvl. 2 form that can only be unlocked in Season 2.
  • Some allies are restricted to season 4
  • there are trophies from looping
  • the Trade Lvl. 3 cannot be attained until Season 2.
  • The Impossible Mission can only be completed in Season 4 at the earliest.
  • You gain one extra Team Change per Season.
  • Your drain (phase fighting stat) level is equal to your season and drain range is 10+season. Up to a cap of +50 on both
  • starting at Season 30, you start receiving the Referral Items.
  • some perms are mutually exclusive, and you can only acquire them all by looping and making a different choice in a different season
  • some perms are limited to a specific basic bloodline (redeye, whiteeye, or legacy) and you need to loop to access all of them
  • Your crank limit is based on your season

What allies do I keep when I loop?

You keep Flipper, The HoClaus, Proof Reader, and Tempest Kitsune. All other Allies are lost.

What jutsu do I keep when I loop?

You keep Soul Reaper Style: Call, Sword! and Projectile Weapons: Kunai. All other Jutsu have to be learned again.

What do I keep when I loop?

This list is not complete, and we'll be adding notes to all the individual Item pages about whether an Item loops. You can find a list of items which will indicate which loop and which do not, in this wiki. Also, if you have the option to loop, you can go into the quest (it costs nothing) and check the full list of what you will and will not keep, and cancel out without looping. If you choose to do this though, please make sure you do not accidentally loop!

But generally, just click an item and see if it loops - the in-game tooltip will answer this for you. Here's a small list of what does loop:

  • Virtually all permanent items (see the short list of exceptions, below)
  • Anything obtained from Zombjas (including Z-Rewards, Z-Skills, and Z-Points)
  • Robo Fighto parts
  • PizzaWitch items (tips, cards, stats, rides)

** Access to higher difficulty will be reset, so not all things will be available immediately.

  • Poker cards and boss-fight progress

** Poker allies do not loop, but you'll regain all the allies you've unlocked so far the next time you visit the Poker page.

Special note: Refined BurgerNinja items (Greassy Burger, 'Diet' Soda, Greassy Fries, Greassy Nuggets, etc.) do not loop - but these can be distilled to remove the Greass, and their distilled forms do loop.

What permanent items are lost when looping?

Very few. Most of these are items obtained as part of the quest chain for a non-looping bloodline:

Additionally, the following non-quest items do not loop:

What resets when I loop?

The following are things that do reset when you loop:

  • Stamina - resets to base for Genin (250)
  • Appetite - resets to X (I got 230 with Hollow Leg and Nonja Chef + full T3 village)
  • Stats - your level stats (except for Doujutsu) reset back to level 2, AP resets back to 0, Jutsu XP resets to 0
  • Number of available Arena matches - resets to 1, and you get your daily M-Ball activation back
  • Current team- resets to None
  • Number of team changes in current day
  • Current hangouts
  • Current Retail shifts you have available, but are not currently playing. This includes not just the ones earned from hangouts, even those gained daily.
  • Summons owned (except OCAT)
  • Juice bonuses (note that ZombAway steps are NOT wiped in Zombja, but the "buff" is wiped)
  • TACO counter
  • Pachinko bonuses
  • The bonus from Good manga.
  • The total number of spars resets to 0. On the other hand, the fact whether you´ve sparred with a given friend today, doesn´t. It is a good idea to save your spars until after you loop.

What does not reset when I loop?

Here's a list of things that do not reset when you loop:

  • # of juices drunk that day
  • Arena points
  • Arena buyins
  • Crank and whether you've changed Crank today
  • Tsukiball Level
  • Doujutsu level and AP
  • Sponsor item and whether you've swapped it the current day
  • Monster attacks (neither current days count nor total is changed)
  • Party House ryo
  • Marketplace ryo
  • Robo Fighto ryo
  • Normal ryo
  • Glowslinging # of fights (bonus still unknown)
  • Zombja (not affected at all, not even by Juice bonus reset)
  • Lucha training
  • Vacation days/stamina
  • Daily use of village stuff - ramen, Library, Black Stones, etc

Looping Goals

The following are things you can try and accomplish before you loop to the next season. You do not have to (and in some cases, cannot) do everything listed here in a single season. They are, instead, just goals you should attempt to accomplish at some point, when you feel like it, and if you think the reward is worth it.


Obtain Prize Wheel Prizes

The following items can only be won from the Prize Wheel, and all of them loop.

Winning each of these items should be something of a priority at some point.

Obtain Referral Items

The following items are gained by referring individuals to BvS and having them reach the rank of Chunin. Also, a separate way to obtain these is to loop to Season 44. You start off by getting the Mysterious Power Bloodline at Season 30, and then the referral items every 2 seasons after.
All of them loop.

Obtain other Permanent Items

Permanent Items suggested to have before you loop (These items are not required but a nice to have before you loop to handle with less stress in the next season):

Obtain Kaiju drop Items

After you get a Natural Research Facility, your village will occasionally get attacked by Kaiju. If your village defeats them, your village may get an upgrade as well as 2 items. One will go to the Village leader, the other will be given randomly amongst those who helped kill the monster. These items loop, so helping to kill Kaiju should be a high priority.

Obtain Arena Items

Once you reach Chunin, you can participate in the arena. If you win 10 games in one day in the Arena, you are given a specific bloodline related item (Jazz Hands, Eye Of The Tiger, X-Ray Specs). These items give you special abilities in the Arena and they loop and stack. Also, having 15 wins in one day rewards you aother specific bloodline item (Warrior of Wisdom, Warrior of Courage, Warrior of Power). These items give you +1 range in your bloodline stat, make fighting Kaiju cost less stamina, and they loop and stack.

There's a wide variety of strategies that one can employ to get 10/15 wins. The only thing that's absolutely necessary is to be able to have enough games in order to get the desired number of wins, but everyone (yes, even you) WILL lose sometimes in the arena, so please don't plan on only using 15 fights and winning them all. Sources of fights (in somewhat ascending order of overall 'cost') are:

  • Everyone starts off with some free Arena plays. If you can get lucky and win a Helix Tattoo from Jkeezer, you'll start with 2 more free fights per day.
  • Buying games with Ryo. However, this can can only get you so far. Matches are usually purchased in sets of 3, and triple in cost for each set that's purchased. So the first three cost 1500, the next three cost 6,000, the next three cost 24,000 and so on. Buying more than 6 matches in this fashion becomes expensive. If you can get Strawberry Lvl 2 in your team, you can get one more fight per time you buy. If you can get lucky and win a Soul Of Steel from Super Robots, you'll also get one more fight each time you buy.
  • The Tasty Ramen Shop offers a +10 match ramen for 1,000,000 jutsu XP.
  • You can drink Doughman Daiquiri in the Juice Bar for 1 fight per drink. This is expensive, but may be a good backup if you get close and just need a few more fights, and buying matches in sets has progressed to being priced above three times the cost of the drink.
  • You can spend arena reputation points for more matches. 1 match costs 250 reputation points and does not increase in cost. However, you likely want to try to save up your arena rep points to get Duelist's Aura and Duelist's Eye, so be careful before you choose this.
  • Yoma Blood grants +4 Arena fights/day.

Obtain a Hollow Leg

The Hollow Leg is a great item for those who make use of potions. To obtain this item, you must first achieve the True Blood of the Reaper (see the Reaper Guide). Once you've done this you will need 25 Tasty Burgers to gain access to All You Can Eat 2. This will require 50 Tasty Burgers that are dropped by Lil' Bo. After you have done this, you can now get Hollow Jaw items from Reaper mission A-Level! Destroy a Hollow Stronghold. This is a very low drop rate, so it's suggested that you use MC Stripeypants. You may also need Fletch to complete the mission. After you have all 3 jaws, you can get your Hollow Leg! This item loops.

Obtain S-Rank Drops

In Season 2+, S-Rank missions have the possibility of dropping items that provide extra stamina if you have Emosuke, Pinky or Stalkergirl in your team overnight. They also unlock special prizes (themes) from the Ninja Jackpot. The items are as follows:


When you loop for the first time, you unlock four themes automatically.

Unlock: All Together Now

Double chances of leveling allies

To do this, you need more than 45 allies. While this is time consuming, it's not too difficult. Here's a general breakdown of how to find allies:

  • 38 allies from general and special missions
  • 4 allies from The Trade
  • 9 allies from Reaper missions
  • 14 allies from Outskirts and Wastelands missions
  • 1 ally for appraising 50 items at once
  • 1 ally for selling more than 10,000 worth of the same item at once
  • 1 ally for getting a Triple Bullseye in the Darts Hall
  • 1 ally for scratching all spots and bonus spots in Scratchies
  • 1 ally for winning something in the Crane Game
  • 8 allies from Monochrome in Season 2+
  • 2 allies from exams in Season 2+
  • 1 ally from Hanging Out
  • 1 ally from seasonal content (The HoClaus)
  • 3 allies from BurgerNinja
  • 3 allies from PizzaWitch

Level 2 allies do not count as a new ally. You need to have more than 45 allies on your ally list. There are more than enough allies in the game to accomplish this without having to get every ally. The Outskirts and Wasteland Missions make it very easy to obtain over 45 allies in Season 1. Refer to the Guides or Missions to get certain allies.

Unlock: Ascension

If you are Village Leader, your Village cannot be Invaded unless you are Bingo'd

If you have this theme active, you must be invaded within an hour by the same person who bingo'd you in the first place.
If you have this theme active, you may not spy/attack for the day.

Complete the special mission Tsukuyomi Ascendant, which requires (among other things) you to complete Monochrome.

Unlock: Battle of Champions

Double Friend Points on regular missions


This requires getting Billy Lvl. 3 and Emosuke Lvl. 3.

First, you need to get Billy to Lvl. 3. Pick Billy up from D-Rank missions. This should be easy. Then, take Billy to the B-Rank mission Defeat an Evil Pirate after you reach Special Jonin. After one or more attempts, he should become Billy Lvl. 2. After this, you must make Jonin and bring Billy to the A-Rank mission Withstand the Eyepatch of the Soul!. This is the hardest A-Rank mission in the game, so bring a strong party (like Never Say Yaoi Bonus or Crazy Love Triangle) and consider using a strong Jutsu (such as Flying Thunder God Technique or Kido:Nightfall). With luck, you will then get Billy Lvl. 3.

You can work on Emosuke Lvl. 3 at the same time that you're working on Billy Lvl. 3, but the final step requires that you already have Billy Lvl. 3, unless you have a generous villager provide you with the last and rarest item. First, get Emosuke from D-Rank missions. Again, this should be easy. After that, you'll want a large number of Emo Rock CDs (for most people, 20). Emosuke drops the CDs, but they are also available as a hidden item on the B-Rank Rock out on Stage! Use these CDs to complete Rock the World. This will level Emosuke up to Emosuke Lvl. 2. Now, you need a Billy Bucket (which is dropped by Billy Lvl. 3) and 3 Razor Blades (which are droped by Emosuke Lvl. 2). Once you have these items, complete the special mission Goth Talk (which requires these items and exactly 48 hours). After this, you'll receive Emosuke Lvl. 3 and unlock Battle of Champions!

Unlock: Drunken Fist

Double XP while sparring


This theme is pretty easy to unlock, but it is a little time consuming. You need to unlock Bruce Jr. Lvl. 2. To do this, you need to have Bruce Jr. in your party when you spar for the 200th time or higher. He does not need to be in your party for every sparring, just when you hit 200 or more.

The easiest way to do this is to get as many sparring partners as possible. You can have up to 30. Get 30 if you can. Then just spar with all of them every day until you get close to 200. Then toss Bruce Jr. in your party and finish it off to get him to Level 2. Congratulations, you got a new theme!

Unlock: Floating on Air

Hang out with the team you started the day with, but all Ryo and friend points drops to 1

This one takes a bit to accomplish, but it's well worth it. First you need to collect two Sham Rocks, which are items that you can get from Hunting Ingredients in the Forest, but only during the month of March, or if you have all 3 Filler Themes active. You also have a chance of obtaining a Sham Rock when you appraise an Ash-Covered Gem. Once you have two, go complete the special mission St. Flash's Day. This requires that you hang out with Bruce Jr.. Completing the mission will get you the Flash Ring and Running Man Jutsu.

Once you have the the ring and Jutsu, use the Jutsu 50 times with a Girl Power team. This will unlock The Freshest Move I've Ever Seen. To complete this mission, you give up your Flash Ring. It is an incredibly nice theme, so enjoy!

Unlock: Funky Techno Grind

Hang out with Stalkergirl

This theme can only be unlocked in Season 2+, but it's usable right away. To get this theme, you must first obtain a Restraining Order from the S-Rank Bench Press a Whale. Once you have this item, it unlocks a special prize from the Ninja Jackpot in the Party House. If you get three Stalkergirls in a row on the slot machine with the Restraining Order, you will obtain the Funky Techno Grind.

Unlock: Killer Montage

+50 stamina

This is relatively straight forward. All you need to do unlock this theme is to finish Season 2 as a Jonin or Sannin. Very little planning should go into this one.

Unlock: Love Only Yourself

+2 Strength on regular missions


To do this, you need to carry the Spirit of the Demon of the Sand. You can buy it in marketplace, get it by defeating a phase, or get it from defeating the Kaiju Demon of the Sand which requires a Natural Research Facility. Only the Kage gets this monster drop for this Kaiju so it is more difficult to get this item.

Unlock: Lucky Sevens

Automatically find allies

To do this, you need to get the Sevens Trophy from the Ninja Jackpot in the Party House. McMasters has said that you should statistically expect to spend about 150,000 ryo to win the trophy. You may win it sooner or later than that. 150,000 is just a statistical average. Just keep playing slots until you win it!

Unlock: Money for Nothing

+25% Ryo

You must spend 500,000 ryo in the Party House in a single season. It doesn't matter where you spend it (and it doesn't have to be only in one game). The easiest way to do this is to attempt to get the Sevens Trophy from slots, or to win the other rare prizes from the party wheel. This isn't too difficult to accomplish.

Unlock: My Name Is

Immune to The Note


This is only available in Season 2+ and cannot be done in the same season that you're attempting to unlock Say My Name. It requires reaching the Trade Lvl. 3 and siding with Anonymous over Right. See The Trade Guide for suggestions on how to unlock The Trade Lvl. 3.

Unlock: Nine Tails

+4 Range on regular missions


To do this, you need to carry the Spirit of the Nine-Tailed Fox. You can buy it in marketplace, get it by defeating a phase, or get it from defeating the Kaiju Nine Tailed Fox which requires a Natural Research Facility. Only the Kage gets this monster drop for this Kaiju so it is more difficult to get this item.

Unlock: Out on Top

AP stat nearest to next level gets half the AP needed to level at end of day

Start a new Season while you are the #1 Player in your rank. This takes some serious planning. In preparation, make sure you get Arena Favorite at the very least. Any other items that provide +XP % bonuses would also be good.

You should plan to loop on a day where you're going to get a 7 day stamina bonus, so you have 100 more stamina than normal. If you have a Valentine's day item, make sure your party is setup to take advantage of that the day before. Do what you can to make sure you get 100 stamina for the day from people clicking on your referral link. That's just getting enough stamina in preparation.

Make sure to have a few good potions. The best you can drink in one day is three Golden Potions. If you do have those but do not have 300 appetite (but you do have 240 or more), buy Aperitif in the Juice bar (+5 appetite) until you have 300 appetite. Then, if you aren't at your juice limit yet, buy Bruce Special (+5 stamina) until you are at your limit.

Get down to 0 stamina and then use the +300 Stamina favor from Eye of the Storm.

Then, run AA-Rank missions until you have 10 stamina left and use Ninja Art: Hottie Regeneration on the last mission you can do. This will get you another 100 stamina to work with. Continue this until you run out of stamina.

Now, after you've done all this, take as much money as you can save for as long as you can, and spend it all in the Party House on the most expensive party that you can afford. This will help boost your daily XP by quite a bit, depending on how much you've saved.

It used to be that 1,000,000 daily XP would be enough to get you to #1. However, recently, even 10,000,000 XP is not a safe bet. You just need to take it as high as you possibly can. Warning- this data is archaic; 10,000,000 XP is rare since the re-code, and there are two ways (season or rank) to get out on top. It is highly recommended that you check out the rankings for a week or more in order to see how much ranking you will need.

If you get lucky, you'll be ranked #1. Good luck! You'll need it!

(If you're willing to dedicate an entire loop to this, you can also get #1 fairly easily simply by not progressing past Chunin, where the XP numbers are much, much smaller.)

(More details in the Ranking Guide)

Unlock: Reach for the Sky

+2 range on regular missions

This is another theme that requires very little planning. All one has to do is finish Season 3. There does not seem to be any rank limitation placed on this.

Unlock: Say My Name

50% chance to recover Note Pages used in Bingos


This is only available in Season 2+ and cannot be done in the same season that you're attempting to unlock My Name Is. It requires reaching the Trade Lvl. 3 and siding with Right over Anonymous. See The Trade Guide for suggestions on how to unlock The Trade Lvl. 3.

Unlock: Seasons Don't Fear

+100% HP on Bingos

Get the True Blood of the Reaper. See the Reaper Guide for how to do this.

Unlock: Teacher's Pet

Double Jutsu XP in regular missions

Start a new Season with over 1,000,000 Jutsu XP. This is relatively easy to do. Just stop buying Jutsu that you don't need, and it won't be too hard to have 1 million XP saved up. Most Jonin pull about 100,000 a day when running B-Rank missions if you need a rough estimate of how long this will take.

Unlock: The Road to Womanhood

Girl Power team bonus is +2 Strength, +2 Range


Get Nadeshiko. This involves hanging out with 4 allies on the same day via friend points. It's recommended that you identify about six allies that currently have low friend points and take them to the party house, 2 at a time. Hopefully you will get enough points to hang out with all four on the same day. Another approach is to run missions with two of your target allies and either TicTac or J-Diddy. The level of the missions does not affect the friend points gained, although there are a few missions that have a chance of providing bonus friend points.

Unlock: Warstruck

+50% arena reputation points

Earning the Letter of Marque unlocks the theme Warstruck. To get the Letter of Marque you must obtain most of the Arena permanent items. Once you have done that, you unlock the special mission: Red Tape. Check the quest description for the list of items you need. You'll need to pay 15,000 Ryo as well, so come prepared for that! This is definitely worthwhile and a goal you should aim for early on.

Unlock: The Flash

Find Legacy-related Special Items in regular missions

To unlock The Flash, you need to reach Sannin rank on a character that is of the Legacy bloodline. You cannot unlock this theme during the same season that you attempt to unlock You See Right Through Me or You Spin Me Right Round. To become a Sannin, you need to get 1 million Ranking XP in a day, be in a village with an Epic Monument, and have all 3 Sannin allies (J-Diddy, SNAKEMAN, and The Rack).

Unlock: You See Right Through Me

Find WhiteEye-related Special Items in regular missions

To unlock You See Right Through Me, you need to reach Sannin on a character that is of the WhiteEye bloodline. You cannot unlock this theme during the same season that you attempt to unlock The Flash or You Spin Me Right Round. To become a Sannin, you need to get 1 Million Ranking XP in a day, be in a village with an Epic Monument, and have all 3 Sannin allies (J-Diddy, SNAKEMAN, and The Rack).

Unlock: You Spin Me Right Round

Find RedEye-related Special Items in regular missions

To unlock You Spin Me Right Round, you need to reach Sannin on a character that is of the RedEye bloodline. You cannot unlock this theme during the same season that you attempt to unlock The Flash or You See Right Through Me. To become a Sannin, you need to get 1 Million Ranking XP in a day, be in a village with an Epic Monument, and have all 3 Sannin allies (J-Diddy, SNAKEMAN, and The Rack).


  • When looping, your Jutsu XP resets to 0, you lose all your current stamina, your appetite resets and you regain 250 Fresh Stamina as a Genin. It's advisable to keep your Daily Stamina Bonuses for after your Looping if you intend to maximize your stamina as a Genin. As of Sept. 13, 2009, your Daily Bonus day count is unaffected when you loop. (Prior to that, it would reset to Day 2.)
  • The number of juice you have consumed does NOT reset when you loop - this may very well leave you above your tolerance, causing you to experience the juice debuffs the next day.
  • You keep your Ryo when looping, but it is advisable to sell or merge in looping forms all items you would otherwise lose during the loop. Items such as the Counterfeit Permit should be sold back before looping since it will not transfer with you in the new Season. You can view the looping quest screen to see a personalized list of your items that will and will not loop, just be sure to cancel the quest.
  • The effects of a Note Rush end if you loop. The effects of a Reversing Hourglass do not.
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