Impossible Mission

Getting Started


Ready to become an Immortal Kaiju? Not so fast! Before you start, here's some things you'll need:

  • Helpers - At least ten - more is better. If you really can't get ten permanent helpers, you'll have to find some to stay over temporarily to boost you into the War. Remember, keeping alts in your village is against the rules!
    • If you have a helper with Shady Dealings Level 3, it'll make things go a lot faster (any level under 3 is just a waste). Get them to buy all the upgrades.
    • One or two helpers with R00t themes help with getting resources in Tier 2.
  • SNAKE Oils and SNAKE Oil Lites. The latter is much cheaper and easier to get, while the former is 25% better. You'll want to have at least fifty total, and more if possible.
    • The absolute minimum amount of resources (when limiting usage of your native resources as much as possible and having a person with Shady Dealings lvl3 buy upgrades) in order to build a village ready to explode from a ground up is 70 of your native basic resource, 29 each of two other basic resources, 23 of your native advanced resource and 9 of the other advanced resource, not counting the Elemental Decompressor and resources spent on kaiju summoning.
  • Ryo - about twenty million. If you bring along some extra, it'll make things go faster. On the other hand, if you don't you might have to spend extra resources on upkeep-reducing upgrades and get some helpers to do paperwork so your taxes make up the difference.
  • Bribes - at your discretion. TACOs work well.
  • All the requirements of The Impossible Mission, because you don't want to make fifty people wait around for a week while you finish content.
  • Time - it's theoretically possible to finish in eighteen dayrolls, but that's with about forty people helping, all willing to spend their appetite for you. Since you probably don't have that, schedule a month.
  • Some knowledge about how villages work.

If you don't get prepped properly, you'll waste time and also people will hate you. This is a true fact.

Starting Your Village

You can make a village by leaving your village and clicking the "Make A New Village" button (duh). After it's made, switch your team to Child's Play Bonus (+5% to Ryo donated to a Village) and donate about fifteen million ryo to the VRyo Bank. Keep any extra ryo you brought along. Once this is done, notify your helpers.

Tier 1

0-5 Upgrades

Give out ryo evenly among your helpers once they've all turned up and get them to throw ryo at the Prize Wheel, using bribes and The Rack and Kagamin. 200k each should get you a resource about two-thirds of the time, but remember - spinning the Wheel gets more and more expensive! Using the resources from this, you (or the helper with Shady Dealings Level 3) can buy your first five upgrades in one day if you're lucky.
Now that Poker cards from the Heart suit can also give resources, it's recommended to get your helpers to bring along as many as possible.
Once you have Nonja Farm, immediately buy and wind 20 nonjas. This brings your basic resource chance up significantly.

5-20 Upgrades

Buy War Council immediately and enter the War as soon as possible. If you started with less than 10 helpers, call in your temporary ones for this step. Once you're in, get everyone to choke down Oils for massive amounts of resources. This part will go by really fast. If you still have any budget left, keep giving it out for Wheel-spinning; leftover appetite can be used in Poker to try for more Heart cards.
Usually, everyone leaves this tier fast enough that it's completely empty. If you do find another village here, feel free to spy on it and invade it.
Once you get Machine Shop, get anyone who can tolerate the massive fail of FIGHTO to play the Basic Resource Tourney.

Tier 2

20-40 Upgrades

Once you buy Natural Research Facility, you'll enter Tier 2, the tier you'll be staying in till the end. There'll be a few villages here with useful resources - get your helpers who have R00t themes to invade them.
At this point, since Advanced Resources are available, you can bring out the SNAKE Oils.

40-70+ Upgrades

Summon 15 kaiju and destroy them (one at a time). They'll appear according to the kaiju first summon order shown on the kaiju wiki page. You'll want to do one a day, so bring along powerful helpers - two to three max-level Protagonists should be able to do it while eating Oils; just one can probably solo a kaiju with tacos. Note: As the leader, you get +200% damage to kaiju!
You can probably slack off on the SNAKE Oils and Lites at this point, since you just need enough to summon a kaiju every day (8 of any basic or 3 of any advanced resource).
With Nonja Lab, you can run Zombjas if you like - an Easy map tends to be manageable even with few villagers, while a Medium is harder so you'll want to do it only if you have enough powerful helpers. Avoid Hard unless you have a ton of fighters - it won't stop you from blowing up if the map's still active, but failing is a waste of effort.

Blowing Up

Last Stretch

Gather 50 villagers. Call in favours, raffle out prizes, whatever. Note: Idles count for the quest, no matter how long they've been idle! Don't kick them! You can exploit this by calling in mostly-idle players you know IRL to just sit in the village to make up the body count.
The Nomads will help you with this if you post in their thread on the forum.
Remember to turn off wandering kaiju the day before!

The Portal of Awesome

  • Requirements: A bunch of levels and stamina, and not being corrupted or fighting a phase or having used a booster today or having left your village after it was summoned (seriously why would anyone do this)

Just beat it up already. Note: The PoA can only be attacked by the kage. Save your stamina for this.

The Explosion

Before you blow up, also remember to clear out the Storehouse and Dump, break resources with Elemental Decompressor and hand out RP, and give out the bribes if you haven't already.
Note that the village doesn't explode until you open the Epilogue of the quest, but the last quest check can be passed by Step 7. There is a piece of code in place, however, to stop people from transferring leadership so multiple people can finish the Mission with the same village.
Then you finish the rest of the quest, and you blow up. Simple.

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