Purchase R00t Powers

Location: Dimly Lit - Crumbling - Dealer's Room

A dais is raised from the grassy plain. As you stand on it, translucent windows rise from the ground - offers for the precious Core you carry..

Purchase R00t Powers!
(Abilities last until Dayroll. Abilities cannot stack. Field Keys are permanent.)

Purchasable Cost
+1 Stamina per Action 50,000 Core
+25% Bits in Fields 5,000 Core
+5 Range in Fields 5,000 Core
+10 Drain Edge 10,000 Core
+5 Drain 20,000 Core
Field Keys / Allies
Field Key: Pulsating 10,000 Core
Field Key: Worst 7,500 Core
Field Key: Core 5,000 Core

A voice echoes.. "PURCHASED!
Modification Loading.. Field Adjustments Online.. Bonus Online."

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