The Four Queens

Location: Merciless - Grieving - Furnace

This field is a digital representation of the plains surrounding the plateau at the heart of Kaiju Island..

Visiting this Field during the events of The Logbook, you get this encounter:

The Four Queens
You land on the Field, and it is formless, simply static in all directions. "Processing." As Tiny Bees turn the nothingness into reality, a horrifying scene unfolds..

Timmy walks back and forth in front of four huddled forms, talking quietly, just loud enough for you to hear. "I can feel you watching me.. I've spent almost every moment of your existence by your side, waiting. He told me everything, you know - what you are, and what you are trying to do. Any moment now, you'll find out about the Failsafe, and how to end this all. Send me back to die on that ship, all so one side can destroy the other. This way is better. This world will exist forever, a perfect replay of joy and sorrow. You may be the main character of this passion play, but you aren't the chosen one.

"Survive long enough, and you'll Loop again, and you'll know my secret on your own terms. All I have to do is get to you before that moment. Thankfully, I've been given an ace in the hole."

He reaches down, and lifts a tiny form - Kona-chan's limp body. In the other, he lifts a vial, containing crumbled blackness, and upends it into her mouth, before dropping her back to the ground. "The Dead Flower. Destiny's perfect foil." He doses each of the other three girls, who moan and twitch as he turns to face you.

"It spoke to me, you know. In the absence of the force that guides us all, an emptiness roars. It tells me of the peace that lies beyond. A Narrator, whispering of the world to come when eternity ends. And he has granted me the power to end you."

The ground rumbles, and the girls rise, eyes glowing, bodies distending and growing. "We're coming for you, Protagonist. They, and the army of souls lost forever in the Wastes of this infinite world. We come now, to erase you from *our* story."

They turn as one, and rush toward the plateau.


"That's the bell, you are ready to rock," says Bugman, "You've got to get out of there, the Gate is coming down - and so is this facility. Hurry up!"

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After this, all you see in the Field is

The wind whips across the plain, carving away any features that remain..

You cannot do any field actions in this field.

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