This page is created for those of you who is new to this Wiki or the BvS Game generally. Here we are are trying to explain the commonly acronyms and abbreviations.


What Meaning
AA Awesome Ability
Anon Anonymous
AP Attribute Points
BN BurgerNinja
C Chakra
C (Village) Resource Collecting
CLT Crazy Love Triangle
EDUT Epic Dog Urination Technique
Emo/Emo2/Emo3 Emosuke (the number refers to the ally's level)
EotS Eye of the Storm
FTGT Flying Thunder God Technique
FoA Floating on Air
Gen Genjutsu
IM The Impossible Mission
JXP Jutsu XP
Legacy Legacy of the Hero
lvl Level
MJ Mahjong
MOME Make Out Mood Enhancer
MP Marketplace
Nin Ninjutsu
NP Note Page
NSY Never Say Yaoi Bonus!
NWW Ninja World War
OOT Out on Top
P Patrolling
PH Party-House
Pots Potions
R/Rng Range
R (Village) Repairing
RE RedEye (Bloodline / Jutsu)
RNG Random Number Generator (another abbreviation is RND from RaNDom)
RP Resource Points
RTW The Road to Womanhood
Run An attempt to get as much RXP as possible in one session (ex. Jonin Run, Sannin Run), usually requiring a lot of preparation beforehand for purposes of achieving the higher ranks
RXP Ranking XP, or Daily XP
S1/S2/S3/… Season 1/2/3/…
SL Speed-looping
STI Survived the Impossible
Str Strength
Sp. Jonin Special Jonin
Suc Success(es)
T1/T2/T3/… Ninja World War tier 1/2/3/…1
T3 Terri-lvl-3
Tai Taijutsu
U Paperwork
V-Day Ninja Love Day (Valentine's Day)
WE WhiteEye (Bloodline / Jutsu)
WK World-Kaiju
XP Experience Points
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