Ad Hoc Gate

Location: Merciless - Training - Aqua Field

You stand near the ad hoc Gate opened from beneath the summit - you don't want to spend too much time in here, you can feel yourself being pulled apart..

Visiting this Field during the events of The Logbook, you get this encounter:

Out of Focus

You step through, and the moment the alternate reality of the Fields resolves, you are greeted by Timmy's leering grin. With a flash, his sword plunges into your forehead - and you don't feel a thing.

"Hmph. That didn't work. Will remember that for next time."

"YOU." Timmy points. "This should have ended up there, like always." He waves his sword through you. It seems the two of you aren't quite on the same Field - you can see and hear, but not interact. "You think you are SO smart, coming up with that machine of yours. You wouldn't use it to save me, though, would you? You would have left me on that ship to die!"

"You see, I've figured it out. All I have to do is keep ending your life, and I get more time. Over and over and over again. You'd think I would forget, but I don't," he says, scratching under his eye as his gaze darts about, "I *remember*. I'm not telling YOU how, though, hee hee hee! Not that it matters." He grins again, visage darkening. "You'll forget when I catch you. And I WILL catch you, before the countdown, I've got an army at my command, and they are on their way in there right now."

"I'll see you soon. Whether you want to or not…"

Smiling, he glares at you unblinkingly, then vanishes.

You hear Bugman's voice through the ether. "Adjusting resonance-e-e-e.. there we are. You are looking for small rifts aligned with the primary Key you are at now - keep looking around and you should pick them out. Once you identify them, I can direct a recovery program. It is only temporary, but it should be enough to unlock the necessary functions. Go poke around, I'll chime in when there's something notable. Take a close look, too, don't just bulk search - it won't help."

Begin Search >


You stand near the ad hoc Gate opened from beneath the summit - you don't want to spend too much time in here, you can feel yourself being pulled apart..

Bugman's voice echoes in.. "Admininstration is still pretty corrupted - check other Fields that match up with the first Key there, see if you can't find something. Come back here once you've patched up a few areas."

If you have MegaActions turned on, turn them off.

Go to the other fields, Merciless-whatever-whatever, and select "Search this Field". Don't re-search a field - you can, but your search will progress faster (in terms of progress per stamina spent) if you switch fields between each search. (Try searching Crumbling, then Hairy, and so forth, then when you get through all of them go on to Merciless-Training-Dealer's Room, then Merciless-Crumbling-Dealer's Room, and so on.)

You don't find anything this time, and you feel the Gate's pull..
(Search completion: XX%)

XX% starts at 20% (not including your first action) and takes 12 field actions to reach 100%. After reaching 100%, you have to do one more field action. Change fields every time you get a message. If you don't, you start at 0% instead of 20%.

You'll see this message:

You notice a sharp hole in the air, Bits streaming out. Bugman speaks up. "There we go, sending a patch.." As Tiny Bees buzz in from over the horizon, filling and sealing the hole, you see a tiny snippet of forgotten memory through the rift..

And one of these messages, in order:

A researcher is working on a small watch, as a young green-haired girl spies on him from an alcove, blushing. She leaves in a huff when his favorite assistant, an exotic lady with flaming red hair, comes in and interrupts him for a quick break..

A voice rings out over the mesa, to eight people standing in a wide circle. "We get to the Loop before it activates, and destroy it. This Flower will grant you immunity from their gift. Head towards the sea - I will be your guide. This is our kind's only chance.."

A boy's shout silences the meeting. "You have to take me! I'm the best pilot you have! It doesn't matter how young I am - I can fight with these!" A number of Shadow Clones rise up, bespectacled, tea-drinking..

The world above cracks and groans. "The Flower! It changed them! They are slaughtering every living thing they see! Run!" The small figure turns a corner, finding herself face-to-face with swirling, midnight creatures. She does something that knocks one away, but the other grins as it leaps upon her, enveloping her stuggling1 form..

Maybe you should check back in with Bugman..2

Go back

Bugman is waiting for you to arrive. "I've tracked the path of the errors, I've got a pretty good fix on them - here's the coordinates for the next set of tears."

You've received the Field Key Grieving!

"Limit your search to the Fields that match both this coordinate and the last one - you should pick something up soon enough. You might not find it the first few times you look in a place, but keep at it, and you'll find it eventually. Hurry up - something's bringing the whole house down, and if you are in here when the Gate room collapses, well, you won't be worrying about fixing bugs."

Load Field Key >

Searching again

Like he said, go to Merciless - Grieving - whatever. Your completion starts at 13% and goes up 10% every 3 Field Actions. If you don't change fields, you start at 0% instead.

A Reaper walks into a training school, looking around, paying no heed to the classes he interrupts. Upon finding the correct one, he catches the gaze of the young cadet, whose eyes open wide at the image of himself, but much older. The Reaper dissipates, and the cadet gasps, a single new memory imprinting into his mind..

The scene flashes back and forth, as figures convulse, overcome with eldritch energy. Their leader, draped in shadow, turns and addresses its new cohorts. Bring fear and death in equal measure between ourselves and these pathetic tribes." It, and the seven others howling in rage, turn to look at you before the rift heals..

A child's hand scribbles fiercely in the last page of a book, stolen from a gasping figure, mortally wounded. The world rocks, crumbling in on itself, as his words pour onto the page.. "You found this as I did lifetimes ago. This world is not your own, but a construct of the one who imprisoned us.."

Maybe you should check back in with Bugman..

Back again

Bugman's voice fills your head the moment you step onto the Field. "Final preparations are in place. Once you fix this last Field, Admin actions will unlock. Get there, wait for the patch to take hold, then get out. Whatever is trying to get in here is almost.. well, here."

You've received the Field Key Furnace!

Load Field Key >

After the Logbook is completed, this is shown:

The field skips and stutters, anging3 heavy under the weight of the increasing corruption of the Loop..

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