Candyween Guide

BEFORE reading this walk-thru guide:
- the strategies presented are tested, and have a higher chance of success compared to other strategies i have found.
- the whole event is MAJORLY influenced by luck. if you aren't able to deal with that, don't waste resources
- this guide is made to complement the Candyween Script (hat down to the developer)
- please leave a comment if the guide was helpful or not.

  • 5. goto TEAM screen and setup one of the 2 teams of 3.
  • 6. go to Retail and buy Candy Eyes for 500 Wage.
  • 7. choose an ally that you do NOT have the bromide to. (i suggest: Psycho then Party then Candy)
  • 8. visit every house, and leave it without taking action.
  • 9. go to the guaranteed candy house your Retail perk gives you, and ask for candy.
  • X. If you run out of candy
  • Click maximize Candy, avoid Psycho
  • - Ask for candy
  • - hopefully you didn't burn a Psycho house. (if you did goto 13.)
  • 13. visit all the remaining houses, and ask for Candy.
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