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Looking for other options other than RPG games, but not as exhausting as RPG.

Was recommended online card games and slots. Been on it for a month now. Any other BVvS players who're into this as well?

"Sometimes RPG, sometimes free play at Kasinohai."

If you’re still feeling lonely you can join Dragon Village 🐇

Re: Hi, I am iceman of Eclipse by TrapperTrapper, 26 Jul 2019 06:37

お札入れもカードスロットを添えたシャネル財布コピーは、実用性が印象的。ブランド 通販 店 そんなシャネルの魅力ともいえるデザインを描いたシャネルの三折り長財布コピーが発売した。シャネル 偽物 ジェットブラックの人気財布の内側はもちろん上質。


AldraiaAldraia 23 Jun 2019 23:32
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Hero's Quest

Are we sure that completing a Monument mission before you have enough Unfinished Compositions for that monument gives you the boost to item find chance? Because I tried that with the eighth and it didn't seem to work.

by AldraiaAldraia, 23 Jun 2019 23:32
Gem Nani (guest) 22 Jun 2019 22:29
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Book of the Twilight

Because .hack is still a better love story than "Twilight."

by Gem Nani (guest), 22 Jun 2019 22:29

Ramen Shop
Skill used: Sniffing

Orange-Level Items:
Empty Bowl +1 min
Used Chopsticks +1 min
Balled-Up Napkin +1 min
Old Receipt +1 min
Soy Sauce Cap +1 min
Lost (Found) Cat Poster +2 min

Gray-Level Items:
Coupon +2 min
Straw Wrapper +2 min
Long Spoon +2 min

Gold-Level Items (Skill needed):
Wrapped Order +3 min (Nomming)
Fresh Pickle +3 min (Sniffing)
Super-Long Noodle +3 min (Flops)
Cell Phone +5 min (Strongness)

Amazing-Level Items (Friend needed):
Cybernetic Ramen +10 Min (Baby)
Training Grounds
Skill used: Bopping

Orange-Level Items:
Chewed Kunai +1 min
Dud Smokebomb +2 min
Training Helmet +2 min
Misplaced Sock +1 min
Jump Rope +2 min
Crumpled Soda Can +1 min

Gray-Level Items:
Clipboard +3 min
Practice Target +3 min
Third-Place Flag +3 min

Gold-Level Items (Skill needed):
Whistle +7 min (Fancy)
Kata Instructions +6 min (Speedy)

Amazing-Level Items (Friend needed):
Radio Frequency List +10 Min (Smokey)

Genin Schoolyard
Skill used: Fancy

Orange-Level Items:
Printed Handout +1 min
Old Test +2 min
Permission Slip +3 min
Used Eraser +2 min
Old Broom +3 min

Gray-Level Items:
Gnawed Shoes +3 min
Pencil Case +4 min
Blackboard Eraser +6 min

Gold-Level Items (Skill needed):
Lunch Bag +8 min (Sniffing)
Cheat Sheet +8 min (Shenanigans)
Love Letter +12 min (Fancy)

Amazing-Level Items (Friend needed):
Boiler Room Key +20 Min (Tabby)

Storage Room
Skill used: Flops

Orange-Level Items:
Deflated Ball +1 min
Crumpled Uniform +1 min
Wooden Pallet +2 min
First-Aid Kit +2 min
Long Rope +3 min

Gray-Level Items:
Warning Sign +3 min
Practice Mat +5 min
Water Bottle +4 min

Gold-Level Items (Skill needed):
Building Plans +5 min (Stealth)
Fire Extinguisher +6 Min (Strongness)

Amazing-Level Items (Friend needed):
Mascot Costume +10 Min (Erwin)

You send your pets on an adventure, and they come back with shinies.

Known Adventure Locations:
Training Area :: Ramen Shop
Training Area :: Training Grounds
Training Area :: Genin Schoolyard
Training Area :: Storage Room

Known Adventure Pals (Unknown if stat bonuses are unique per account):
Roger (Bopping +1, Speedy +1, Fancy +2, Eleven +1)
Baby (Nomming +3, Sniffing +2)
Catasha (Shenanigans +2, Nomming +2, Stealth +1)
Nosebleed (Speedy +3, Fancy +2)
Carlito (Nomming +1, Flops +2, Strongness +2)
Rudy (Bopping +2, Strongness +2, Fancy +1)
Smokey (Strongness +2, Stealth +2, Sniffing +1)
Ridley (Sniffing +1, Eleven +11)

Known Optional Bonuses:
Extra Treasures (Cost: 50 Bonus Time)
Extra Rarity Chance (Cost: 50 Bonus Time)

Each +1 in a specialty allows time to accrue 10% faster per point.
There are other bonuses which stack additively with area specialties.
Each Pet Friend / Adventure Pal you have access to gives +5% time accumulation.
Your chosen Hero Pet also gives +10% speed per level, the total of which is doubled on their listed ability.
Hero Pets start at level 1.

Known Account/Hero Pets & Specialties:
Ninja Kitty: Flops
Ninja Tortise: Stealth
Honey Badger: Strongness
Ninja Squirrel: Sniffing
Fanboy Sidekick: Nomming
Blazing Phoenix: Speedy
1.1 Tailed Fox: Eleven
Gamble Fish: Shenanigans

Training Area: Ramen Shop
Takes 40 minutes to complete.
Specialty: Sniffing

Training Area: Training Grounds
Takes 60 minutes to complete.
Specialty: Bopping

Training Area: Genin Schoolyard
Takes 120 minutes to complete.
Specialty: Fancy

Training Area: Storage Room
Takes 120 minutes to complete.
Specialty: Flops

Purchasable Adventure Pals (known as Pet Friends):
Socks (Bopping +1, Flops +2, Nomming +2: 100 min)
Tabby (Shenanigans +2, Speedy +2, Bopping +1: 150 min)
Roy (Fancy +3, Flops +2: 500 min)
Erwin (Flops +2, Nomming +3: 600 min)
Nuisance (Shenanigans +2, Stealth +3: 700 min)
Suki (Stealth +3, Speedy +2: 800 min)
Cleo (Stealth +3, Speedy +2: 800 min)
Heru Ryu (Stealth +3, Speedy +2: 800 min)

Item Tiers:
Regular/Orange: exactly what is says on the tin.
Rare?/Grey: Rarer than Orange, but don't require specific skills/friends to find.
Gold-Level/Yellow: These drops require a certain skill (or set of skills) to be found. If your pet doesn't have the skill required, the item is impossible to find. If your pet does have the skill required, it's assumed that this item is as hard to find as a rare item.
Amazing-Level/Blue: These items require a specific friend to be present in order to find said drop. So far it appears that each area has one Amazing-Level drop.

Finding Lost (Found!) Cat Poster granted me the Adventure Pal Ridley

Treasures list:
- Ramen Shop
Regular/Orange: Empty Bowl - Used Chopsticks - Balled-Up Napkin - Old Receipt - ??? - Lost (Found!) Cat Poster
Rare?/Grey: ??? - ??? - Long Spoon
Gold-Level/Yellow: ??? - Fresh Pickle - ??? - ???
Amazing-Level/Blue: ???
- Training Grounds
Regular/Orange: Chewed Kunai - Dud Smokebomb - Training Helmet - ??? - Jump Rope - Crumpled Soda Can
Rare?/Grey: ??? - ??? - ???
Gold-Level/Yellow: ??? - ???
Amazing-Level/Blue: ???
- Genin Schoolyard
Regular/Orange: ??? - ??? - ??? - Used Eraser - ???
Rare?/Grey: ??? - ??? - ???
Gold-Level/Yellow: ??? - ??? - Love Letter
Amazing-Level/Blue: ???
- Storage Room
Regular/Orange: Deflated Ball - ??? - ??? - First-Aid Kit - ???
Rare?/Grey: ??? - ??? - ???
Gold-Level/Yellow: ??? - ???
Amazing-Level/Blue: ???

Next Unlock: 50% or more complete in Village (Coming tonight, sorry i have to be at the store all day) [ed note: unknown if Village refers to Training Area specifically]

Known Treasures:
Dud Smokebomb (+2 Min)

Preliminary InfoDump by tn5421tn5421, 19 May 2019 13:57
Created Page
tn5421tn5421 19 May 2019 13:36
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Petventures

I don't have much of an idea about what I'm doing with wiki's, so I'll just throw information here and let you guys figure it out, I guess.

Created Page by tn5421tn5421, 19 May 2019 13:36

ブランドコピー代引き日本国内発送スーパーコピー品安全必ず届く後払い信頼店!最高級スーパーコピー品,ブランドコピー靴,ブランドコピー財布激安,コピーブランド時計, スーパーコピーバッグ通販txy.jp専門店!

wintermute (guest) 05 Nov 2018 18:40
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Flux Capacitor

I just looked at RoboFighto, and there's an effect called Charged that's not actually on any known part. Is it possible that a Charged Flux Capacitor is supposed to be a usable robopart separate from a standard flux?

by wintermute (guest), 05 Nov 2018 18:40
wintermute (guest) 31 Oct 2018 15:53
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Syntherum

Will also grant Long Day Ahead 1-point trophy if you don't already have it.

by wintermute (guest), 31 Oct 2018 15:53

スーパーコピーブランド代引き対応日本国内発送後払い口コミ安全必ず届く専門店!スーパーコピー信用新品店,ブランドコピー代引き可能国内発送後払いは業界最高N品質に挑戦!品質信用第一なので ご安心ください

Ninja Cat Barf
Trapper (guest) 02 Sep 2018 11:21
in discussion Billy Vs. SNAKEMAN / Item Trades » Ninja Cat Barf

I want to corner the market so be sure to let me know if you want to trade.

Ninja Cat Barf by Trapper (guest), 02 Sep 2018 11:21
Wiki Forum Clean Up
Trapper (guest) 02 Sep 2018 11:20
in discussion Wiki / Suggestions / Feedback » Wiki Forum Clean Up

Many old posts asking for Note Page Bingos etc could be cleaned up to make the place less cluttered.

Wiki Forum Clean Up by Trapper (guest), 02 Sep 2018 11:20
Pachinko Designs
Trapper (guest) 06 May 2018 06:12
in discussion Billy Vs. SNAKEMAN / General » Pachinko Designs

As someone who is working on designing a Pachinko Machine I thought this might be a place for people to share their machine designs and suggestion.

Pachinko Designs by Trapper (guest), 06 May 2018 06:12
Divreon (guest) 01 May 2018 02:48
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Div-R-Eon

The original Div-R-Eon kaiju did not spawn additional clones, this was part of the original scavenger hunt kaiju request, but wasn't added for years afterwards. I am however happy it was eventually added.

by Divreon (guest), 01 May 2018 02:48

Looking for sparring partners, my list is empty.

Rail Village nearing goal
Gem Nani (guest) 23 Mar 2018 17:00
in discussion Billy Vs. SNAKEMAN / Recruiting » Rail Village nearing goal

Hi there!

Rail Village is currently about 20 ninjas away from our goal of exploding.

We have daily kaiju! We are fighting major kaiju now. We have zombjas. We have free stuff for newcomers. I've been giving out RP when I get the chance.

Yes, we can bingo people now.

Remember, you don't have to be active to help an Impossible Mission village. You can be idle and still reap the rewards!

Come join us!

Rail Village nearing goal by Gem Nani (guest), 23 Mar 2018 17:00
MeMyselfAndI (guest) 08 Mar 2018 07:06
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » The Tool and the Talent

Of course, the two and e.g. Emosuke Lvl. 3 will be a better team than itself, going by the comment on "high range", while preserving (read: upping) the strength bonus. I'd recommend Bones Lvl. 2 myself, if range is needed and strength not as important, to get rid of village HP boni. If you're far enough along in content, though, Euthanasia is a solid alternative - at that point, your allies would cause an additional 40 damage per round. Also, at that point, you probably don't need the range as badly anymore.

by MeMyselfAndI (guest), 08 Mar 2018 07:06
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