Hero's Quest

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Abbreviated version

Getting Started

Warning: The first quest has requirements that span the entirety of BvS. Anyone above player rank 1000 or so will probably not be even close to meeting all of the requirements, and even if you can you'll probably struggle to complete the Jungle missions. If you have ANYTHING you still need to do outside of the Party House or FIGHTO, you're probably not ready. See below for the specific requirements.

Preparation for your first time through:

  • Start saving up 11 storm favors.
  • Have 11 Tiny Bees
  • Read ahead to the section "Unlocking the Seal" and save up on the things needed to complete all 11 steps there as quickly as possible.

While not hard, some of the 11 steps take a long time to acquire and for best results you should start the acquisition long before you reach the point where you can tackle this quest.

Prelude: The Devil Inside

The Eleven-Pronged Seal

To begin the Quest, you must unlock The Eleven-Pronged Seal. To do this, you must have done all of the following:

WARNING: At Season 11 you simply will NOT have the levels to complete The Look (Tai 30d110s), and cannot do anything to get them (chance of passing, with optimal equipment and Jutsu,1 is only about .01%. It's suggested you loop to 24 before starting, which maxes out your level cap, though with Reaper Blood set to Bankai and all Tai-boosting items it begins to be practical around Season 16(about 8% chance of passing at that point).2 EDUT: With new perms being released, there are now several S11 Protagonists. Still not recommended, though - it'll be faster to loop up first.

The quest itself is not so difficult, it's mostly exposition. You'll need to have all three Sannin Themes and 750+ awesome(framed certificate can help with this). Completing the quest will unlock a new event at The Black Altar.

Notice: Completing the seal loops, but the first time round it consumes 11 Tiny Bees. If you lost yours for whatever reason after obtaining Fate/Destiny, you'll need to obtain them again while proceeding. (However, one step in completing the seal needs four A-rank emblems, so you might want to save a few back). However, if you did the seal in a previous season, you only need one tiny bee, to unlock the Black Altar event, after which you can skip to "Analyze coordinates".

The Black Altar

In the Field Menu, your destination is Sickened-Imprisoned-Fallen Angel. The Black Altar is where you fought The Eleven-Tailed Fox in R00t. Now, a new task should have appeared. Complete it(you just need to have at least one Tiny Bee), and you'll obtain the Mirror Shard and the "Walk Together" Avatar Ability. Now you'll be able to unlock the seal.

Unlocking the Seal

Head for the Avatar Abilities menu.

The Eleven-Pronged Seal is represented by an 11-pointed star. The Seal is unlocked by activating each of the 'points'. To activate a point, you must complete the task while having a Tiny Bee in your inventory. Since you start with one of the points activated, there are 10 points you'll need to activate, so you'll need 10 Tiny Bees.

At all times, you'll be able to see the two tasks that are connected to the ones you have already completed. Tasks which you cannot see cannot be completed. While the tasks themselves are the same for each person, the order in which you'll encounter the tasks is pseudo-random. Though you can't predict which task you'll get for a given point, you can "prepare" for most of them beforehand to complete them quickly:

  • Save up some Ryo to use on the Roulette task. You're trying to win 11 million Ryo on one spin (bet 440,000 ryo on 11), and it will cost you an average of 11,440,000 Ryo to get it (1/26 chance to win per spin). If possible, have more than that just to be safe.
  • Build your Lucha Ring training level to 108, and then keep it there. Remember that after you are over 100 training level it will decrease instead of increase, so the only way to get a 108 training level is to be at training level 99 and then train with 9 stamina (or use A A Ron Lvl. 2 to increase the limit on how much stamina you can use for training). You may also want to save up 100 RP to skip to your Lucha day.
  • For the Nuke the Gas Station task, correspond with whoever manages the Zombja maps (usually the Kage). Also, save up some RP if you're not the only one who is trying to complete the task this map.
  • Nothing to do to prepare for the field task, simply head to "Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground" and say "Now I stand alone"
  • Obtain as many different BillyCon awards as you can. You'll need 11 different types. Remember that only the first 3 perks used a day cost a single use, the next 2 cost 2 uses and the final 6 each cost 3 uses per activation.
  • Get all of the summons you can. You'll need to summon 11 times in one day (doesn't necessarily have to be 11 unique summons). You'll need at least the lowest-level Card Badger Item if you're not Legacy, or if you don't have OCAT.
  • Have access to a lot of Glowslinging duels — this could be difficult if you don't have Dramatic Battler at the time. You can use Firefly Cage, wandering, and boosters, but if you don't have all of those you may need to wait until Saturday to get the Training bonus from the Rave. You'll need 11 total to win one fight in each GS turf, though the Royal Wave Glowslinging ability may give you some bonus battles.
  • Have access to lots of Appetite to consume 1 of each essence in a day. Pretty straightforward, and not difficult if you have Cipher Lvl. 2.
  • Again, no preparation necessary for the First Loser task, simply "win" (that is be one of the winners who gets 1 Kunai) a game of First Loser.
  • Hold on to 4 S-rank, 4 A-rank, 4 F-rank and 4 E-rank World Kaiju emblems. They shouldn't need to be from the same WK. You DO NOT HAVE TO give up one emblem at a time. 4 emblems at a time works too.
  • Again, make absolutely sure you have enough Tiny Bees. If you complete a task when you don't have one, nothing happens and you'll need to complete the task all over again once you do get one. This *should* never be an issue, but better safe than sorry, especially when it comes to those tasks that are extremely difficult.

Once you've completed all of the tasks, click the Analyze Coordinates that appears in the middle of the seal. You'll obtain the Open Your Eyes Trophy and unlock a new quest.

Welcome….to Kaiju Island *cue music*

The final step to the Prelude is unlocking Jungle missions. To do this, you'll need to complete the quest Welcome. You'll need:

  • 5010+ current Stamina before starting the quest. The quest itself will only cost you 40, though.
  • 70+ different tradable Kaiju Drops. You can use the item checker greasemonkey script. As of Jan 23rd 2012 there are 73 tradable kaiju drops.
  • 11 Storm Favors. You will lose them during the quest.

Finish up here, and you're finally moving on to Part One. Congratulations!

Part One: In the Jungle

With Welcome complete, Jungle Missions are now unlocked. Your first goal is to get 300 Jungle missions, and 100 Tarnished Wheels. The wheels drop from the Nin mission Sloping Hill, and three rare missions; running Nin missions is probably easiest. However, to get these drops, The Flash MUST be set as your current Opening Theme, and you MUST run Mega Missions, or nothing will ever drop. Crank 0 is recommended, as these missions are HARD. No Allies or Summons can help you, and aside from a trio of special Jutsu learned later, no Jutsu beyond RedEye/WhiteEye/Flying Thunder God/Escape Jutsu can be used.

Several Missions have nothing in them. Several other Missions give either +11% or +22% Item Find Chance for the Day, making it easier to find Items in the Missions that actually drop some.

The early goals are two-fold:
1) Successfully complete 300 Jungle Missions. This unlocks the Quest Crunch Time, which requires R00T Rank to complete, along with a Doujutsu 30d500s Rolling Challenge. Completing the Quest gives you the Crushed Pocketwatch, a plot-important Perm.

2) Collect Tarnished Wheels from Mission Drops. It's probably easiest to run Nin-missions, the mission Sloping-Hill drops them, and the only other missions that give them are rare. These can be appraised at the shop, but it's advised to wait, as having 100 of them unlocks the next Quest, Gears of War, which requires the Crushed Pocketwatch, as well as a Doujutsu 35d50s Challenge. Completion lets you begin work on repairing the Pocketwatch, and at this point, you're safe to Appraise all your Wheels.3

On the second time around Crunch Time loops but Gears of War does not, nor do the Tarnished Wheels. However, you can do Gears of War immediately without needing to gather Tarnished Wheels again.
Once you redo Gears of War you are able to learn the 3 Subroutine Jutsu (which are not actually required in later seasons, but they still help a lot) and then go to the section titled "The Red (and Blue and Green) Thread of Destiny".

A Stopped Watch

With Gears of War complete, Repairs to the Pocketwatch can be attempted in the Workshop Menu. This requires Gearwheels acquired from appraising Tarnished Wheels. Gearwheels come in 7 varieties, Small, Medium, and Large Gearwheels of either Bronze or Silver, and Broken Wheels, which are useless. Repairing the Pocketwatch takes the form of solving a series of math problems.

Each size of Gearwheel as a numerical value assigned to it, and can be added together or subtracted, with the Goal being to match a given Number.

Small Gearwheels are very rare. To save time farming wheels, avoid using the small ones unless strictly necessary. One trick to get small values is putting two Mediums in the opposite direction of a Large to get a single gearing point change.

Step by step, the Pocketwatch will be repaired, until it becomes the Cracked Pocketwatch. Repairing the watch to this point does several things for you. One, it unlocks the If I Could Turn Back Time Trophy. Second, it can teach you 3 new Subroutine Jutsu that can be used in Jungle Missions, although they cost 50 Million JXP to learn, and cost 1100 Chakra initially. Lastly, it unlocks several new Jungle Missions.

A Monumental Task

(If this is your second time doing Hero's Quest, skip to "The Red (and Blue and Green) Thread of Destiny". Completion of this section loops.)

With the Cracked Pocketwatch in hand, 8 new Missions will open up, The First Monument, up to The Eighth Monument. These Missions are harder still than the other Missions, and require the use of the Shift to Drift Bloodline to complete. These can all be discovered through Stat Specific searching; General Missions aren't required.

The First, Second, and Third Monuments are all Gen.
The Fourth and Fifth Monuments are Nin.
The Sixth and Seventh Monuments are Tai.
The Eighth Monument is back to Gen.

Beating each of these Missions rewards you with an Unfinished Composition, however, each Monument requires you to have obtained the Composition from the previous one, so you MUST do them in order, from First to Eighth. Not even Greass will help you get a Composition from a Monument further ahead in the order. However, completing the wrong mission does give you the +50% Repeated Item Find Chance when you do it again later.

A Door to the Past

Make sure to set your opening theme to The Flash the day before.

Once you have all 8 Compositions, a new Quest will open up, called R:NG. Aside from a single check for The Flash this quest is entirely plot.

At the end, you'll get The Touch, and thus the Stand Tall Trophy (if you didn't already have them), and a new Theme… the HIGHLY Spoileriffic Redheaded Ninja Girl Theme.

The Red (and Blue and Green) Thread of Destiny

With the Redheaded Ninja Girl Theme active, several of the Jungle Missions which didn't drop anything now have a new set of Drops. These Missions are the Flower Field and Outcropping Missions for each stat. The Gen version of these Missions drop 11x Green Filament, the Nin version of these Missions drop 11x Red Filament, and the Tai version of these Missions drop 11x Blue Filament.

Another mission, Lonely Field drops 11x White Filament, which will be required later on.

Once you have at least 1 of each Green, Red and Blue Filaments, and with the Redheaded Ninja Girl Theme active, a new quest opens up.

She's Got the Look

The Quest is titled The Look, and it is rather difficult to complete, having a series of tough Stat Checks that must be completed. The first is Gen 60d50s, the second is Nin 65d40s, and the last is Tai 30d110s. Using the three Subroutine Jutsu that the Pocketwatch teaches is highly recommended, as is setting your reaper blood call to the appropriate state for each check (Shikai, Cobra Kai, and Bankai, in that order). Beyond that, you must also have all four of the Party House Girls: Kagamin, Tsukasa, Yuki-chan, and Kona-chan

Like the R:NG Quest, before it, this Quest is mostly Plot. Sit back, and watch as what you THOUGHT you knew about the story takes an abrupt turn sideways. When it's over, you'll have achieved the new Protagonist Rank, and you'll be rewarded with the The Sky Will Strike Trophy.

At this point, it's interesting to note that successfully completing The Look reveals the true nature of the Jungle. Several missions transform entirely, for instance what used to be Flower Field Gen/Nin/Tai is now Field of Skulls Gen/Nin/Tai, some just receive new Descriptions or Success/Failure Messages. They do, however, all retain the same Difficulty and required Successes, and will still drop the same Items.

Part Two: Alone In The Dark

Ninja Indiana Jones

Cave missions are easier to do than Jungle ones, since they're almost the same difficulty but you now have The Touch. Do 300 of them to unlock a new quest.

Tune Your Chakra

Tuning unlocks high-level Cave missions. It contains a Nin 20d1100s rolling challenge, 1000 chakra, 11 each of the coloured Filaments and 3 White Filaments. This unlocks new missions which your chakra "rebels" against, and you suffer a up to 50% Strength penalty unless you tune your chakra correctly to them.

Each of these missions has a certain set of RGB values that you have to match to not suffer the penalty. Increasing your tuning for one colour requires one Filament of that colour for each level of tuning. You can only tune downwards by using a White Filament, which tunes you down all the way to zero.

It is possible to pass the missions without Tuning, however.

Pocketwacht (4)

Some of the above high-level missions drop Dusty Wheel - Small, Dusty Wheel - Medium and Dusty Wheel - Large (very high drop rate, possibly even 100%). These can be appraised to get gold gearwheels as well as the bronze and silver ones you got from Tarnished Wheels. Using the gold gearwheels, repair your Pocketwatch further up to New.

Note that while Small gearwheels of the Bronze and Silver types are rarer, for Gold gearwheels, the Large ones are the hardest to get from appraisal. Similarly, save your large gearwheels as much as possible. (About 10% of Dusty Wheel - Small appraise to Gold gearwheels, while less than 5% of Dusty Wheel - Large do.)

A guide to the wheels:
Small Medium Large
Bronze From:
Tarnished Wheel - super rare (2%)
Dusty Wheel - Small - common (15%)
Tarnished Wheel - common (7%)
Dusty Wheel - Medium - common (15%)
Tarnished Wheel - common (15%)
Dusty Wheel - Large - super common (21%)
Silver From:
Tarnished Wheel - super rare (1%)
Dusty Wheel - Small - common (15%)
Tarnished Wheel - rare (4%)
Dusty Wheel - Medium - common (7%)
Tarnished Wheel - common (9%)
Dusty Wheel - Large - rare (4%)
Gold From:
Dusty Wheel - Small - common/rare (11%)
Dusty Wheel - Medium - rare (7%)
Dusty Wheel - Large - extra rare (4%)

The New Pocketwatch unlocks a new quest, Captain's Log. Completing it gives you the trophy Quantum Loop5, and a surprising new development.

The Logbook

Basically, you just click everything until you get admin access, then you do some field actions (around a couple hundred) and drain an easy phase.
If you don't mind spoilers, everything is in here: The Logbook

Pierce the Heavens

Go to Battle Plans for detailed information.
You need Spiral Energy to fight, which you can turn in kaiju drops for. Kaiju drops that have been turned in less by you and other players give more Spiral. Use the maxed pet COURAGE WOLF (currently bugged, does not give dayroll spiral energy and there is no way of telling it it gives spiral on sacrifice), Monoract, Dragon Tattoo and Yuri Lvl 3 for a boost. Your Spiral Energy is also increased to 111 every day if you have less than 111. The aforementioned boosts can increase this too if you have them with you at Dayroll.

The first thing you should do is switch to the Sleek Keel sponsor item for +1 raijutsu and kaijutsu. Note: This is the only +All Levels bonus that works here. The extra levels don't give you more skill points.
You get 1 skill point per level of Raijutsu and Kaijutsu, plus +2 skill points (not levels) to Kaijutsu if you have Fate and to Raijutsu if you have Destiny.
You should start out by deallocating the default skill points (they have been spent on things that you do not need at level 1) and moving them into Efficiency (drastically lowers kaiju spiral burn, and at level 3 reduces spiral burn by one point for both forms half the time), Charge (increases the damage potential of both Sabotaging and Beam and at level 3 will skip charge level 1) and depending on your strategy, Limits.

The way limits works is as following:
1. Each point of limits increases the max spiral energy you can bring into a battle by 50.
2. Each point of limits allows for 50 unspent spiral to be refunded at 100% rate instead of 50% rate. with the limits pool of 100% refund rate being used first.

For example, if you have 155 spiral energy and spend 10 to win a battle:
Limits 0 will take 100 into battle (55 set aside), end with 90 of which 45 (50%) will be refunded. It will then be added to the 55 which wasn't taken into battle and your new total would be 100.
Limits 1 will take 150 into battle (5 set aside), end up with 140, 50 of which will be refunded at 100% rate, then the remaining (140-50=90) will be refunded at 50% rate giving you back 45. Your ending energy would thus be 45 + 50 + 5 = 100.
Limits 2 will take 155 into battle (0 set aside), end up with 145, 100 of which will be refunded at 100% rate, and 45 will be refunded at 50% rate giving back 22. Your total refunded would thus be 122.
Limits 3 will take 155 into battle (0 set aside), end up with 145, all of which will be refunded at 100% rate, giving you back 145 energy.

As can be seen from the above examples, limits is a situational ability. It ranges from totally worthless to the most important grinding skill.
If you decide to maximize its use, get limits level 3 and never go into battle with more than 150+X spiral, where X is how much you expect to spend on that battle.
To avoid going into battle with too much spiral energy, simply do not consume perms for energy until after you have spent your initial daily allotment. And then spend the spiral energy gained from each kaiju drop consumed before eating another kaiju drop. This is also advisable because you are only refunded energy on a victory. On a loss 100% of the spiral energy you took in with you is going to be lost. It is worth noting that a drawback of limits is that you can lose up to 250 spiral energy on a loss instead of just 100 without it. Consuming kaiju drops only when out of energy minimizes this risk.

In low areas, the enemies are pushovers - as such, your real enemy is the spiral energy costs. Efficiency (and situationally limits) lets you maximize AP gain per spiral energy spent. These skills continue to be vital throughout the game, so you shouldn't have to reallocate them later on.
Your dice pools as either a ninja or a kaiju are a number of dice equal to your level, each with possible rolls equal to your level, so at level 1 you will be dealing 1d1 damage, at level 10 you will dish out 10d10. Since your killing potential scales exponentially with level, don't waste time deliberately grinding for the two trophies you get from 1000 kills - it will happen naturally as you play.
Only kill minions if there are enough of them in a zone to stop you from advancing or disrupt your sabotage of a tower, if there are only a few of them, it is perfectly safe (and recommended) to simply ignore the minions and move on. Certain minions interfere with you more than others - check their "Block Advance/Sabotage Change" in the enemy info menu at the bottom.

Higher territories give more AP, but you are more at risk of loss. On a loss all your remaining spiral energy is lost.
There are two strategies here.
1. You can go after the toughest territory you have unlocked which you are reasonably certain you can beat without dying - some people find The Summit to be too difficult in Ninja form, as it requires a certain amount of skill and cautious play. On the other hand, since you're reading this right now, you shouldn't have a problem - Battle Plans has a complete list of attack warnings, which paying attention to is vital to surviving as a Ninja.
2. Max out efficiency and limits, and go after the first territory with less than 150 spiral energy. Advance past all enemies without attacking them and bypass the first two towers (bypassing a tower never spends energy and the threat is irrelevant on the first territory). You should end up taking typically 3-5 spiral energy per battle (rarely you will luck out and spend even less; if extremely lucky you can even win without spending ANY spiral at all), getting back 1100AP per attack.

Territory 1: The Northern Wastes

An easy start. You get AP based on how many turns you spend in each form, plus a little bit of AP no matter what. As a ninja, just walk right up to the tower and punch it. As a kaiju… just walk right up to the tower and punch it. That's really all there is to say on the matter.
If you don't want to waste time, don't even bother destroying any towers except the last - simply bypass them.
To unlock the boss, you must reach the level limit (indicated in the HQ Menu above your Spiral Energy), and then be 1AP short in both Kai- and Raijutsu from leveling up.
Boss fights are a two-step process.
1. Select the boss fight from the "Battle Plans" quest in the quest menu. You will begin an attack on a harder territory than normal.
2. When you destroy the last tower, you will begin a phase fight against that boss.
Bosses have infinite death chance - but you also start with free dodges based on how much Threat you had at the end and a damage bonus based on your leftover HP, with the maximum being 11 dodges and +500% damage. With the extra Graze from perms and the Raijutsu/Kaijutsu Dodge (1% per level), it's actually not that hard. Once you get to the end, use Hold Back to get it under 100 HP if you have to - don't worry, it regenerates to 250 HP if you kill it by accident.

Territory 2: Southern Jungle

As a ninja, watch enemies carefully and hit the ones that are attacking the next round to avoid Threat damage completely. Lists of enemy/tower messages are available in Battle Plans, plus exact timings in turns if you like planning ahead. This strategy allows you to survive unscathed as long as you like if you're not taking environmental damage and you don't run out of Spiral Energy - thus, it stays a highly effective way to play Ninja throughout the game. As a kaiju, wipe out enemies en masse and stomp through the remains. The best skills to max out immediately are Efficiency and Charge, then Lethality for Ninja and Strength for Kaiju.
Before attempting to Sabotage or Advance, clear out most of the Gloms in your area first, or they'll stop you.

Territory 3: Western Plains

Some new enemies are introduced here. The Brute blocks you a little, and the Fury blocks you as much as a Glom. Furies are resistant to kaiju attacks, so you may need to spend a few turns attacking before you wipe them out. Furies are especially dangerous, because their attacks are out of sync - where all the other enemies attack every six turns, they attack every seven, so it's possible for them to start an attack on the same turn as another enemy, which you have to transform or use a special power to avoid.
Depending on your base Drain, you may need to start saving your kaiju HP in the boss level. If you have max base Drain (Season 50+), you won't need to worry about this. To maximise your Spiral Dodges, it is highly recommended that you do not bypass any towers during a boss fight, or at least not the towers which increase your Base Threat. Threat regenerates after every tower (except for base penalties from bypassing towers).
Use your ninja form exclusively for all zones prior to the last one, as ninja threat is fully healed every time you advance to the next zone (unlike kaiju HP damage), and ninja mode burns less spiral energy. On the other hand, the last zone should be bypassed as far as possible with any special abilities you have - save them for the end if you can.

Territory 4: Eastern Mountains

In the Reinforced Bunker: Watch out for the second time the Gibblers howl - it coincides with the tower summoning thirty to fifty Gibblers at once, which is an insta-kill in Ninja form. It's best to use the Transform invulnerability or the Blowback/Invulnerability/Devour special powers to avoid damage.
The Swarm is somewhat scary, so you'll want to have Tsukasa or Kona-chan as your companion. Kona-chan helps more, but only when you're a ninja. On the other hand you won't need as much protection in kaiju form, especially when you're strong enough to clear areas in one hit. It really depends on your preference.

The Summit

Really hard, but at least it's short. One or two missteps can get you killed as a ninja, and though it's much easier as a kaiju it's advisable to use special power comboes to clear one of the stages. Use Kagamin as your companion to let you clear those 500 HP towers in kaiju form. If you can't handle it as a ninja enough to get significant AP, level your Rai in the Eastern Mountains instead. Note: You don't get AP for losing in this area.

After you win, finish the job in the Quest Menu.
You've completed Hero's Quest!

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