The Deceptively Easy Tsukiball Toss

The Deceptively Easy Tsukiball Toss is a Festival activity where you roll slimy Tsukiballs for Potions

In-game Description

It's SNAKEMAN! "No, no, it'ss not me, ssee? I have a MUSSTACHE!"

Oh, okay. Anyway. "Come and play! It's ssssso sssssimple! Roll the Tssukiball up the ramp, and into the Bucket, and win a priiizzsse! One prizzsse per player!"

You start to look for a Tsukiball and he stops you. "No, no! Yours would be sssso dirty. Use one of mine — only 2.000 Ryo!" It looks a little slimy..

Game Rules

  • Game cost is 2000 Ryo per Roll
  • Chance of winning next prize is equal to your AkaTsukiBall Level / Prize Chance
  • You can MultiRoll 2-100 times, until either you run out of tries or reach prize Level 3
  • The maximum level of AkaTsukiBall one can have is 72 (67+5 from a perm item), Odds per roll @ 72 in the chart below show the chances of success of each individual roll with a level of 72. Chance of Winning is the chance to actually reach the prize of that level, which requires not only winning that roll but winning every roll before hand. For example, upgrading your reward from a super potion to a golden potion has a 72/1000 chance (7.2%) on a per roll basis. But you must first have a Super Potion which you only have a 28.8% of getting. Thus The actual chance of getting a Golden potion from a game is 7.2% of 28.8% which comes out to be 2.0736%.


Level Prize Prize Chance Odds per roll @ 72 Chance of Winning @ 72
0 None - - -
1 Potion Base 50 144% 100%
2 Super Potion 250 28.8% 28.8%
3 Golden Potion 1000 7.2% 2.0736%
4 Sho Nuff Elixir 11000 0.6(54)% 0.0135726(54)%


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