Lost Weapons

Location: Beautiful - Passed Over - Touchstone


Without the proper Team:

The Field is perfectly black. Everywhere you look, you see reflections of your Teammates..

You can't make anything out in the haze..

With the proper Team:

Eight Symbols float in the nothingness..

alc1.jpg alc2.jpg alc3.jpg
alc4.jpg alcportal4.jpg alc5.jpg
alc6.jpg alc7.jpg alc8.jpg
Lost Weapon Phase Missing Symbol Acquired Symbol
Tickling Death Bobo - The Machinator alc1off.png alc1.png
Prancing Haze Stench - The Propagation alc2off.png alc2.png
Soundless Jade Jet Set - The Terror of Death alc3off.png alc3.png
Finite Spiral Nine Tails - The Rebirth alc4off.png alc4.png
Wanton Rose Shoujo - The Temptress of Drama alc5off.png alc5.png
Voice Enslaver Philosopher - The Prophet alc6off.png alc6.png
Mottled Wing Tanuki - The Mirage of Deceit alc7off.png alc7.png
Holy Spur Toroko - The Avenger alc8off.png alc8.png

1 Lost Weapon:

2 Lost Weapons:

4 Lost Weapons:

6 Lost Weapons:

8 Lost Weapons:


  • The symbols in the image are old alchemical symbols for celestial bodies. In the order of the table above, they are: the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, the Earth, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto.
  • Notably, Venus and Mars are both missing (perhaps for being too well known as gender symbols).
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