Location: Brilliant - Delicious - Dance Floor

This Field is completely empty, save for a thin silver stream pouring slowly into a pool..

A thin stream of pure lifeforce, drained from the fallen foes of your world, flows through here.

Draw Essence

Enough has collected to fill a single vial..
Draw Essence

You can use this option to draw one type of Essence. The Essence you draw is preset and you can only draw one type


Convert Essence

For the heavy cost of 50 Essences in one type you can create a random Essence with this option

You may coalesce large amounts of Essence to form another, random Essence.
Cost: 50 of one Essence type
Output: 1 Essence
__(of another type)

Drink Essence

Drink 1 of each Essence

You get the Field Key Beautiful.

You drink them, and see a reflection of a, um, 'ample' kunoichi in the Lifestream..
You got the Field Key Beautiful!

Drink 5 of each Essence

You get the Field Key Passed Over.

Behind the first kunoichi, you see a skinny blonde one, with a completely different 'shape' to her..
You got the Field Key Passed Over!

Drink 15 of each Essence

You get the Field Key Touchstone.

And finally, behind second kunoichi, you see a face made of stone!
You got the Field Key Touchstone!

Drink 25 of each Essence

You get 100 Free Field Actions and +75% Damage against WorldKai.

You peer even deeper, and see yourself - then suddenly, you ARE that other self, deep in the Lifestream, invigorated!
You got 100 Free Actions, +75% Damage against WorldKai!


  • The javascript function behind the Draw Essence link is named lifestream, a clear, if hidden, reference to Final Fantasy VII.
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