Billycon (WIP)

BillyCon Guide

By: Lelouch 0/Ashisu san/UsuiTakumi

BillyCon is a Three-Day Event that spans the whole of the Billy Universe (no one knows who actually named the con, and Billy doesn't get the reference, so it's cool). Ninjas from all over the world come to the convention to relax, buy shinies, watch shows, and hang out.

Conventions are once a week, from Friday to Sunday (Dayroll based, not BillyTime based).

The purpose of this guide is to provide a reasonable approach to Bcon from start to "finish" so that you can start working on it as soon as possible alongside other content. This is because Bcon is weekly content as opposed to daily, so it can take months to cover up the deficit if you miss out on it at the start. You may find yourself having completed all prerequisites for HQ and still not have glowslinging unlocked or enough bcon perks collected (which apart from being a grind of its own has Bcon progress as its major prerequisite to unlocking). As such, I hope this guide helps you avoid that situation and helps improve your overall BvS experience.
(There is always room for feedback and improvement so you can share your experiences and advice by messaging me ingame on "Lelouch 0")
(Most information is from other wiki bcon sections but rearranged and elaborated to help you understand better)

1. Introduction and Basic Mechanics:-

1.1: Registration

Once every calendar month you can get in for free. If you have BillyClub membership, you can get in for free once again every calendar month. On other weeks of the month, you have to pay RP to enter. The Base Cost is 50 RP.
There is an option to pay 5 million ryo to "regain your free entry" but this option is never used and not recommended even at endgame as RP is cheaper to get.
There is also a relevant rare truck-loading reward, dealer badge, which gives you free entry to next con. However, it is better to reload and attempt to get trading figures/trophy trophy/fizzy ramune instead.

Important Point 1: You should never have to miss out on registering a week because of lack of RP. I recommend you join a village with a good RP policy where you can atleast afford to earn your con registration weekly.

Important Point 2: Registration is closed on Monday and Tuesday. It is open from Wednesday to Sunday. (This is again dayroll based)
You should ideally always register on WEDNESDAY. This is because preregistration on Wednesday gives you +2 Monies and +1 Packing as well as a 5 RP discount. On Thursday, you only get +2 Monies. On Fri-Sun, you get nothing (please set an alarm or reminder for every Wednesday to register and ask your kage to give RP before Wednesday preferably)

Additional Tip (for non-December to February Months): If you are Season 3+ and have filler themes, set them to activate on Wednesday. This activates cold front effect which reduces BillyCon Entry Cost by 9 RP and gives you Baka Badge effect which is necessary to buy Nice Boat (an extremely useful skill levelling item for late game). Initially though, the main benefit of fillers is basically the reduced RP cost(and setting fillers on Wednesday reminds you to register for Bcon, so Bonus!)

1.2: Entering the Con and Basic Con Stats

Welcome to BillyCon!
You step out of the Ninja Shuttle and look around at the spectacle, of hundreds - thousands - of Ninjas going to a convention celebrating being Ninjas. Weird. Well, it's a vacation, right? Let's get going!
BillyCon is a three-day event where the Billy world 'takes the weekend off'. The object is to do Awesome Things and maybe rack up a few shinies on the way. You can do everything from shop, hang out, cosplay, beat on people in videogames, even hook up at a dance! The days go by an hour at a time, including an additional Late-Night Activity on the first two days. At the end of the day, just wait for Dayroll and come back. More detail below!

Con Stats and How Basic Con Actions Work:

Sleep- you need this to keep going. Hitting 0 causes you to pass out, missing events until you rest. Max Sleep is 15. You get sleep via crash in room action, which costs 1 hour time. It gives +3 sleep base (+4 if you pick con hotel in con prep). Using flow while crashing in room gives 2 more sleep. Crashing in room also removes stuffsed penalty should you have it.
There is also a feel the flow action at <2 sleep which costs 1 flow, 0 time, and gives 2 sleep (and using another flow on this gives 2 more sleep) but it is not recommended to get to that point or have to use it)

Nom - you need this, too. Every panel hour that passes generally costs you 1 Nom. if your Nom hits 0, you cannot use skills. If it gets too far in the negatives, you can have your sleep removed due to massive hunger. Max Nom is 8. You can get nom from various sections (in order of priority):
a) Om Noms: You can bring these along. Max 3 per con (each costs 2 packing). Each Om Nom instantly(no time cost) gives you +4 nom (2 extra if flow used. Since you used packing to bring these, its best to use flow with them in initial cons atleast)
b) Food Court: This action cost 1 hour, 1 monies, and gives you 5 nom (2 more with flow). It is the recommended way of increasing nom during free hours between skill panels after om noms.
c) Con Food: This action is instant compared to food court but costs 3 monies and gives same nom as food court. This is only used if you just ran out of nom and need it for a skill panel that is currently available.
d) Beg for Food (O_o): I pray you never have to do this ingame. It costs 1 hour, -2 cool, and gives same nom effects as above two. Note: You should ALWAYS plan out nom requirements for each day and save monies appropriately to avoid reaching this point.

Stink - Stink is bad. Stink accumulates from time passing and from exerting yourself. Positive Stink can bar you from certain events. Stink can go negative. Min Stink is -4 (this is the only stat you should ideally keep in negatives). Stink is reduced by Shower in room action which gives -4 stink base(-5 if con hotel in prep, and flow removes an extra 2 stink)

Monies - this is used to buy things, from Noms to Stuffs. (For details on what to buy when etc. see relevant sections below)

Cool - this is the overall respect that the convention as a whole has for you. (For details on relevance in rave, vgt, and fruit stand, please check respective sections)

Stuffs - If you do not have a room in the con(did not pick con hotel, and chose away game instead), you have to drop off things you buy in the Dealer's Room. Whenever you buy something at the Dealer's Room, you become Stuffsed, which will be cleared when you next go to your room (to crash or shower, for example). Every Stuffsed is a -1 to all rolls.
*Remember to always remove stuffsed penalty as soon as you get it.

Effects - Temporary bonuses and penalties that go away after each con. Some are Permanent, but that's rare.

Things - Temporary consumables, that go away after each con.

Flow - Flow is the ease that a convention-goer can slip in and out of situations - saying the right thing at the right time, being in the right place when it counts, and so on - a subconscious use of Awesome. Flow gives you bonuses, and makes things take less time, in most areas of the con. It only resets when you first enter a con each week. [It is recommended to use fanboy sidekick level 100 on billycon days as it provides chance to recover used flow as well as 20% bonus panel xp] [Flow apart from stat boosts during their actions give +1 die to each panel/dealer room action and also helps in cosplay swap (discussed later)]

How to attempt panels (basic summary):

You get 1 die per panel base. you get further dies based on how many bonuses you have. How many penalties you have increases base difficulty of each panel by 2.
How to math out your chances of success yourself. (the billycon schedule tab works these out for you automatically provided you give accurate data in each of its tabs during your planning.)
In level section: put 1(+1 for each bonus you have) (+1 if you decide to use flow on that panel).
In range section: put 10. (if you have level 3 bcon awesome, change this to 11).
In strength section: put 0 (if you have level 3 bcon awesome, change this to 1). (Note if you get any glomped or stuffsed penalties, reduce this to -X depending on how glomped or stuffsed you are)
In success section: put 0.
In difficulty tab: input difficulty of that panel. This is shown at top of each panel and is already adjusted to account for each penalty should you have any.
In successes tab: put number of successes required. Then calculate, you'll get probability of getting those number of successes or higher.
Important note: For panels 2 and 3, which have success requirements like 0 gives -2 cool followed by 3+ giving panel xp/perks then rolling 0,1 or 2 ALL COUNT as 0 (so you'll still get the penalty of scoring 0 success if you choose to attempt these and get under 3 successes. Hence, it is always recommended to avoid these until you have a high chance of avoiding 0-2 successes).

Wandering: Wandering chooses from a number of random encounters. Which ones are in the 'mix' is determined by various things, which will be shown while Wandering. Wandering costs 1 Sleep and 1 Nom, and takes 1 Hour - if something keeps the hour from being used(using flow or having time to wander), the Nom is saved. Refer to for a full list of wanders and what modifiers effect them.

What you Keep between Cons: Stuffs. Permanent Effects (they are marked). Skills. That's it.
[A list of stuffs and effects can be found on wiki on dealer's room page and also in later sections of this guide]

*A final thing to add here: If you are in midgame or late game and bcon is a major content area still left, it is advised to get level 3 billycon awesome. For 190 total awesome, you get +30% panel xp, and +1 strength/+1 range to all panel die rolls.

1.3: Con Prep Page

When you open bcon on Friday, the first thing you have to do is prep what you will bring and what options you choose regarding your bcon stay.

Initial Base Con Stats:-

Sleep: 5 Nom: 3 Stink: -2 Monies: 30 Cool: 0 Status: Hotels Flow: 5
(Note, preregistration on Wednesday adds +2 monies, and +1 packing to these)
3 Extra Clothes (Size: 2) (-4 Stink per use 1/day max)
3 Extra Noms (Size: 2) (+4 Nom per use)
[You get the option to bring 3 extra clothes and 3 noms every week, don't worry about them running out for next con. Size refers to how much packing each item takes]

Convention Room

Away Game - Stay a short drive away (-6 Monies, +10 Sleep/-6 Stink/+4 Food overnight)
Con Hotel - Stay in the Convention hotel! (-10 Monies, +9 Sleep/-9 Stink overnight, +1 to all Room Actions, 1 free Wander per day, No Stuffsed Penalties)


Sardines - Stay with LOTS of friends! (-2 Monies, +2 Cool, +2 Stink overnight)
Own Room - Stay on your own! (-8 Monies, +3 Sleep overnight, +2 Packing)
[Sardines only give +2 cool upon starting con, after that, overnight it only gives +2 stink]

Waiting in Line

Suck It Up - Wait in line like a normal Ninja. (get there at Noon)
*Funny quote I once read on bvs forums about this: If everyone in the con is a ninja, why is there still a line? (lol)
Jump the Line - pretend to be friends with someone! (get there at Noon, 2 Time To Wander(60% chance) or -4 Cool(40%))
Jump the Line - flash that Backstage Pass!(get there at Noon, +2 Cool, 2 Time To Wander)
[It is recommended to suck it up until you get backstage pass(which happen in midgame) and then always flash that backstage pass to jump the line. Regular Jump the line has a very severe -4 cool penalty at start so never risk it.]


Base packing available is 6. Preregistration increases this to 7. If you buy extra suitcase from dealer room, you will have a permanent +4 boost to packing. Own room also gives +2 packing.
What you use this packing for will depend largely on what your goal is for that con (I'll discuss what to pack in respective sections).

2. Pre-GS Progress:-

  • As an adjunct to Bcon, it is extremely important that you start working on Retail asap to be able to start buying 1 cosplay piece a day daily ASAP. It takes about 2 months to get to dark friday boss if done right. [i.e. take time out on 1 day and hang out will all of your allies via friend points (exceptions: billy, emosuke, pinky, stalkergirl, tacos, olmek, cato as these are frequently unsustainable). Then every next day, use banked hangout shifts and replenish them by rehanging out with allies you used shifts from to maximise shifts per day. A useful script for this is: (open ally friend points page and team pages to use this)]
  • Back to Bcon. Also get the following script:

This modifies every bcon page; and is especially helpful for convention schedule page where you can use it to plan your weekly schedule (you can refer to how panels work in section 1)

2.1: No Sleep ‘Til and Dealer’s Room Camping

Now for the actual stuff. The goal of this con is primarily to get: 'No sleep til' 5 points trophy.
The reason for this is that it requires staying up all night (by performing late actions) twice. Doing Late actions is not usually recommended as you miss out on your overnight con hotel bonuses which is not advised when you are levelling up skills early for rave. Dealer Room is discussed below.
Alongside this, we'll try to work on important skills which is primarily the focus of subsequent cons.

Basic Checklist (these 2 points apply to every con from now on)
1. Preregister on Wednesday (have enough RP, ask your kage to give you if you don't)
2. Set fanboy sidekick as active pet for every friday-sunday if they are at level 100.
3. Use convention schedule page and billycon enhancer script to plan out con actions beforehand depending on the con's goals. (Con goals discussed below)

Con Sequence:-

[The reason for away game and sardines in initial cons is that with preregistration, you'll have 24 monies left over at start of con. There are two dealer room items that are only available on day 1 and extremely important content wise. I want you to get both items in the first few cons. This will take atleast 2 cons since you can afford only 1 of those items each con. (there are also 2 day 3 items that you can work on getting alongside as well mentioned below) These items are:
1. Case of glowsticks (costs 12 monies, 2 packing space). This item is ESSENTIAL before you attempt rave to unlock GS (you need to buy it at start but only need to bring it on a con when you attempt rave. So for now, just buy this and add it to your stash and forget about it.)
2. Arcade Stick (costs 20 monies, 1 packing space). This item is NEARLY ESSENTIAL for videogame tourneys (vgt). It provides a major edge and should ideally be always brought to any con where you'll register and attempt VGT. ]
(Now you understand why I made you choose away game and sardines for now. You would have only 14 monies left over with con hotel and own room on day 1. Apart from buying these items, you'll also need the leftover monies to replenish nom for panel skills during con. The overnight effect of away game plus leftover monies will suffice for this so don't worry.)
For packing:
you'll have 7 packing at start. Just pack 3 Extra Noms for now.
Then finally:
Suck it up.
Now start con.
Day 1:
From noon to 7 p.m. (the time duration where dealer's room is available), you'll keep doing dealer's room. Each dealer room visit costs 1 hour, and -1 nom. (You'll have 3 nom at start, so can do 3 dealer's room actions at start).
When you get to 0 nom, consume 1 on nom(with flow ticked) for 6 nom boost. Then redo dealer's room till 7 p.m.
(NOTE: since you are using away game, any successful dealer room buy will give you stuffsed penalty. Immediately crash or shower in room after any purchase to remove that penalty)
Your aim is to buy either case of glowsticks or arcade stick.
NOTE: IF by chance you get a choice between both on one shopping panel, buy arcade stick first (since its more expensive, case of glowsticks is cheaper and can be worked towards later but having arcade stick early on will allow you to start vgt progress quickly).
ANOTHER NOTE: If you don’t manage to get either of these items, keep using -1 monies, +5 nom action as appropriate and aim to have 16 monies remaining by Day 3.

From 8 p.m. to 12 p.m., in early cons, you can do any panels where you have highest chance of success between Panel 1 (dark blue panel) and Video 1 (light green panel). Remember to have your billycon schedule opened on separate page to scope out panels beforehand. at the start you won't get much xp much every bit of xp counts.
At Late time: do allnight gaming action (this or any other other 3 panels is a must for no sleep 'til trophy).
[Refer to how to attempt panels summary in section 1 of my guide.]
[For further advice on which skills to refer and what panels to attempt early on, refer to next subsection of this guide]
Day 2: Keep attempting skill panels. At Late time: do staring at people (You'll get no sleep til trophy). Congrats!

Trophy.jpg You've unlocked the
No Sleep 'Til Trophy!
5 Points

Day 3: If you have 15 monies or more, visit dealer's room to get BOX o' HEDZ (15 monies, size 2, +1 die for head cosplay piece in cosplay contest), which helps during cosplay competition or until extra suitcase pops up (12 monies cost, +4 packing, permanent. This item will permanently increase your packing by 4 so its absolutely worth getting). If you have less left, buy cosplay pieces (each costs 5 monies). Other than that, do skill panel XPs. At end of con, spend all monies for last minute bargain and leave the con.

2.2: Working on skill levelling

The goals of your subsequent cons now are:
1. Continue hunting for the 4 items in Dealer’s Room mentioned in section 2.1. (After arcade stick, refer to section 2.3 VGT on how you can start working on VGT attempts as well)
2. Appropriate skill levelling. (discussed in detail below).
Con Sequence:
Away game, sardines, suck it up, 3 extra noms (if you get arcade stick, bring it along every week as well for VGT).
Day 1: (If you don't have both arcade stick yet, follow same strategy for day 1 as in section 2.1 of guide). If you have arcade stick, remember to preregister for VGT (this is important because otherwise you can’t participate in it on Day 2) and do dealer’s room actions in other time slots. After getting both day 1 items, you can skip dealer’s room on day 1 and do skill panels.
Day 2: you get most of your skill xp on Day 2 since the main events happening throughout double all panel rewards. Remember to participate in VGT (if you have the prerequisites met, refer to section 2.3)
Day 3: dealer’s room and skill levelling (after getting both day 3 items, do all skill panels after buying cosplay pieces with remaining monies on day 3).

Appropriate Skill Levelling

Early on, you won’t have enough skill levels to do panel 2, panel 3, and backstage panels (which you can’t even unlock yet). This leaves you with 2 sets of panels: Panels 1 and Video 1.
Now as mentioned in section 1, the goal is to maximise bonuses and minimize penalties to increase your success chances. Luckily for these 2 panels, the only 2 penalties are: Stink 4+ (which should be avoided by intermittent showering in room) and Cool <1 (Using sardines in setup gives you 2 cool at start so you won’t run into this. Moreover, fond memories effect from previous cons also gives 1 cool so you’ll be starting with 3 cool).
So essentially, you’ll be working on increasing the bonuses from each panels as you work on skills so that you get better results form each panel.
[The main priority early game bcon goal is getting 800+ in rave. Everything else is secondary.]

To attempt 800+ score in rave, you need the following minimum prerequisites:
1. Case of glowsticks (from day 1 dealer's room)
2. Full cosplay (you need 1 head, 1 body, 1 prop piece (They DO NOT have to be of same set, any pieces work fine)
3. 25+ cool and 15 sleep pre-rave in the con you attempt this (as such levelling skills for cool panels is mandatory)
4. Enough rave skill levels (as such levelling rave skills is also mandatory).

The most cost-efficient rave skill levels to get to around 800 average are:

  • Rocking 0
    • (You can luck out and get this to 1 via last minute wanders but otherwise ignore this, as you need to be able to beat panel 3 to level this which you can’t)
  • Silence 1, Wrangling 1
    • Silence can be leveled up early on from all night event on day2 (this is the only all night event I would advise doing, and only until you get silence to level 1).
    • Wrangling is harder to level but doable.
  • Flipping Out 2, Artsiness 2, Posing 2, Dance 2, Drama 2, Videogaming 2, Macking 2, Chillaxing 2
    • (All other 8 rave skills at level 2)

A full list of panels and details can be found here:

Its also advised to always start con planning on Wednesday by opening billycon schedule with the billycon enhancer script (an example shown below. Clicking on panels highlights them, scrolling over shows you chances of success based on current stats, so manually adjust those yourselves first):

Right now, we’ll focus on what skills to level to get most bonuses out of the way. [The goal is to get the rave skills leveled as mentioned above as well as other skills leveled which provide bonuses in cool panels. (always maintain sleep, stink, nom, and cool for easy bonuses as well)]

  • XP needed to level = (next level)2*100 so 1st level costs 100 xp, 2nd level 400 xp, and so on.

Skills to level early on for Rave, VGT, and Cosplay:

  • Chillaxing 1+
  • Knowledge 1+
  • Veteran 1+ (you’ll automatically have this on 3rd con and onwards since you get +50 veteran xp at end of every con)
  • Drama 1+
  • Videogaming 1+
  • Shopping 1+ (autoget from dealer room item buys)
  • Posing 1+
  • Cosplay 1+
  • Silence 1+
  • Crowdswimming 1+
  • Schmoozing 1+
  • Wrangling 1+
  • Artsiness 1+
  • Combat Sewing 1+
  • Additionally, getting the needed rave skills to level 2 plus knowledge 2+ help out later too.

This process of early game levelling will continue until you get the rave 800+ requirements. Other content that can be worked on simultaneously in early game includes VGT, Cosplay, and Fruit Stand.

2.3: VGT and Fruit Stand

Also check:
It is recommended to start going to VGT every week after you get arcade stick.

Setup will be same as for previous cons. In packing: just add arcade stick extra to bring along.

Remember to pre-register for VGT on day 1 at 2 p.m. (avoid doing any panel before it that would consume the 2 p.m. hour slot as you won’t be able to register afterwards).
If you don’t preregister, you can still attend and watch the vgt for +2 Sleep, +2 Stink, +1 Cool, and +80 Videogaming xp.

The VGT is composed of 4 rounds between 16 contestants. You have to allocate skillz to each round. The following conditions give you skillz so attempt to maximise them pre-tourney.

Cool: 2 cool gives you +1 skillz. 5 cool gives you +2 skillz. 11 cool gives you +4 skillzs total. You should attempt to have 11 cool pre-VGT on any week you attempt it.
Sleep: 4 sleep gives +1 skillz. 7 sleep gives +2 skillz total. You should thus also attempt to have 7 sleep pre-VGT.
Videogaming Levels: Level 0 but xp>0 gives +2 skillz. Level 1 gives +3 skillz. Level 2 gives +5 skillz. Level 4 gives +7 skillz total.
Cheese: You can get this by wandering WITHOUT FLOW (so in hours with no skill panels pre vgt, wander. It costs 1 time and 1 nom). Each cheese gives +1 skillz. However, there are also downsides to cheese: After too big a difference in cheese, you take negative strength equal to the difference in cheese. If you tie in a round and you have more cheese than your opponent, you automatically lose the round (otherwise, you have an equal chance of winning the tiebreaker). There is also an unknown cap to cheese amount at the moment.
Depending on the Round you get to, you receive the following rewards:

Round Reward
1 (losing 1st round) +10 Videogaming XP
2 (losing 2nd round) +20 Videogaming XP
3 (losing 3rd round) +2 Cool, +50 Videogaming XP
4 (losing final) +5 Cool, +10 Monies, +100 Videogaming XP
Winner! +10 Cool, +30 Monies, +200 Videogaming XP

Skill Allocation:

You have to allocate all skillz to each round beforehand. For attempting to win, its recommended to split skills equally in all rounds (with round 3,4 getting any excess skills leftover).
*IMPORTANT TIP: A lot of people screw up here. If you are facing a round with a -BYE-, allocate 0 skillz to that round. That is an autowin. Also, e.g. if you have an opponent in round 1 but know that you are going to face a -BYE- in round 2, you should allocate 0 points to round 2 in that case. Basically -BYE- are free wins.
*In initial cons, when you don’t have enough skills, its probably better to allocate most skills to round 1,2 or round 1,2,3 since getting to the final is still great reward wise, and losing out in round 1 due to low skills equally divided in all rounds won’t exactly benefit you.

Claiming your Prizes:
This is also important. The results are announced on Day 3. After opening con, you have to scroll down below your cosplay and click the VGT result button to actually claim your prize. Failure to do so will make you miss out on any prize. This also apples to Cosplay competition.
Never forget to claim your prize on day 3.
Winning your 1st VGT gets you The Beast Trophy:

Trophy.jpg You've unlocked the
The Beast Trophy!
20 Points

*Note: After getting the beast trophy, wait for the 9th day of the month (or next month if 9th has already passed), and attempt the special quest “Fruits of Liberty” to get fresh fruit. It has a 64 difficulty 200 success rolling challenge. Use all range boosting allies and jutsu. It also helps to have max k-dog autograph and miss kitty 2 in team if available.
Winning a 2nd VGT or participating in a currently unknown number of cons gets you the Prime Target. This helps out in rave in two ways:
a) It is a requirement for glowslinger (1600+ in rave for +1 duels a day which helps out a lot in GS. After getting Rising Star to unlock gs, getting glowslinger asap becomes important)
b) Once you have level 4 skills, you get mastery bonus which doubles score. Prime target changes this to triple score which helps out immensely when going for 5k+ and 11k+ rave score trophies. It also unlocks special wanders.

Fresh Fruit and Fruit Stand:

Also visit:
After getting the beast trophy and fresh fruit. It is recommended to later attempt to get Fruit Stand. This requires finishing a con with 50 Cool, and then consuming fresh fruit. (This can be done at early game too). For the con you attempt to get fresh fruit, its recommended to preregister for VGT since winning it gives +10 cool and +30 monies. Plan to attempt all cool giving panels in day 1,2,3. On free time, attempt dealer room if available and spend your monies on cool boosting items. (the best item is snakeman plush which gives +5 cool for 10 monies if its available). After finishing con with 50 cool, consume fresh fruit immediately (costs 20 app).
Note: fresh fruit only considers cool of most recent con so eat it immediately after ending con with 50 cool. The rewards it gives are cumulative and based on cool:
1+ Cool: You feel like building a pool! +50 Stamina!
10+ Cool: You have an urge to peek into your friend's houses! +30 Appetite!
20+ Cool: You think about smashing fruit all over so you can slide around on it! +40 Appetite!
30+ Cool: You feel like harassing your buddies then running away! +100 Stamina!
40+ Cool: You think about building fruit stands all over the place! +5 RP Next time you Register for a Con!
50+ (MAX) Cool: You feel a surge of supreme confidence! +200 stamina!
*You can only consume 1 fresh fruit a day (in case you get a tsukasa proc)
A Fruit Stand mysteriously appears behind you! (+1 Nin Range) It also unlocks a secret trophy:

Trophy.jpg You've unlocked the
A Fruit Seller Trophy!
10 Points

2.4: Cosplay and Squee

Also check:
Cosplay like VGT requires you to preregister on Day 1.
Alternatively, if you didn't pre-reg (or don't feel like entering), don't get on stage, just sit back and enjoy the cosplay!
Enjoy Cosplay: (+2 Sleep, +1 Cool, +50 Cosplay XP)
Note: you can only register for either VGT or Cosplay in 1 con, not both. Also, only 1 alt may be in vgt or cosplay at a time. If you have 2 alts, you can have 1 attempt VGT, 1 attempt cosplay each week. Although, its preferred to tackle VGT first.
Again, you’ll face off against upto 15 other people in the competition (very rare, usually only 3 people in a competition).


1. Cosplay parts. You have to bring 1 head, 1 body, and 1 prop piece yourself. Having all 3 from the same set gives an additional combo bonus to your roll.
*You should be doing retail to afford to buy 1 cosplay piece a day from there since that will be your primary method of collecting pieces until much later.

  • However, there's one important danger - the most popular of each piece - and the most popular combo - lose their bonus. So, if you use the headpiece that most people used, none of the people that used that piece will get a bonus. In addition, the most used Combo gets no bonus either. Watch out!

*During packing page, click on a piece, the billycon enhancer script will tell you its average score. This helps tell you what pieces to bring.

Remember to actually equip the pieces after bcon starts. Scroll down below until you see a box with head, body, prop headings. Click adjust coslay and equip the parts you brought along. Not equipping them will not have them count for cosplay contest of for full cosplay effect for rave
2. Box o Hedz*: Not necessary but it does give +1 die roll to head piece.

3. Cosplay skills give additional score to your final roll per level as follows:
2 x Cosplay
2 x Posing
1 x Drama.
Combat sewing allows rerolls equal to your level (Only your last roll is remembered though, even if its lower than your previous one).
*Wandering can sometimes give an effect “Internet Famous” which gives +5 to your score.

If you participate you get 50 Cosplay xp. Placing high enough grants you Monies:
3rd Place: 5 Monies
2nd Place: 10 Monies
1st Place: 10 Monies

If you win the 1st time, you also get the Best in Show Trophy:

Trophy.jpg You've unlocked the
Best In Show Trophy!
20 Points

If you win a 2nd time, or participate in enough cosplay contests, you get the Master of Disguise effect, which allows you to strut your stuff during panels, unlocking the Squee section of Bcon.


Also check:
After getting the Master of Disguise effect, you unlock the option to strut your stuff during skill panels. Doing so gives you +1 strength, +1 range for that panel but also has a chance of attracting the squee afterwards.
To summarise:
1. Dig in until you reach about 60-80
2. Click make a break for and select one of the two options:
a) one of them will get you glomped (fail squee)
b) one of them lets you continue digging.
The goal is to survive all turns.
Successful squee gives you xp in one of three skills: Glomping, The Angles, Crossplay. (currently, having level 1 of each provides bonuses in some backstage panels. Higher levels not necessary. For skill levelling, its advised to do 1 hour panel struts near night time so that geting glomped doesn't affect a lot of later useful panels.)
The main goal of squee will be to survive a 10 turn squee atleast once for the most dangerous strut trophy. This is incredibly RNG and take weeks of attempts. It is recommended to do about 2+ 4 hour panels each con (with strut your stuff ticked) to try to get this trophy.

Trophy.jpg You've unlocked the
The Most Dangerous Strut Trophy!
1 Points

Remember to ensure beforehand that the 4 hour panels do not overlap with valuable skill panels or main events since those will take priority. It is preferred to strut on work a booth panels since they give monies and 4+ successes gives manly apron perk. Cash in these perks as you get them to get the Manly Apron item (11% chance to get it per perk)which provides +2 Gen Levels, 1% Chance per Mission for Random Ally Drop. after getting manly apron, save these perks for later use in HQ (preferably 3+).

2.5: Getting 800+ in Rave

Also check: There is a rave calculator at bottom of page which is really helpful to check your skill levelling progress.
This assumes you have met the rave requirements recommended in section 2.2.

Con Sequence

Con Hotel, Sardines, Suck it Up.
Packing: 1 head, 1 body, 1 prop piece. 1 case of glowsticks. 1 om nom.
Open billycon schedule and highlight all of the cool panels you have a high chance of succeeding in and aim to attempt all of them. In spare panel hours, replenish sleep, nom, stink to avoid panel penalties and maximise bonuses. For nom, its best to use -1 hour, +5 monies if available, otherwise you can splurge on -3 monies, +5 nom and spend time on sleep and stink.
Day 1: attempt cool panels (if you have time for dealer's room and spare monies between panels. Visit dealer's room and buy cool boosting items)
Day 2: attempt cool panels until 2 hours prerave. In last 2 hours prerave, get sleep to 15 (max). Then attempt rave. If you managed 25+ cool, you'll likely win.
Get 800+ score and claim prize (Rising Star). Next week, visit billy idol to unlock GS (provided you have mr. smith ally and have progressed to raging-passionate-melody in R00t)
For further GS details, visit its seperate guide:

Congratulations! You are done with most of Bcon content at this point. Your next focus will be mainly perk collection for HQ. This and other miscellaneous content to cover will be discussed in Section 3 of this guide.

3. Post-GS/Pre-HQ and Endgame

3.1. Perk Collection

At this point, bcon content wise, you are likely to be done with VGT/Fruit Stand/Cosplay (tourney not sets). The major content left will be getting 111 cosplay sets, and lucking out on 4 hour squee as far as trophies go. Before your focus shifts entirely towards cosplay collection and squee, it is best to clear out the last portion of bcon that has any link to other content ingame. This is the Bcon HQ Seal check, and in my opinion is the hardest (grindiest) check of the seal. It requires you to activate 11 perks in a day.
There are 12 unique bcon perks, discussed below. The first 3 perks activated in a day cost 1 quantity of that perk; the next 2 cost 2 quantities of that perk; and the last 6 require 3 quantities of each perk, so it means you'll need to get 2-3 quuantities of most perks for the seal check.
Note: If you are done with PW easy+hard and wkai (5 season collections plus 22 tiny bees) and only have gs grind left pre-HQ, I would advise you to restat awesome and switch pw ride awesome with bcon level 3 awesome. The +1 strength/+1 range will help out immensely here.

Minimum Skill Levels For Reliable Perk Grinding

Skill Levels Skills
Level 3 Chillaxing, Knowledge, Veteran*, Videogaming, Dance, Flipping Out
Level 2 Artsiness, Staring
Level 1 Photography, Geosense, Glowsticking, Crowdswimming, Antidrama*, Dance, Macking, Schmoozing

skills marked with* are not necessary to get to this level, as flow+strut can help compensate but having them will help a lot.
In compiling this table I have ignored all the high skill requirement panels which give perks to save you a lot of time in grinding. Just focus on levelling these skills and the following panels below to help collect perks.
For a full list of panel bonuses/penalties, refer to:

Perk Type Panel Names
1. 11% chance for a BillyCon Emblem 11DBHK Meetup (Panels 1)
2. +25% Event Find on Regular Mission How to Draw Ninjas (Panels 1) and Highschool Girls on Guitar (Panels 2)
3. +25% MJXP Introduction to Mahjong (Panels 1)
4. +50 Stamina Missions and You (Panels 1) and Way More Than 150 (Panels 2)
5. +25% Bits/Core Award It's Only Cheese if you Lose (Panels 2)
6. +1 Drop on MegaMissions Award Look at my Horse (Panels 2)
7. +10 Appetite Award Mmm Pancakes (Panels 2)
8. +5% Party House Discount Award The Many Uses of Glowsticks (Panels 3)
9. +20 Appetite Award Talking About Cool Stuffs (Panels 2) and Name That Tune (Panels 3)
10. +25% Ryo on Regular Missions Award Charity Auction (Panels 2)
11. +100 Stamina Advanced Lulz (Panels 3)
12. 11% Chance for a Manly Apron Award Work a Booth (Odd Jobs)

Your focus will be to level up the required skills and get upto 3 of each perk. After that you are essentially done with Bcon as far as panel requirements go.

3.2 Cosplay Grind and Completing Dealer Room Collection

For a full list of stuffs to buy with day and other preqrequisites mentioned, go to:
How you setup for cons now will be upto you. For buying day 1 dealer's room items, use the same strat as early game (and bring credit card along for +5 monies). Day 2 and Day 3 items are easier to buy as you can work a booth for monies.
For cosplay collection:
Bring as many spare cosplay pieces you can a week in packing with you. You'll be doing only monies panels and spending monies on dealer's room when available. In other times, you'll be swapping cosplay pieces. Always tick new. (If you have flow, use it. It gives +1 trade offer and allows you to pick two things so you can choose new+head/body/prop to even out your collection of pieces). You can also use strut on work a booth meanwhile to attempt to get the most dangerous strut trophy as well.
This section of game will take months but it is the last thing to do in Bcon.

Trophy.jpg You've unlocked the
Dressed to Kill Trophy!
1 Points
Trophy.jpg You've unlocked the
Killed to Dress Trophy!
1 Points

Afterwards, you are free to level all skills to 4 and get the backstage pass so you can always jump the line (if you already haven't) and unlock backstage panels to work on backstage and squee skills. Other than that, the main focus of bcon will be collecting perks so you can use them weekly and getting 50 cool on bcon pre-festival so you can use fresh fruit each month then.
At this point, you will be fully equipped to deal with bcon and anything else related that gets added to this section of the game.

Thank you for reading, and best of luck on your BillyCon Journey!

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