Getting Started

Unlocking Burger Ninja Missions

The first requirement towards unlocking the Burger Ninja missions is to be in a Village that has the Natural Research Facility. That Village then has to purchase the upgrade Burgerninja. This requires 200,000 Village Ryo, 3 of each Basic Resource, and 1 of the Village's Advanced Resource. In addition to unlocking Burger Ninja missions, it has the additional affect of increasing the Stamina bonuses by 30.

After this Upgrade has been bought, the mission Peeping opens up in the Quest screen. This is a fairly simple Nin 13d/400s Rolling Challenge.

Once the challenge has been completed, you will receive the non-looping Permanent Item RingEye. This allows you to begin Burger Ninja Missions, as well as unlocking a new stat, Doujutsu. Doujutsu is the primary stat for all future Burger Ninja Regular Missions, and is not in general affected by stat bonuses that are not specific to it (i.e. You have +1 range from your Dark Band? Not in Doujutsu you don't). The only currently known non-Doujutsu specific things that affect Doujutsu are the Awesome Abilities, The Touch, The Mark of Eleventy Billion and if you are a Jonin, you will have 12 base range in it (and before you ask, no, you can't be a Special Jonin in it). Doujutsu means eye+jutsu. Everyone will start at out 1 Dou, and require AP to go from 1 to 2.

Doujutsu now levels like any other stat. It levels much faster than before.

Although RingEye itself doesn't loop, your Doujutsu Level does, so if you re-obtain RingEye in a subsequent season, you get them back.

Running Burger Missions

Now that you have RingEye, the ability to take Burger Missions will open up in the Mission Select Screen. In addition, BurgerNinja Dumpster will open for Ingredients Hunting in the Village Menu, provided you haven't already collected items from the Forest that day. This mission provides raw materials useful later on.

Burger Missions run entirely off of the Doujutsu Stat, and you have no access to non-Burger Ninja allies, and very few Jutsu work. Flying Thunder God Technique and Escape Jutsu will both work as normal. Kaleidoscope Eye can be used, but does nothing on Dou missions. WhiteEye will double drop rate, but will not provide any Doujutsu levels. RedEye allows you to learn jutsu, but will not give Strength. And finally, if you use RedEye to learn it, Value Meal is the only currently known BurgerNinja jutsu. It will function in Burger missions and provides two range toward Doujutsu, also upping your Ryo by 50%. However, there are several Quests in this chain that require Gen/Nin/Tai checks, and all jutsu listed here will provide all their effects in such missions. Completion of a Burger Mission gets AP for Doujutsu, and Ryo, Running BurgerNinja at a Crank levels above 0 will be very difficult, especially near the beginning, but if you do you can multiple your AP awards significantly. The exact formula for extra AP at high Cranks is +80 per Crank level (+10 for the +1 Range and +70 for the +1 Success), before any bonus multipliers.

Obtaining your first Burger Ninja Ally

As you run Missions, you'll get Item Drops, namely Greassy Food and 'Diet' Sodas. These foods are: Greassy Burger, which gives +1 Doujutsu Level, Greassy Fries, which give +1 Doujutsu Range, and Greassy Nuggets, which give +1 Doujutsu Strength. These items will be helpful for passing future Burger Missions, although they come with one restriction: you are limited to only be able to use 3 of these items in any given day, although you can use a 'Diet' Soda to reset this count and there is a village upgrade which increases that limit by 1.

To advance, however, you'll need to obtain at least 2 of each of the Greassy Foods. Once you hit Special Jonin, eating 2 or more of these items in a single day will unlock the Quest Super Size.
The steps to complete supersize are:
1. Ate 2 Burgers today
2. Ate 2 Fries today
3. Ate 2 Nuggets
4. Ate no greassy food today (or zeroed consumption with a diet soda).
To do it in 1 day, you need 260 Appetite, and 2 Sodas in addition to the other Greassy foods. If you do not have enough appetite and diet sodas the mission can be split up over several days.

For completing this mission you will receive your first Burger Ally, CiCi, who gives +2 Doujutsu Levels, and 5 of the item Greass. If you've done the Dumpster Diving item collection or distilled Greassy Foods/Sodas, the items you've obtained can be mixed with Greass to obtain/re-obtain these items.

Now that you have CiCi, new Burger missions will become available. To advance further, though, you'll need even more allies available in these missions.

Getting more Burger Ninja Allies

Your next goal should be getting the 2 remaining Burger Ninja Allies. These can be done in any order, but both are required for further advancement.

Getting Lulu

Lulu is hidden in the Burger Mission Grill Monkey. This is an 11d4s mission, so you'll want to go in with plenty of Greassy Nuggets, and maybe some Greassy Fries if you can't make the Range.

Getting Su-chan

Su-chan is hidden in the Burger Mission Sobbing. This is an 11d4s mission, so do the same as the above.

Obtaining the Greass bloodline

Once you have CiCi, Lulu and Su-chan, a new quest opens up, Shift Manager of DOOM. This mission consists of five stat checks: Tai 12d12, Gen 13d13, Nin 13d13, Nin 14d14, and Nin 12d12, all of which must be done without the aid of non-Burger Allies or Jutsu. Once you have succeeded all five, you will obtain The Power of Greass.

In addition to nullifying the stamina loss of Burger Missions, this looping Bloodline can be used when attempting a mission to give you a range and level bonus equal to your crank and automatically give any available Items / Allies / Events possible if you win the Mission, at the cost of dropping your remaining stamina to 0. You can only use this power 5 times in any given season, although you get an additional use for every season you complete. So, in Season 2, you could use it 6 times, and in Season 3, you can use it 7 times. And so on. In addition, you cannot use this power twice on the same mission in a single season.

Even with its limitations, this is a very useful bloodline, and will be very helpful in the next part of the quest.

Searching for KnightFrame Parts

You now need five different KnightFrame parts. The missions for these are ones you have probably seen by now. The drop rate for these is very low, so use your new bloodline to make this a much easier task.

KnightFrame A can be found on the mission Engineer Lunch
KnightFrame B can be found on the mission Robotic Builders
KnightFrame C can be found on the mission Archaeologist's Lunch Out
KnightFrame D can be found on the mission Airship Mechanics
KnightFrame E can be found on the mission Traveling Brigands

Getting your Knightmare Frame

Once you have at least one KnightFrame part and the Power of Greass, another quest opens called Shift Manager of DOOM (part 2) which requires all five to continue. The mission consists of three checks, Gen 15d15, Nin 16d16, and Tai 17d17. As before, these must be pass without the aid of non-burger Allies or Jutsu, and you will get the Knightmare Frame, which adds 5 Dou Range and 5 Max Level Cap.

Please note that this mission is exceptionally hard, and without Range at least in the 20's, the chances of success are woefully low.

Completing this will earn you a trophy and 5 Awesome points.

After you have finished BurgerNinja, the next series opens up if your Village has purchased the PizzaWitch upgrade. If you decided to loop after obtaining the Knightmare Frame, you'll be forced to do BurgerNinja missions and get your allies, CiCi, Lulu, and Su-chan, back in order to start Pizza Witch.

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