Glowslinging Strategy Guide

Unlocking Glowslinging

1) Mr Smith
2) The Glow OR "Glowslinger" Permanent Effect at BillyCon (just one of them is needed).
3) a lot of Levels in Rave-related skills.
4) Having visited Raging-Passionate-Melody in the Fields (R00t content) at any Season.

General Strategy


Glowslinging is a highly skill-based, as well as chance-based, content area. The strategies that you will (probably) be using will focus on minimising the impact the dice rolls will have on your fighting. It is also a very rewarding area. It gives you the Billy Idol Bosses' items - remember to actually challenge them when you're strong enough - and a nice Appetite bonus, increasing with the difficulty of the turf you're fighting on.

Useful things to have

Obtain the kaiju drops Noble Phantasm (1 Glowslinging Ability Steal Reroll per day) and Control Rod (+1 Glowslinging fights) as soon as possible. Buy all three levels of the Awesome Ability Dramatic Battler. Put Big Ro Lvl 2 in your dayroll team for an extra duel. Get the Glowslinger Billycon Permanent Effect (+1 Glowslinging fights) from the Rave. Doing this will make this content area much easier, because without these boosts you only get 2 fights a day. I mean, really, two fights? It'll take forever even to get out of the Playground.

Required allies

As you progress, you will need the allies Bruce Sr, Nadeshiko, and Lil Ro Lvl 2 in that order, as well as Mr Smith, whom you will already have since he's a requirement for the unlock quest. Until you have obtained these allies, their respective areas will be locked to you. See Glowslinging for information on which allies unlock which areas.

Effects of Attack Skills and Trivia

Alpha Cancel
Gives +1 Damage, if it hits the enemy (the sum of your dice rolls is higher than theirs), and +1 Risk to you, regardless.
Use this when the opponent has high Risk and/or you've just used Tech Punish. If you use Tech Punish a lot, this move is useful for crushing the opponent's counter Wake-Up Reversal. It also helps to have a high Spin before you use this move, to make sure you won't be left too disadvantaged afterwards.
Beats Guard Crush and crushes Wake-Up Reversal.
This term comes from Street Fighter, in an move called Alpha Counter, where you can press a button at the right moment to block an attack and hit the opponent back. It's a very risky move, though, just like this one. "Cancelling" is also a more general term in fighting games, where an attack animation can be interrupted to switch tactics and take an opponent off-guard.

Basic Mechanics

Each round, both sides roll a number of dice equal to their levels in the skills they've chosen. The range of the dice is 6 plus their Spin, minus their Risk if they've used that skill before. The dice are added up and the side that rolls highest does damage to the other side. Using a skill that beats an opponent's skill adds 1 to your roll, one that crushes adds 2. Base damage is 1, crushing gives +1 damage, using the same skill gives -1 damage. The average total when rolling a number of dice is levels*range/2. Thus, Spin and Risk get increasingly important as your levels go up.

The skill the AI will use most is the skill that crushes the skill you use most often. For example, if you use Frame Advantage all the time, the AI will use Guard Crush most of the time. Then you can switch to Tech Punish after a while and crush them like a sick RPS master. After a while, they will switch to using Wake-Up Reversal most, and you can start Alpha Cancelling them into oblivion. This is the basis of the crush styles, the two strategies you will see further down the page.

More importantly, keep your Spin up and Risk down and your opponents' Risk up and Spin down. This lets you do damage regularly even when you're not crushing them. Spin increases your range and Risk decreases it, but Risk only acts on skills you've already used at least once. When your Spin and your opponent's Risk are high, any attack you use will be very likely to hit. The AI will also act to do this, to an extent. You can use this to predict their actions, like using Alpha Cancel when their Risk is high to crush their Wake-Up Reversal.

Move Sequences

A full set of easy strategies. If you get good enough, you'll want to make your own variations on these.

Tech Punish until the Opponent's Risk is 2 or 3, then crush with Alpha Cancel. Wake-Up Reversal is used to reduce the Risk from AC.

TheTP is used to bait a Wake-Up Reversal from the opponent while minimizing their dice rolls by raising their Risk, and AC is then used to crush it for high damage. Overhead Smash (AC does +1 Damage), stolen from the Playground, is useful for this strategy, making you do much more damage with your move crushes. Roundhouse (+2 Levels on Crush) from Ice Cream Line At The Buffet is also useful.

This strategy is most useful in the early turfs, from Playground until Parking Lot. Early on, the bonus damage and points for your dice roll are much more significant, as is the damage bonus from Alpha Cancel. Note: It may take some time for the AI to start responding to your baiting. It learns slowly.

The AI will most frequently use the move that crushes the move you use most. For example, if you're just starting out in the Playground with Strategy 1, you can use Tech Punish three times in a row without the opponent trying to crush you with Wake-Up Reversal. As you continue using the strategy, later on, you can use Alpha Cancel anytime and have a good chance of crushing a WR.

Leveling up Attack and Talent Skills

Level your skills according to the move sequence for the area you are in. For example, if you're using Sequence 1, level Tech Punish and Alpha Cancel first, and only raise the other skills if you need to. You will need to raise Glowsticking to level your attack skills.

Flipping Out should be at least as high as your weakest attack skill. Dance is useful for reducing the time you need to spend grinding Talent, and should be raised most unless it becomes cheaper to level your other skills and start fighting on a new turf. Flipping Out gives +2 HP with each level, while Dance gives +10% Talent per level. Both skills are also Rave skills, so you will naturally get better at the Rave by progressing through Glowslinging.

Recommended Abilities and EX Attacks

To steal an ability, fight the indicated opponent while equipping Hit Confirm and win. This gives you a 20% chance to steal the ability. MikuMiku abilities (the ones that start with the word "MikuMiku") cannot be stolen. If you have the kaiju drop Noble Phantasm, your first steal attempt of the day another chance to steal it if it fails. Each failure gives you an extra +5% to your next steal attempt in that area (NOT only on the same ability). When you successfully steal any ability in that area, your extra bonus is gone. If you're trying to steal a move and you meet an opponent with the wrong move, throw the fight.

Your EX Gauge increases by 20-60 each round. 100 Gauge is 1 EX. The EX Gauge is completely filled at 3 EX, or 300. As it fills up, you can use it to perform EX Attacks, which will use up varying amounts of the EX Gauge. The amount of EX Gauge increase you and your opponent get each round varies according to this table.

What happens You get Opponent gets
You get crushed 60 20
You get beat (beaten?) 40 20
Mirror move 20 20
You beat your opponent 20 40
You crushed your opponent 20 60
Name Description Obtained Strategy
Hit Confirm 20% Chance to steal a non-MikuMiku move in a non-boss fight, stacks Taught by Mr. Smith Lvl. 2 for 100 talent Used to steal enemy moves
C-c-c-Combo Breaker +1 Level if took damage last turn Stolen from Trash Can at Playground Gives a boost to levels sometimes - use Roundhouse instead if you think you can Crush the opponent more than half the time on average
Auto Guard +5 HP Stolen from Tokyo Joe at Comic Book Store Reverses the negative effect of Charge (-5 HP, +1 Damage) until you get Nadeshiko Lvl 2 (+10 HP)
Look at my Horse See opponent's next move with 100% accuracy, 3EX Taught by Nadeshiko Lvl. 2 for 2000 Talent Gives you a free guaranteed crush, and is vital for defeating FutureMiku, the final Billy Idol Boss
Weighted Weapons Frame Advantage gets +1 Spin Stolen from Train Robber at Traintop Gives Frame Advantage a huge boost
Unified Field Theory EX Gauge cannot be affected by opponent Stolen from various Portal of Awesome enemies Prevents enemies from affecting your EX Gauge

For more information on what all the other abilities not mentioned here do, scroll down to the area in which you get them and check the Loot sections.

Important note

Remember to equip the 11000 Talent abilities that don't require a slot. They do NOT equip automatically. Some of them are extremely strong, and the others are still very useful. They're essentially permanent boosts.


A new part of this content, added when people complained about how ridiculously long battles in the final area took.

After winning a lot in a turf, you can choose to "auto-win" duels.

  • When you win a battle in an area, no matter how many fights you spent on it, you get 1 Streak. This continues until you have 11 Streak.
  • When you lose / don't finish a battle in an area, and you have less than 11 Streak in that area, you lose all your Streak in that area.
  • if you have 11 Streak in an area, you may choose as your attack to A: set your opponent's HP to zero with your attack AND B: turn off the perfect victory bonus AND C: turn off the nail-biter bonus, by selecting 'AutoSmash'.

Getting the Nailbiter bonus (finishing a fight with 2 or less HP) also makes you lose your streak.

This guide is not up to date for AutoSmash, but the main difference in strategy is that you can now equip your strongest fighting Skills for the first 11 Duels, then switch to a weak steal setup for stealing skills, like Hit Confirm with Poke/Rushdown/Pursuit Attack/Royal Wave/Discerning Eye in order of usefulness, depending on which ones you have. Note that Final Stage will not give extra Talent from Nailbiter in AutoSmashed duels.


Researchers needed for this section, especially Turf 5 onwards. Add in your own tips, don't delete anything that's already there, even if you think it's wrong.

Turf 1: Playground

This turf serves as a simple introduction to Glowslinging. Most enemies have level 1 Attack Skills across the board with occasional level 2 stats and 5-7 HP. Enemies may have equipment at times, but they have no special moves. Odds are you have more HP than them, so have a buffer to get used to it. You won't have any moves during this turf, but you should aim to get some abilities.

Remember to equip your new Theme, Power Of Sound. It gives you +1 to all your Attack Skills, which means you'll actually have dice to roll. You know, you should keep that theme equipped every day you want to Glowsling on. Trust me.

Get in the habit of keeping your Spin high and Risk low and doing the reverse to enemies. Figuring out what they will probably do and countering it is a good way to end fights quickly. An easy early strategy is to tempt the enemy with a high Spin, and then counter their Guard Crush with Tech Punish. (ie Strategy 2. Strategy 1 is better until Parking Lot, ignore this advice.)

Make sure to get Hit Confirm and equip it, then steal C-c-c-Combo Breaker from Trash Can. To do this, fight Trash Can and win with Hit Confirm equipped.

Name Description Source Useful? Trivia
Aerial Rave +10 EX Gauge per move Trash Can Could be useful in the next few turfs, when you get some good EX attacks. In the Japanese version of Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars, air combos are called Aerial Raves.
C-C-C-Combo Breaker +1 Level if took damage last turn Trash Can Very useful. Refer to Recommended Abilities section. In fighting games, a combo is a series of attacks done on an opponent, each hitting before they can recover from the last one. In the 1994 arcade fighting game Killer Instinct, a player could utilize a special move to stop their opponent from completing a combo attack. This would make ’C-C-C-Combo Breaker!" appear on the screen. The term began appearing on the web in April 2004, when the first YTMND site with the phrase was created with an audio clip from the game.1
Overhead Smash Alpha Cancel does +1 Damage Trash Can Useful. Refer to Recommended Abilities section. An overhead smash is a move that cannot be blocked low.
Poi Cables Wake-Up Reversal removes 1 more Risk, if you have it Defeat boss Mostly useless unless you're the type to accumulate lots of Risk. Poi is a performance art from the Māori people of New Zealand, similar to glowsticking but without the glow. You're probably tying the poi flax strings to your glowsticks for extra reach.
Mr Smith Lvl 2 +1 to all attack skills Defeat boss Always put him in your team when glowslinging. Mr. Smith Lvl 2's Glowslinging persona is a cross between Agent K from MiB (Noisy Cricket and Flashy Thing EX moves) and Archer from Fate/Stay Night (Limited Blade Works passive ability).

Turf 2: Ice Cream Line at the Buffet

Most enemies at this turf have level 4 across the board, with occasional level 3s. To match them make sure to have Smith Lvl. 2 in your party when fighting along with level 2 Attack Skills and the Power of Sound theme. You will also be likely to have a slight edge in HP over the enemies. Turf 2 and 3 give you +10 Appetite, back in the BvS main game, when you do 8 fights with them as the lowest area. You do still remember you're playing BvS, don't you? ^_^

Enemies on this turf will have a passive +1 boost to their skills. If you're generally predicting their move or controlling the Spin/Risk, this won't be an issue. They also will sometimes use Dark Strike for a +5 to rolls, which is the first enemy move.

Steal Roundhouse (+2 Levels on Crush). It's powerful, especially if you're using Sequence 1.

On this turf you have access to some moves now, so make sure to get Noisy Cricket early and put your EX Gauge to use. The EX Gauge will fill up as you fight and can be used to activate EX Attacks once you have obtain them.

The Ice Cream boss, Ice Cream Headache, has 20 HP and 6/6/6/4/6 skills. He's equipping Charge (+1 Damage, -5 HP), which brings his HP down to 15 but lets him do a ton of damage. This makes him a difficult opponent. You don't have to fight him right away after unlocking the boss fight. Stay and grind a while.
Equip Overhead Smash and use Alpha Cancel often. Guard Crush him if he looks like he's going to predict you.

Turf 3: Comic Book Store

Similar to Ice Cream Line, but enemies have 4-5 for their attack skills. Equip Charge and two other skills you've stolen so far, according to your desired playstyle. Steal Auto Guard (+5 HP) from Tokyo Joe and equip it when you can. Tokyo Joe is a tough opponent, though, because he's equipping that great item you want. Bash your head against the wall until he loses by some kind of fluke, and then scream in horror because you forgot to equip Hit Confirm. ^_^
(note: with AutoSmash, this is now no longer necessary. Follow the strategy in the AutoSmash section above.)

Name Description Source Useful? Trivia
Priority +1 Level on Mirror Move Tokyo Joe Not particularly In fighting games, the tendency of a move to hit the opponent instead of the opponent hitting you when you both try to hit each other at once.4
Autoguard +5 HP Stolen from Tokyo Joe Very useful. In fighting game terms, a move that has a built-in block as part of it, usually the start. Also used to describe a game feature that allows a player to keep blocking linked moves even after they let go of the block button.5
Royal Wave 11% chance to not have this fight count if won Defeat boss Royal Wave doesn't return fights often enough to be reliable, but the extra fights that you do get are nice. When you play a MegaMatch, Royal Wave returns are rolled for each match individually, not all the matches at once. With the addition of AutoSmash, this is even more useful than before. Equip it for smash battles. The kind of wave Queen Elizabeth does when passing a crowd in a carriage. Very classy. Using it means you know that people are already looking at you, so there's no need for a big gesture.6
Bruce Sr Lvl 2 +100 EX - one whole section of your EX bar - when in team Levels after defeating boss Quite. Put him in your team until you can replace him with Lil' Ro Lvl 3 ???

Turf 4: Parking Lot

Doing eight or more fights in these three turfs gives you +30 Appetite.
Get Frame Advantage and Tech Punish to at least level 5
Equip Charge, Auto Guard, C-c-c-Combo Breaker (or Roundhouse)
Switch to Strategy 2 in this area.

Enemies in this area will probably have more HP than you and more levels than you. If you're not strong enough, train with megamatches back in Comic Book Store until you feel you are.

Enemies here will have an AI that will react exactly the same way to certain patterns in your attacks. If TP pushes their Risk higher than their Spin and they don't have a full or nearly-full EX bar for Shadow Focus, which reduces their Risk to 0, follow up with AC for an almost-guaranteed crush. In general, doing TP-TP-AC is reliable. Note: use at your own Risk

Sometimes, you'll come across a Slow Cart Lady with Final Stage (Starting HP is set to 1). Yay, free talent (poor thing. How depraved of you, beating up defenseless old MikuMiku.). Don't bother stealing it - sure, you can get Perfect Victory and Nail-Biter together for +60% Talent, but you're just as likely to lose. If you're strong enough to be sure of a perfect victory, you're ready for the next area and some.

Name Description Source Useful? Trivia
Leg Warmers 20% chance to not be affected by risk Slow Cart Lady I guess you could cobble together a high-Risk playstyle where you recklessly fire off Alpha Cancels at opponents - no, that's silly. They're these wooly things that you wear on your legs that keep you warm. Old ladies wear them sometimes.
Final Stage Starting HP is set to 1 Slow Cart Lady Ugh, no. See above. The last stage in whatever this refers to is probably a super-hard stage where you start with 1 HP. In the spirit of this, you could try playing through the rest of GS with 1 HP and only two ability slots. Good luck.
Hunter's Chain +1 Range to your most-used attack Defeat boss Acts like an automatic +1 Spin for one of your attack skills. It's useful, but not really very powerful. More powerful than your other third slot options after Charge and Roundhouse/C-c-c-c-c-, though. Most of its usefulness comes from Dramatic Cliff onwards, where having more Spin than your opponent should be avoided. ???
Nadeshiko Lvl 2 +10 HP when in team Levelled by defeating boss of any of these three areas A very powerful ally that means you can finally drop that Auto Guard. Always have her in your team when Glowslinging. As well as referencing Sunako Nakahara, her appearance and abilities reference the servant Rider from Fate/Stay Night.

Turfs 5 and 6: Rooftop and Rickety Bridge

Equip Charge, Hunter's Chain, C-c-c-Combo Breaker (or Roundhouse)
Level most skills to 5 or more
The 4th and 5th turfs are similar to each other, but don't get Spin above 3.

These two turfs are very similar in difficulty. After gaining Limited Blade Works, or Nadeshiko Lvl 2 if you skipped the Parking Lot boss and did Rooftop without her, you can just slaughter your way through Rickety Bridge without having to pause to level.

Name Description Source Useful? Trivia
Pursuit Attack 10% Chance to steal a non-MikuMiku move in a non-boss fight (stacks) Roof Zebra Inferior to Hit Confirm, so you'll only be using this when you want to stack them together, losing another equip slot for a better steal chance. Even then, Poke is better. A pursuit attack apparently means three completely different things in Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World, Getamped 2, and Vampire Savior. Honestly?
Wavedash +1 Damage if opponent uses the same Attack as you Defeat boss Useless. Merely makes up for the -1 Damage that matching moves already gives you. A wavedash is a technique in Super Smash Bros. Melee that causes a character to slide along the ground without walking or running. It's an exploit of the physics engine. A very advanced move, heavily used in tournaments. Some characters actually use it as their main way of moving around.7
Rickety Bridge
Poke Double chance to fight an enemy with a stealable move in a non-boss fight African Swallow/ Bridgekeeper Use with Hit Confirm to steal moves more quickly. You'll need to be strong enough to win with only one useable equip, though. A poke is a fast attack, preferably with a big hitbox, that can be used to interrupt opponents' approaches or move startups.
Taunt Start with +50 EX Gauge Defeat boss Also useless. Too lackluster to ever be considered for a slot. A taunt is a move that does nothing. It's used to taunt the opponent into attacking. Some games have taunts that actually do something, which IMHO is totally missing the point, amirite?

Turf 7: Dramatic Cliff

Doing eight or more fights in these two turfs gives you +40 Appetite.
Enemies in these areas have MikuMiku Tango, which gives them +1d3 damage with each hit, and MikuMiku Tau, which gives another +1. That's an average of 4 damage on a normal hit, up to 8 whopping damage if they get lucky and crush you with AC. Accompanied with their EX attack Dark Whirlwind and their high HP, this makes them massively powerful opponents. The best way to progress here is to make sure you're thoroughly overlevelled beforehand.
Equip Charge, Hunter's Chain, C-c-c-Combo Breaker (or Roundhouse). Most skills should be at 7 or higher.

Dark Whirlwind gives +3 Spin for 1 EX, which is far too hax. Luckily, they will only use it in a round if your Spin is higher than theirs at the end of that round. Use WR to remove any excess Spin to avoid this. Tech Punish is the most useful move in this area.

Name Description Source Useful? Trivia
Cross Up +1 Damage if you did Damage last turn Shadow (magical) Useful. You can replace Hunter's Chain with this for now, if you feel like taking the time to steal it. Not necessary, though. A cross-up in fighting games means attacking with a move that the opponent will be unsure how to block. For example, jumping over the opponent and hitting her on the left side instead of the right. (In many fighting games, you block by pressing the movement button in the opposite direction of where the attack came from)
Decisive Strike If Alpha Cancel Crushes, set Risk to zero Defeat boss Might be useful if you want to Alpha Cancel a lot. After this point, though, Alpha Cancel's effect is mostly useless, because you're getting DragonPunch (+1d3 Damage) soon. The extra +1 Damage is negligable in all the piles of damage you'll be doing with each hit. ???
Bucketface +2 Opponent Risk Defeat boss of either of these areas May be worth switching him out with Bruce Sr Lvl 2 for, depending on whether you want the extra EX or Opponent Risk more. You'll have to switch him out again when you get to areas where opponent Risk doesn't matter any more. Bucketface is probably based on the Bleach character Sajin Komamura, who frequently wore a helmet covering his head. The reference likely doubles to refer to the rock guitarist Buckethead, who always wears a KFC bucket on his head during performances (along with a full-face mask). Bucketface's Glowslinging persona is based on Berserker from Fate/Stay Night, who wore a helmet. His picture is a cat because pre-recode BvS used that picture for allies that didn't have pictures yet.

Turf 8: Traintop

Once you start fighting in Traintop, get Weighted Weapons immediately and replace C-c-c-Combo Breaker/Roundhouse with it. Once you have it, use it twice in a match every 6 turns. This forces a Dark Whirlwind and you can immediately do a Guard Crush, but still try to keep your Spin as low as possible.

Name Description Source Useful? Trivia
Weighted Weapons Frame Advantage gets +1 Spin Train Robber Necessary. Refer to Recommended Abilities section. Heavy things spin better and hit harder.
Fierce +1 Level on Beat Train Robber Probably not worth it. In Street Fighter 2, the punch buttons were labeled "Jab"-"Strong"-"Fierce", in order of weakest to strongest.
Dragon Punch +1d3 Damage Defeat boss Definitely. Replace Charge with this, and keep it equipped all the way to the end. The original dragon punch was the infamous Shoryuken (lit. rising dragon uppercut) from the Street Fighter games, where its users, Ryu and Ken, uppercut enemies so hard they lifted off the ground. The manliest move, so awesome it had the best priority and beat all the other moves. In the first Street Fighter, it even KO'd the opponent in one hit. All the fighting games since have imitated it, so the term dragon punch now refers to any special move that has invulnerability frames on startup.

Turf 9: Spire Summit

Doing eight or more fights in these turfs gives you +60 Appetite.
Have DragonPunch, Hunter's Chain, Weighted Weapons active
Most skills at 9 or higher

Enemies here are immune to Risk. Don't use Tech Punish from now till the final boss on Portal of Awesome, at all; it'll make defeating the final boss harder, in fact.
SPAM Frame Advantage. Opponents can Guard Crush you, but it won't slow you down! They will also use Wave of Discord (Both Spins set to Zero, 2EX), which will since you're mostly relying on your high Spin to keep ahead. If you use Bucketface's HMMNHPRMMMMM (+2 levels, 2EX) just when they get 2 EX filled up, you can avoid getting hit while you have 0 Spin.

Unlike PoA enemies, they won't actually Dark Whirlwind to catch up with your Spin or anything. This makes them easy opponents most of the time, except right after a Wave of Discord. Hunter's Chain is a real asset here. Nevertheless, you can probably get through this quite easily. Be careful of their Dark Wave (Permanent +2 Levels, 3EX), though. Don't let them use it more than once, or your battle will suddenly get very difficult.

Name Description Source Useful? Trivia
Rushdown 20% Chance to steal a non-MikuMiku move in a non-boss fight (stacks) KickingMiku or TokyoJoe Basically another Hit Confirm that stacks with it. Better than Poke for stacking with Hit Confirm. If you're really impatient and/or overlevelled for that turf, stack all three. A rushdown is an unrelenting string of attacks that overwhelms the opponent and pushes them back into their side of the stage. It can also be used to describe a playstyle that involves doing this.
Follow Through +2 to any move you've done 2+ times before Defeat boss No. If it was +2 levels, it would be useful, but just +2 at this point is basically negligable. Following through means to hit the opponent again before they recover. Another way to say "combo".
Lil Ro Lvl 3 +3 Spin when in team Defeating boss of either of these areas levels her Replace Bruce Sr Lvl 2 with her in your glowslinging team. As well as referencing Ino Yamanaka, her appearance and abilities reference the servant Saber from Fate/Stay Night

Turf 10: Clock Tower

Like Spire Summit, but now you have Excalibur. Easy. You'll probably spend a lot of time grinding here after having defeated it, because the next and last turf is HARD.

BossMiku, the Clock Tower boss, has 59 HP and 15/13/15/15/15. She should be easily defeated by now, more or less.

Turf 11: Portal of Awesome

Doing eight or more fights in this turf gives you +80 Appetite. That's, like, 1.33 tacos. Woo!
Put Mr Smith Lvl 2, Nadeshiko Lvl 2 and Lil Ro lvl 3 in your team.
Level Frame Advantage to 13 and Wake-Up Reversal to 12 or more. SPAM Frame Advantage, occasionally using Wake-Up Reversal to reset your Risk.
Unified Field Theory is an ability that can be stolen in this turf. It's required to defeat the final boss of both the Portal of Awesome and Billy Idol. Keep your equips from the last turf, but switch one of them out for Hit Confirm. Which one should you drop? (note: with AutoSmash, this is now no longer necessary. Follow the strategy in the AutoSmash section above.)

Thus dropping Hunter's Chain and keeping Dragon Punch is clearly the superior option.
Portal of Awesome opponents are immune to Risk. Don't use Tech Punish or put Bucketface in your team.
This turf is a huge difficulty jump from Spire Summit. Enemies here have 111 HP, more than double that of Spire Summit's. Use Lil' Ro 3's Koi-Koi Rekka (+2 damage on successful hit, 1EX) and Bucketface's however-you-spell-it EX moves to help you.
Name Description Source Useful? Trivia
Unified Field Theory EX gauge cannot be affected by opponent Multiple Essential for defeating both final bosses, by countering Glowpocalypse. Other than that, no. A pun off "field". In science, a unified field theory is a theory that explains satisfactorily how the four forces (gravity, electromagnetism, the strong and weak nuclear forces) interact with each other. There have been several unified field theories so far, including General Relativity, but they were all not correct in some way. Scientists are still working on it.
Glowpocalypse Opponent cannot gain EX Defeat boss If you equip this against the Portal of Awesome enemies that don't have UFT, you basically get a guaranteed Perfect Victory. Not that you really need it, unless you want to get your levels just a bit higher so you can turn off Power of Sound. Glow+Apocalypse

Billy Idol Bosses

Fought by going to the Billy Idol event in BillyCon. Remember to put your Glowslinging team on. It is best to fight these bosses as soon as possible. Bosses have varying power levels, ranging from Turf 2 difficulty to Turf 11, and the last boss is a puzzle boss.
They count as duels in low areas for the appetite bonus, so you should get the bonus first if possible before doing one of these boss fights.

Counts as Playground for the appetite bonus.
Has 20 HP, 5/5/5/5/5
Same strategy as Turfs 2-3.
Keep your Spin up and Risk down. Alpha Cancel is very useful.
Drops Glissando (+5 Flow). Useful.

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