Hunt and Hack Someone

Location: Cursed - Filthy - Noodle Shop

A hooded figure who is TOTALLY NOT Flipper stands here, smiling. "You looking to 'borrow' a little power from someone?"

Hunt and Hack Someone!

(Get the name of a player to hunt down. When you are in the field you think they were when you first Hunted them, Hack them - if you guessed correctly, you'll Hack them, and get +1 Strength against Phases for 24 hours!)

Here you can get a target to Hack.

Only the hacks from the last 24 hours count.
Hacks New Target Cost
0 1,000 Core
1 2,000 Core
2 4,000 Core
3 6,000 Core
4 8,000 Core
5 10,000 Core
6 12,000 Core
7 14,000 Core
8 17,000 Core
9 19,000 Core
10 22,000 Core

You can buy The info on which field you can find your target:

  • First Key: 400 Core
  • Second Key: 3200 Core
  • Third Key: 10800 Core

It costs 50 Stamina to attempt to hack someone.

It costs 3000 Core to remove a target

Sometimes, your target will be listed as 'Unknown Hacker.' It's not currently known why this happens, but it's theorized that its a deleted player. If you find the right field, you can successfully hack them, but in most cases you'll need to buy all 3 Keys, making it generally more cost-effective to remove the target and get a new one.



For each hack you do you get +1 Strength against Phases

Hack Successful!
+1 Strength against Phases!

5 Hacks

After successfully Hacking a total of 5 players you receive the Field Key Nothingness

Hack Successful!
+1 Strength against Phases!
You see deep into the void you pulled their power from, and have a flash of insight..
You got the Field Key Nothingness!

10 Hacks

After successfully Hacking a total of 10 players you can complete the quest Wild Child. You do not need to have ten hacks active - just to have successfully hacked ten times this ever.

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