Upside Down Cathedral

Location: Hidden - Darkside - Holy Ground

An upside-down cathedral, in the center of a vast ocean. Inside, if you look closely, where once was a statue, is now a strange dais, with an ornate handle..

Bugman starts speaking the moment you arrive. "You should be able to extricate the original researcher from the Phase. To do so, you'll need something that resonates with her, something that she would have had on her at the time of her change. Thankfully, it is already here."

He kneels down and points - directly beneath the inverted dais, in a small shimmering pool, is a tiny silver locket. "No, I don't know how it got here. I certainly didn't put it there."

You pick up the Locket, and listen - in the distance, you can hear the Phase rampaging. "Go and face it, but instead of dealing the final blow, lay down your arms. After all, what other option do you really have?"

You got the Silver Locket!

Summon The Avenger >

Holding the Locket in your hand, you prepare to face The Avenger..

The Avenger attacks!

Battle Toroko >

Just like when Shooting The Core, a special version of Toroko appears. However, you do not get any rewards for normally defeating or draining this one. Check the link for details.

After defeating Toroko, going back to this field shows the following message:

The inverted cathedral is eerily silent, as you stare upwards, looking at the representation of where you will inevitably fight your final battle.. and draw your last breath..

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