Location: Simple - Training - Dealer's Room

The field crumbles away suddenly here, allowing the flow of raw Data to be manipulated..

Awaken your abilities - Increase a Stat within the Fields. Permanent, but only good in the Fields.

Stat Base Upgrade Cost Cost Increase Cost of 5th Upgrade
Level 500 Core 1,000 Core 4,500 Core
Strength 5,000 Core 10,000 Core 45,000 Core
Range 1,000 Core 2,000 Core 9,000 Core
Success 7,000 Core 14,000 Core 63,000 Core

The cost to buy additional upgrades in any stat increases by 2x the base amount each purchase.
So the primary cost for range is 1000, a second range in the same stat is 3000 (1000 + ((2 x 1) x 1000)), a third is 5000 (1000 + ((2 x 2) x 1000), a fourth is 7000 (1000 + ((2 x 3) x 1000), and so on. Formula is cost = (base_price + (2*(increase_number-1)*base_price)).

After you have successfully purchased a recompile you get this message:

A voice echoes.. "PURCHASED!
Modification Loading.. Recombination Online."


  • Hex Editor Upgrade reduces recompiling costs by 10%
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